Granola The Survivor Dragon Ball Super New Arc

Granola The Survivor Dragon Ball Super
Granola The Survivor Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super 2021 new arc: ‘Granola the survivor‘ is what the next arc will be about. So, we know for a fact that this new arc coming from early December 2020 to 2021 which is the continuation of the Moro arc.

However, we do not know much or have much info about the new antagonist Granola agenda as yet. However, from the draft released, we saw the remnants of Moro’s henchmen who got captured as they are on their way back to prison.

There seems to be some unfinished business going on because one of Moro’s Henchmen seems to know something everyone else doesn’t know.

Android 73 Is Still Alive

One of the main spoilers about Dragon Ball Super: ‘Granola the Survivor’ new arc is that Android 73 is still alive. Somehow Android 73 managed to survive Planet Moro’s destruction after their fight with Master Ultra Instinct Goku and Friends.

73 Stolen Abilities in dragon Ball Super

Android 73 in the past Dragon Ball Super Moro arc when we first got introduced to him. We learn that he could copy his opponent’s abilities by tapping their necks.

73 had successfully copied the abilities from most if not all the z fighters along with the help of Moro. However, we don’t know for sure if he can remember the stolen abilities attained once more.

Granola The Survivor Dragon Ball Super
Granola The Survivor Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super New Antagonist Granola The Survivor

With only a brief glimpse of the new Dragon Ball Super antagonist Granola. We do not know much about his plans nor his abilities as yet. However, all that we know for now is that Granola and Android 73 will be playing a major role in the next upcoming Dragon Ball Super arc.

Granola The Survivor

So knowing the fact that this new arc will continue after the Moro arc got a lot of fans excited.


Well, because Dragon Ball super has a lot of time skip series like Battle of the Gods and Ressuration F which does not correlate well with each other.

This is a good way the continue the arc without confusion or time skip with behind the sense power boost of characters. For example, we never saw how Vegeta became an SSJGod until the Broly Movie. That was behind the sense of Dragon Ball Super.

However, there are many fans who wanted to see an arc that involves the God of Destruction and the angels such as Whis.

Nonetheless, I believe that with happened at some point in the anime, however, the timing too soon. There is a ton of different ways the arc could turn.

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