Granolah’s Revenge: Ultra Instinct Goku Vs Whis: DBS Manag 68

Granolah’s Revenge: Ultra Instinct Goku Vs Whis:
Granolah’s Revenge: Ultra Instinct Goku Vs Whis:

Granolah’s Revenge Against Frieza, Goku, and Vegeta in Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 68.

With the release of Dragon Ball Super Manga chapter 68 as we reflect on Granolah’s past, and How Frieza and his army brought destruction upon the Cerealian people. We know for a fact why Granolah would want revenge.

Granolah’s Revenge: Ultra Instinct Goku Vs Whis:
Granolah’s Revenge

Chapter 68 of Dragon Ball super showed us the onslaught that took place in Granolah’s homeland.

There were scenes of dead bodies lying everywhere along with the total destruction of their towns and cities.

This is all because Frieza and his army invaded the planet and killed innocent people during his glory days.

Frieza would use the powers of the Saiyans in their Oozaru state to wipe out all civilization in his path.

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 68 also provides us with a plethora of new characters. These characters will have major roles in the upcoming chapters.

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Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku Vs Whis 

A large portion of this manga release showed us Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku Vs Whis.

However, even though Goku has mastered UI, with the silver hair. Goku still has a lot to learn before he can think of being on the level Whis.

This showed us that UI has different tiers when it comes down to the Angles and the Grand Priest.

Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku Vs Whis
Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku Vs Whis

We also found out that the Angles in Dragon Ball Super are always in their Ultra Instinct state at all times.

This is something new to all of us because now we know that no one can sneak up behind Whis nor the Grand Priest.

So, what this chapter is implying is that Goku in his Mastered ultra instinct form, can improve and get stronger.

Presumably, Goku this state concludes that Goku will someday catch up or even surpass Whis level. On the offside, that would be some sort of a stretch.

Vegeta and The Ultra Instinct Technique

When it comes down to Vegeta, he states that he wants to find his own way of surpassing Ultra Instinct.

Beerus mentioned to Vegeta that they are other abilities of the Gods and not just Ultra Instinct. So, what this is implying is that Vegeta will someday have a new form that rivals or equals Ultra Instinct.

This implies that Vegeta will go on a journey to seek out this power just as he did on planet Yardrats.

Granolah’s Revenge and The New Characters

The New characters from Dragon Ball Super Manga chapter 68 seem to be some sort of underground organization.

Granolah is a part of that organization and they seem to be the ones who gave Granola orders to retrieve OG73 remains.

Granolah's gang
Granolah’s gang

That being said, we know for a fact that Granolah knows that Frieza had been revived, and looking to get his revenge.

Granolah is now seeking revenge on Frieza for sending the Saiyans to his planet to wipe out his race.

Also, Granolah knows the Saiyans are gone because of the meteor story he heard about. However little did he know that Frieza was the culprit behind the destruction of Planet Vegeta.

Nevertheless, Goku and Vegeta did not have anything to do with Granolah’s injustice. When he finds out about Goku and Vegeta still being alive, he will want his revenge on them as well.

Written by Gregory Warmington

Hello, My name is Gregory and I love all types of anime and entertainment shows however dragon Ball Naturo, and One Punch man are some of my favorites. If you want to reach out, contact me via email. Cheer!


  1. Hi man long time no talk ☺️ i want your option about mui goku and if he can scratch the next tier of this power and be in that state in all times by the end of this arc what do you think and how much present sure are you please answer

    • Hi Panaklas, it’s good to hear from you so, about your question, I believe Goku can reach higher tiers of MUI. Why? Well, because based on what Whis stated in chapter 68, he actually told us that Goku has the potential to reach different tiers of MUI. Personally, I believe that it’s possible and Goku can achieve greater levels of MUI just base on the fact that Goku is a Saiyan, and like Goku, he’s always pushing to reach greater heights.

      • About Being in MUI state, I think that Goku’s body cannot handle being in the MUI state all the time. However, I believe he can achieve higher tiers as he did with ssj1,2 and 3.

  2. I honestly believe that we could as goku’s improvement on mui only in one arc is arc amazing i mean i the tournament of power goku could only use mui for a few minutes and in the next arc he could use it at will and for a too much longer period of time what do you think??

    • Yeah, this Granolah arc is lit, and I too believe Goku and improve more on his MUI form he can use it at will now yes but we don’t know for sure how long he can stay in that form. I guess the more he uses it the longer he can stay in that form.

    • As for a Dragon Ball Super goes, I believe MUI Goku can even achieve more than being at the level of a weaker angel tier if he continues his training with Whis, to be honest. Nevertheless, I don’t see Goku reaching the level of Whis or the Grand Priest anytime soon though.

  3. I really believe that by the end of this arc goku will be as powerful as merus was before his restoration so he will be in a tier of a weak angel i honestly believe that because goku could hardly hold mui for 5 minutes in the top arc and know he can use it at will so gokus body is improving dramatically in this state so why not maybe in the last chapters of this arc goku may be a weak angel is this possible what do you think??

    • Yeah….I believe that Goku can reach the level of a weaker angel such as Merus. However, I think making Goku too strong in Dragon Ball Super will make it more difficult for Toyotarou and Toriyam to have a Moral that can rival Goku. They would have to go future in the realm of the Gods to manifest such being.
      Goku improving his MIU state is a no-brainer because Whis gave that away already when said Goku can improve more. But I digress, we can all agree that Goku will be on Merus’s level at the end of this Granola The Survivor Arc. I think that this arc will give Vegeta a new form that will somewhat rival MUI based on what Beerus told Vegeta.

  4. And look if this arc lasts as much as the moro arc did i think that goku can absolutely become a low angel being i think that it’s possible in the final battle something will happened goku will get angry and he will find the way to unlock the next mui tier as he did in moro arc do you think that this is possible to happen and how much percent i think that it is like 70 or 75 what about you???

    • There is endless evidence out now in this arc that would prove your theory correct. 1. We know for a fact the Oracle fish sense a newborn warrior that will become the most powerful being in the universe. So, aside from Beerus and the Angels, Goku should be the number one strongest warrior in his universe. However, the Oracle fish is having trouble trying to sleep and not flout because there will be someone more powerful than MUI Goku. 2. Once again Whis told Goku that he can improve his MUI state. So, If our theoriesies are correct, Goku will indeed have to up his MUI state and become even stronger than the newborn most powerful warrior coming. 3. Perhaps it could be a fusion between Goku and Vegeta with Goku In his MIU state and Vegeta in a GODlike MUI state fused to become the most powerful force we have yet to see in the history of Dragon Ball.

    • I think having the powers of the Gods shows impressive feats and can improve. However, for him to become an angelic being would mean giving up on his family and friends.

  5. Also we can agree that goku will be a weak angel being by the end of this arc and that vegeta will somehow be in a close power am i right because as i understand you are sure for that as i am.

    • Goku is also one step ahead of Vegeta and Whis even pointed that out to them. So, seeing that Goku can now switch on MUI at will, Vegeta will somehow get a new powerup or a transformation in this arc. I think it will take a lot of hard training for Goku to become a weaker angel just based on the fact that he’s a mortal while angels were just naturally born into their powers. So yes, I believe that Goku will achieve the level of a weaker angel such as Merus while Vegeta gets a new power to not fall behind.

  6. I saw a video from a trustworthy YouTuber about goku surpasses ultra instict please check it out the YouTuber is colled mastarmedia i think he is right please check it out and tell me if you agree or not and why PLEASE he has a lot of points

    • I know who MastarMedia is, he a great Youtuber, I watch his videos all the time. However, most of the time, he is just looking at a piece of hard evidence for the Manga or the Anime to suggest the outcome of what will happen. It’s like a prediction, and you know what, most of the time he is right some times he’s not. Nevertheless, that is what most Dragon Ball commenters say base on their knowledge and history of the anime. We don’t really know what will happen until there is some sort of leaks and spoilers, we only can predict what is going to happen. Geekdom101 is also an awesome Dragon Ball commenter, you should check him out as well.

  7. I know him too and you are right he is an awesome YouTuber as well and as i can see the most commenters agree with mastarmedia so they maybe are right and goku will lose his first fight with the upcoming ultimate warrior but he will have an awesome power up in the second as he always do am i right???

    • Yeah, I agree, It is classic Dragon Ball Super as we know. Goku always gets the upper hand in the second round of a battle. The build-up seems to show us that Goku can and will surpass Mastered Ultra Instinct in the future. However, in most battle, Goku can not do it alone, maybe Vegeta will get a win this time around who knows that is why we love Dragon Ball. I remember you asked something about the ultimate warrior or I think the strongest in the universe. Goku is unrivaled now yes as the strongest mortal, but he’s not the strongest in the universe. The strongest being in the universe is none other than Gogeta. So, do you believe Vegeta will attain a powerup in this arc that will rival MUI Gokku or MUI itself?

  8. Nah i think that he will learn some things from beerus as he did with yardrats i think that it’s clear that dragon ball super is entirely goku’s series so i think that he will get a power up the same way as in top arc and in moro arc that his master tell him some things and he will find a way to break his limits i mean all the latest ui power up are with the same way first with rosi and then with merus now maybe is again with merus or with whis i mean come on don’t you believe that too that goku will broke his limits and that he will get deeper into mui or he will become something like mui super Saiyan don’t you think that??

    • I believe Vegeta will venture off on his own to find this Power Beerus is talking about. Dragon Ball Super as a whole mainly focuses on Goku as the main character yes, because for the time being there’s no mortal alive yet that can rival him. However, that goes to show, there will be no character development for other characters to help, and that is too bad. And yes, I do agree that Goku will get deeper into MUI sometime in the future.

  9. When you say sometime in the future you mean by the end of the arc or in the next few arcs?? I believe that he will break his limits and in this arc as he always does let me know what’s your full option about in which arc goku will break his limits and what kind of power up will he get think about it first so as to know your FULL option please man do that for me i trust your option

    • I mean, if the arc leat at least 2 more years, then yes, I do believe by the end of the arc, Goku will grow even stronger in his MUI state. However, I think Toyotarou has to be careful not to exaggerate potential villains. Why? Because the will be no one to rival Goku unless they venture off into the unknown universe such as 13 and up that was once destroyed to find potential villains. It is just crazy to think about what Goku’s next power-up will be like. Even if he gets close to Whis he can’t win because Whis, the angles are pure energy which means they have no limits. Goku on the other hand has limits. So, the bottom line is, Goku as a Saiyan is always growing and breaking his limits something base on willpower and emotions but he’s not immortal. However, there is no double that Goku will eventually break his limit at the end of Granolah’s arc.

  10. What we say now it’s insane because we believe that goku will become equally strong with an angel but i really think that this will happen like 90 or 80% how much % do you believe that goku will be in the same level as angel merus??

    • Yeah, it’s insane, In Dragon Ball Super manga 68 Whis said Goku can get a lot stronger. So, that’s all I need to know as evidence to conclude that Goku will evolve in his MUI state. it’s like ssj1, 2, and 3. Catching up to his maybe in another arc or maybe it won’t happen.

    • I believe that Goku would have to surpass many states to even put up a good fight with Whis. Goku’s MUI level is at a baby stage now but if he continues to train with Whis he will get stronger but not stronger than. Besides, no one really knows how strong Whis real is. also the same with Beerus. Even when Goku was fighting MUI Moro Whis could have easily stated that Goku had finally surpassed Beerus a G.O.D, but hey, I digress.

  11. I think that goku will be able to land a few hits to whis by the end of this arc also if we are right goku will have the power of a weak angel by that time so what do you think??

    • Yes, all agree that at the end of this arc Goku will get stronger and probably even stronger than Merus. What everyone wants to know is how strong is Merus now that he has a lifespan like humans? If he has some type of high power maybe he can also assist Goku with his training to improve the MUI state.

  12. I absolutely agree with you but how do you think that goku will break his limits in the final battle again with a sacrifice or in an other way moreover do you believe that when goku break his limits and go to the next level of mui do you believe that toyotaro will let us know that by a different appearance of goku like this think that the angels have around their neck?

    • Well, that’s a good question, however, I think the halo around the angel’s neck is an indicator or a symbol of their purpose and divine powers. Anyway, since Son Goku is of the Saiyan race, even if he somehow achieves that level of power, he will have a unique look and not with a halo around his neck like the angels. However, on the other hand, it is not impossible because we saw Merged Zamasu achieved the same halo around his neck when he fused with Goku Black. I think it would look cool though and since Toyotarou and Toriyama adapted the same halo concept in the Goku Balck Saga, he can do it again of course. The question about Goku breaking his limit is for sure. Nevertheless, from the small spoilers that I have seen and heard, there will be more transformations out of Goku and Vegeta in the Granolah arc.

  13. New transformations that will be stronger than mui and ok vegeta could transform like a god of distraction like toppo but why goku he is already at the highest form ??

    • Yeah, that is true, Goku is already at the highest form but whenever there is an upgraded state like the orphan state of ultra instinct Omen. We could differentiate the Omen state from the Mastered state. It all falls back to what we discuss about the different tiers of MUI Goku will achieve. Most fans don’t like the idea of Goku getting a new form, but rather a new technique. However, MUI falls in between those lines. On the other hand, it is also a money-making tacit that will enable Toriyama to sell more figures.

    • Yes, it is quite possible that Son Goku’s appearance will somewhat be changed in this arc. For instance, Merus’ angelical divine powers are still within OG73 and if Granolah and is his gang gets a hold of that power and utilize that power Goku will lose. I guess we could say it’s a build-up to make Goku even stronger and OP than to just give it like that. Whis told him he could get stronger and when he does it would not make sense he looks the same I guess. If you take a closer look at Goku’s Omen state, he had lines going upwards all around him, MUI Goku does not have the lines going up, instead, he has heat ora emanating all around him with white-silver hair that is how we can differentiate the different levels of Ulta Instinct. Now I Believe human Merus will also play a part in Goku’s training because only he knows his own strength even though he doesn’t have UI anymore. I was going to say weakness but the angel does not have any weakness other than to obey the laws of the Grand Priest.

  14. So do you believe that this arc will build up an op mui state of goku that will be shown in the final chapters of the arc also do you think that vegeta will appear when goku is about to lose in the first battle and he will save him with his new god abilities and then the villains will power up and then goku will break his limits to take the W as he did in moro arc ???

    • I can’t tell if that will happen only predict, but we will defiantly see more character development of out Goku and Vegeta in this arc.

  15. I think that it’s obvious that goku will involve and enter the next level of ui so i think that as every single time goku will win what do you think?

  16. A lot of people believe that goku will be the protagonist of this arc but i think that this is wrong because if you remember and in the previous arc the were as hyped about this idea when vegeta was beating moro but then they realised that goku is the main protagonist and he won’t lose that title by anyone what do you think??

    • That is a good point, I think Vegeta could get his win in this arc! it would be impossible for other z fighters because it’s out of their league.

  17. I think that vegeta will do the same think he will learn some god technique and he will get stronger but goku will too get stronger and he will be the protagonist because now goku is superior to vegeta i mean think about it vegeta lost easily to moro 73 while goku won moro 73 without even trying so vegeta have to get a huge power up that won’t happen he will just learn to use hakai and distractive energy but also goku will get a power up that’s for sure what do you think about goku and vegeta??

    • Yes, but we must give Vegeta credit for use using just his primal blue form and some new techniques he learned on Yardrats up against Moro alone. Goku on the other had MUI when he was fighting more both in Omen and master. Vegeta is cable of getting much stronger too. Remember Vegeta did not need a ritual to become a ssjGod in the first place, unlike Goku.

  18. Yes but when goku became a ssg he didn’t trained with whis for six months so in conclusion do you think that goku will take the w?? Also do you think that goku could surpasses merus by the end of this arc???

    • It’s likely that Goku would get the win because he’s the strongest. lol, I have already answered that question… The only way Goku can or will surpasses Merus is if the concept of different tiers of ultra instinct is true, then there is no doubt in which Goku can’t surpass him easily. Otherwise, we’ll just have to wait and see.

  19. But the concept of different tiers is confirmed by whis because he said goku that he is in the baby stage so that means that goku have more stages to grow his power that means that he will surpass angel merus by the end of this arc

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