Granola’s Backstory Revealed: Dragon Ball Super Manga 68 Spoilers

Granola’s Backstory Revealed
Granola’s Backstory Revealed

Granola’s Backstory Revealed and his True Identity in Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 68.

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 68 Spoilers Revealed Granola’s Backstory and what his agenda may be in the future.

So, after many weeks of speculating what Granola’s true identity could be.

We know what Granola’s true identity is, and it’s not that of an Angel nor a Tuffle as many assumed.

Granola is from the Cerealians race, a unique race to Dragon Ball that most fans did not know existed.

Also, we learned that all the Cerealians people were killed by the ‘Monkeys’. This only means that the Oozaru/Saiyans army and  Frieza are responsible for the extinction of the Cerealians race.

So, at some point in the past, the Oozaru army controlled by Frieza invaded Granola’s homeland and wiped them out.

However, since that had happened in the past, Granola might still want revenge while Goku and Vegeta had nothing to do with it.

Especially Goku, Goku had never worked for Frieza in his life, unlike Vegeta.

Nonetheless, Gronala would not care if neither Goku nor Vegeta was involved in the Extinction of race. He would still want his revenge.

It was stated by Herms98 on Twitter that Granola thinks Frieza was defeated years ago along with the Saiyans.

He also, believes that the Saiyans were killed a long time ago by a meteor strike wiping out thier race.

Granola knows or thinks that both the invades, Frieza and the Saiyans are defeated and his race is avenged. However, the question is, What does Granola want with OG73?

What Does Granola Want With OG73?

With the recent battle between the Z fighters along with Vegeta and Goku vs Moro. Granola somehow figured out that Frieza is alive and wants OG73 abilities to use against Frieza.

It’s highly possible that Frieza will be involved in this upcoming arc. Nonetheless, Granola could have another up his sleeves when it comes down to OG73 and Oatmeal.

Ultra Instinct Goku And Whis

We also learned that Goku and Whis are continuing their training on plant Beerus along with Vegeta.

The Oracle fish had trouble sleeping so Goku decided to assist Whis by giving the Oracle fish vitamines. Whis also stated that the reason the Oracle fish cannot sleep is that some bad will happen in the future.

Master Ultra Instinct Goku Vs Whis
Master Ultra Instinct Goku Vs Whis

So, The Oracle fish can sense or see futuristic things before they happen. Goku on the Other hand, wished that it would be a strong opponent to fight in the near future.

While hearing that Beerus was not too happy with Goku’s statement. This is because Beerus is already in trouble with the grand priest for interfering with mortal conflicts.

So, While Goku and Whis continue to train, it seems as if Goku wants to get even stronger than his current state.

From the rough graft page on Twitter by Herms98. Goku can switch on and off his Master Ultra Instinct Form as he pleased.

Granola in his current state looks physically weaker than Goku base alone. So, retrieving OG73 intel and abilities might push or give Granola some grounds to go up against sone like UI Goku.

The Survivor Gran4ola knows something that we the fans don’t know yet, and that is what’s going to make the Arc very interesting.

It seems as if Granola has a hidden agenda to get revenge on someone or something. However, is good to know what Granola’s Backstory is about in the arc.

I guess most Dragon Ball would love to see new forms and power boosts. However, at this point, we would also love to see some new techniques as well.

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