Granola’s Identity in Dragon Ball Super

Granola’s Identity in Dragon Ball Super Manga (Fan Theory)

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What is the true Identity of Granola, the newest villain to appear right after Moro, the planet eater?

Ever since the release of Dragon Ball Super new Manga chapter 67 (Granola The Survivor). Many fans have been speculating what Granola’s true identity may be.

Most of the theories fans have been speculating seem pretty good and make a lot of sense and meaning. These include that Granola could be an Angel, Truffle, or a Cyborg.

However, one theory that sticks out the most about Granola’s identity is the fact that he could be a fallen Angel.

Granola’s Identity in Dragon Ball Super
Granola’s Identity in Dragon Ball Super

Fallen Angel Granola

The theory of Granola being a fallen Angel is highly possible since we have learned that Merus now has a lifespan. Merus who is a fallen Angel, who interfered with mortal conflicts got erased from existence. Many fans believe that Granola had a similar faith as Merus. However, Granola’s agenda as a fallen Angel seems to want his divine powers back.

However, even as a fallen Angel, Granola and Merus ki and powerful are not typical to a regular human. If Granola’s identity is that of a former Angel, both Granola and Merus will not be an easy pushover.


Well, because they once had ultra instinct before, however, even though Merus and Granola both don’t have that divine power UI. They still have basic knowledge of how it works.

Granola seems like the person to carry out his own justice as Zamasu based on bad human behavior. That could be one of the reasons he became a fallen Angel. it could be that Granola used his Angelic powers to harm humans in the past, thus, the Grand Priest resorted as a person with a lifespan as Goku and Vegeta.

Nonetheless, it seems Granola wants the divine powers extracted out of Andriod 73 either for himself or for a bigger plan later on.

Tuffle Granola 

One of the reasons people refer to Granola as Tuffle is the fact that most Saiyans have vegetable names and Tuffles have fruit names. This is all related to puns’ names based on Toriyama’s character development. However, it’s likely unlikely that Granola is a Tuffle by his pun name that differs from a Saiyan name.

Cyborg Granola 

Cyborg Granola is another theory many fans consider him to be because of his robotic eye. Just as Dr. Gero back in Dragon Ball Z, with Android 17 and 18. Granola could be a cyborg or a mad scientist who wants to study the divine powers within Android 73. Cyborg Granola seems to be a good theory base on how much Granola and Oatmeal know about the Android 73 abilities.

However, since most of the villains from afar and even Moro’s henchmen know about Android 73 copying abilities. Everyone will want the divine power that is within 73 for themselves.


Based on all the theory most fan has about Granola’s identity. The one which stands out the best seems to be around the fact that Granola is a fallen Angel.  Seeing that Goku can now switch on and off Mastered Ultra Instinct as he, please. The only person who should rival Goku in his current state would need Ultra Instinct aka divine energy or powers.

However, the bottom line is, that no one knows what Granola’s true identity is, we will have to wait until later on in the Manga series to get more clues. Do you know the identity of Granola in Dragon Ball Super? If so, let me know down below.

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