Most Hated One Piece Characters Of All Time

Most Hated One Piece Characters
Most Hated One Piece Characters

These are some of the most hated One Piece characters in the anime fans find annoying. We do not hate any One Piece character because all are unique. However, there are some characters that we could never find favorable to the majority of the fanbase to like.

Number 1) Spandam

Spandam is probably the only character in One Piece that deserved Robin’s clutch. Has one of the most hated characters Spandam has yet to do something notable that would make him likable, this is however whenever he gets the panel time.

His role in One Piece as a person is being selfish and treating his fellow navy soldiers like trash while being abusive towards Robin, he was annoying in the anime that he gave a new meaning to the word annoying. This is why Spandam is on the list as one of One Piece’s most hated characters.

Number 2) Outlook III

If Outlook III had not interfered, then ASL could have lived somewhat a happy life and Sabo would not have died back then. Outlook III had adopted a new son in the anime yet he still forced Sabo to come back with them to save his public face.

This man on his sons and made Sabo’s life miserable and painful, and also Ace’s and Luffy’s indirectly to somewhat extent. We are also sure that many fans did not like most of the comments he said.

Overall Outlook III was a bad father and a mad role model for his son Sabo. Do you remember the time when Outlook III tore up the drawing Sabo made for him? That only shows that he did not care for his son’s work. This is why is one of the top 3 most hated Onepicec characters on this list. Outlook III as a father would get the award of the biggest douche as a dad.

Number 3) Admiral Borsalino

Admiral Borsalino was so annoying and irritating from the moment he was introduced in the anime. Many fans hated the way he talks and the action he takes. He is probably the most annoying character but yet he uses Pika Pika Fruit.

Hated One Piece Characters
Hated One Piece Characters

The thing that annoys fans the most about him is Admiral Borsalino’s pouting expression all the time. That always happens when you overdo it.

Another annoying thing about Admiral Borsalino fans hate is when he attacks someone. His attacks look like he is having fun and relishing in their misery. If any of his pirates were dying Admiral Borsalino would just be standing there with the same annoying face looking like nothing is wrong or nothing is happening.

Back when Akainu fights some Pirate, Admiral Borsalino at least showed some reaction smugness, anger. However, usually, he’s just talking about judgment. This is the reason why fans do not really dislike Akainu that much anymore. However, he is another character fans hate as well.

On the other on this is no disrespect or offense to any Kizaru fans. We know many fans out there like him however, everyone’s preference is different when it comes to One Piece.

Number 4) Saint Charlos

All the celestial dragons’ families especially Saint Charlos are the most Hated characters in One Piece anime. These family members have something in common and it is a twisted mind. Whatever they do and say out their mouth is despicable.

Most Hated One Piece Characters Of All Time
Most Hated One Piece Characters Of All Time

In the anime of One Piece, they do not give any reasons why we should like them, but maybe that’s their goal. However, it is not difficult to not hate them all after watching them do what they do.

The Celestial dragon’s members are all same when it comes to heinous acts. However, we don’t think they are all necessarily idiots though. Characters such as Rosward and sharia’s behavior was a bit different than most Celestial dragon members.

Nonetheless, someone like Saint Charlos Idiocy combined with his abominable deeds makes fans hate him a lot more in the anime than the others.

So there you have it, these are some of the most hated One Piece characters in the anime.

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