What if Hinata Was In Team 7 Instead Of Sakura In Naruto?

Hinata Was In Team 7
Hinata Was In Team 7

What If Hinata Was In Team 7 Of Naruto and Sasuke?

If Hinata was a member of Team 7 in Naruto? Team 7 would have been a stronger team for sure than with Sakura, here’s why.

This is because Sakura was kinda useless as most fans would see her. Sakura was always fangirling over Sasuke-Kun for a considerable part of the series and that was annoying to fans.

We can say for sure if the same would happen to Hinata because Hinata had been loyal to Naruto and in love.

However, Hinata since day one stood by Naruto regardless of how everyone treated Naruto. Hinata wanted to be Naruto’s strength someone to trust and to walk beside him during his pain. So knowing this Hinata would probably start training harder like she did her brother Neji.

Sakura on the other hand was useless with a capital U lol for a long time as she didn’t have anything with substance to prove in the team. What good is a shinobi like Sakura if she doesn’t know how to fight? However, Hinata had her Bakugan so that would have been a great plus to Sasuke and Naruto’s abilities. Not to discredit Sakura’s healing abilities though.

Hinata In Team 7 Of Naruto
Hinata Was In Team 7 Of Naruto

How Hinata Could Improve Team 7

A shinobi such as Hinata would end up being more confident and focused in a fight than Sakura.

Hinata’s gentle fist and Byakugan would give her a part to play in any conflict situation. So, for example, she could see through Zabuza mist to help completely different from sneak attacks. Sakura on the other hand could only sit back and do nothing.

Hinata being a part of team 7 would get closer to Naruto, and Hinata would want to help Naruto in the bell test, and also fall back to let the others pass.

This wouldn’t go well with Naruto thought he might refuse to pass without her though. If they were at the lunch box part Hinata would definitely feed Naruto without any hesitation which would bring his opinion more serious.

During intense battles Hinata would show genuine care when Naruto got injured and poisoned, it is more likely that Hinata would be the one to tell Inari about Naruto’s past as well.

Hinata In Team 7
Hinata In Team 7

Hinata’s Role In Team 7

Hinata would be more productive and active in the battles, she would also get closer to Naruto much faster, and their bond to be even stronger in end.

Even though Sasuke is a rival there would be a possible love triangle with Sasuke as well which would add more fuel to Naruto and Sasuke’s rivalry.

Nonetheless, Hinata is the only girl that doesn’t chase after Sasuke and isn’t a fangirl like Sakura so Hinata would treat Sasuke normally and Hinata is just too lovable I don’t Sasuke would pick her over other girls there.


Not a lot would change with team 7 besides the fact Hinata would be more active than Sakura possibly a much better relationship with team 7 as a whole up until now.

What do you think about Hinata Was In Team 7 with Naruto and Sasuke?

Written by Gregory Warmington

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