How Can Goku Eat So Much Food in The Dragon Ball Anime?

How Can Goku Eat So Much Food

A lot of Dragon Ball fans including myself have wondered how can Goku eat so much food in dragon ball when he’s hungry?

Where did he put all that food he eats? How can he eat so fast? These are some of the unanswered questions many fans have.

So today I will try and answers these questions as best as I can for you guys in the dragon ball community.

If you are a sure dragon ball fan you will notice that Goku always eats an insane amount of food whenever he’s about to train or fight.

We all know that when Goku eats, he does not eat like a normal person he eats but like a monster that has a 1000 stomach.

Even as a little kid, he could eat some insane about of food and somehow still have space for more

I could recall back in dragon ball as a kid, he eats a whole wolf by himself in just one sitting.


Back then I thought this was just a funny filler scene in the anime to made the fans laugh.

However, I have come to find out that why Goku eat so much food in the dragon ball anime was not meant for us to laugh at.

So where did Goku get this Crazy appetite from?

Well, it has to do will a lot of things but mainly because Goku is a Saiyan and not just a normal human.

Saiyan’s Appetite is very different for us humans. Their metabolism is much faster than normal humans. Thus, they need to eat a lot of food to survive and to keep their energy up.

How Can Goku Eat So Much Food
How Can Goku Eat So Much Food

How Can Goku Eat So Much?

The reason why Goku can eat so much is because of his Saiyan ability to consume and burn energy at a higher rate than that of a regular human.

The Saiyan Body burns up a lot of energy faster than that of a regular human. Saiyans like Goku can eat as much as 40X times more than humans.

Nonetheless, that is one of the reasons why we always see Goku eating endless plates of food without getting full.

I believe that Siayns stomach works in a different way than a regular person’s.


Well, because there is no way a normal human being can eat that amount of food in a normal stomach.

For example, if a normal person eats one plate of food, it will take about 4 – 5 hours to empty the stomach.

So, what this means for a Saiyan is that they have to empty 40 – 50 plates of food in the same amount of time.

So as they eat, they move the food to their intestines and their intestines would be able to store food without feeling like going to the restroom.

Their stomach is also equipped to disintegrate food into small particles so they have enough space for more.

How Can Goku Eat So Much Food
How Can Goku Eat So Much Food

Nonetheless, once Goku is done eating endless plates of food, he does not have a huge belly.

He tens to have a normal belly like that of a human. However, this insane amount of eating doesn’t apply to Goku nor Vegeta alone.

Other half-blooded Saiyan’s like Goten, Trunks, and Gohan eats the same way as well.


So, one of the reasons why Goku can eat so much food in dragon ball has to do with the fact that they are not normal humans.

Eating that insane about of food comes down to their bodies and how fast they burn up energy

They use up a lot of energy when they are fighting or even training, that’s why they consume that amount of food in their stomach.

Also, it has a lot to do with maintaining their bodies as a warrior race.

How much food do you think Goku or Vegeta can eat in a day? If you have the answer let me know down in the comment section.

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