Exactly How Long is The Snake Way in Dragon Ball Anime?

Exactly How Long is The Snake Way in Dragon Ball

How Long is The Snake Way in Dragon Ball? Many DBZ fans have been curious about how long is the snake way that Goku traveled on when he first died.

Normally when a character dies they either are replaced or the creators come up with a plot to explain how the character survived.

However, in dragon ball when Goku sacrificed his life to defeat his evil brother Raditz, we learn about the other world where dead people go.

When Goku first appeared on snake way he had a long way to go to get to King Kai’s planet.

Exactly How Long is The Snake Way in Dragon Ball
Exactly How Long is The Snake Way in Dragon Ball

Goku started his journey on the snake way road and it took him approximately 6 months to get to King Kai’s place.

At the time Goku was about 23 years old when he died. I did a post about Goku’s age recently so you can check that out as well.

So according to the manga and anime, if it took Goku 6 months to get to where he was going, exactly how long is the snake way in dragon ball?

How Long is The Snake Way?

Snake way in dragon Ball anime is approximately 625,000 miles long which is 1,000,000 killer miters in length.

Well, you might be wondering how so? Just bear me a few seconds to explain.

Ather Goku and Piccolo found out that Raditz was not the only Saiyan that was coming to earth they had to prepare themself for what’s coming.

This means they had to be ready and strong enough to face Vegeta and Nappa when they arrived because they were much stronger.


However, Goku was very fortunate because he was able to keep his physical body when he died.

This was because of his beliefs and his willingness to protect the earth based on King kami’s statement.

Other people when they died according to dragon ball leaves their body’s and their soul goes the other world.

However, that was not the case for Goku in dragon ball because of Kami who’s was the earth’s guardian.

Kami’s Role In Dragon Ball 

Kami was the one who asked King Yema for permission the let Goku keep his body and train with King Kai.

Eventually, King Yema agreed and allowed Goku the opportunity, however, Goku had no idea when he was in for.

Goku’s Journey on Snake Way In Dragon Ball

When Goku arrived to start his journey on the snake way, the was a road with no end in its path. After seeing that played out Goku was surprised and asked how long will snake way take to get to the end?

Exactly How Long is The Snake Way in Dragon Ball
Exactly How Long is The Snake Way in Dragon Ball

So the guide guy that took Goku to the entries of the snake way told Goku that, according to most legend, snake way is approximately 1,000,000 km in conversion to miles that would be 625,000 miles long.

“Jaw drop”

So the guide told Goku it was base on a legend because no one has ever reached the end of snake way but King Yema himself.

And that was also one of the reasons why it took Goku 6 months to reach the end of snake way.

However, we already know Goku is not your typical human. Nonetheless, Goku is was not an easy distance to travel.

So if you put into perspective 625,000 miles to see more clearly how long the snake way was in dragon ball anime is.

Well, just take a look a the great wall of China. So The Great Wall Of China in total is around 5,500 miles and in killer meters, 8,851 km.

This only means that the snake way is approximately 114 times longer than the Great Wall Of China.

Sanke Way Compared to Distance From Earth’s Moon

Also, if we compare the surface length around the earth which is 24,902 miles and 40,075 km and the distance from the earth to the moon is 239,900 miles or 384,472 km.

The snake way would still be much longer than if you are to travel to the moon form earth. Sanke way is approximately 2 1/2 times that distance.

Not even the distance from out the biggest planet Jupiter in our galaxy is no match for how long a snake way is in dragon ball anime.

The distance from the earth to Jupiter is approximately 272,946 miles or 439,264 km.

Now the question is, what is there out there that we can use to compared and find out how long the snake way is in dragon ball anime?

Well, we could use the earth for example, if you want to travel to the end of the snake way as Goku did.

So to get to the end of snake way as Goku did, all you need to do is go around the earth 25 times.

Crazy! ain’t it? For a typical human being on foot that would be logically impossible. However, Goku who is not a regular human can achieve this gold within 6 months.

Also to but in consideration for us humans yes we could do that with the help of a plane or Jet but not on foot.

Goku made his journey on foot from the being to the end in just 6 months.

However, the funny thing about it is that when Goku completed his training with King Kai it only took him a day to reach back to the starting point.

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