How Old is Chi Chi in Dragon Ball? (She’s in Her Forties Find Out How)

How Old is Chi Chi in Dragon Ball?

How Old is Chi Chi in Dragon Ball up until Dragon Ball Super?

Goku’s wife Chi Chi is one of the craziest female characters in Dragon Ball. 

Base on how Goku treats her sometimes you can blame her for being a bit edgy.

I mean, her husband barely spends time with her so yeah that’s why she seems so angry at times.

Chi Chi seems to be aging really well thought just like her friend Bulma.

So, what we want to find out today is how old Chi Chi in Dragon Balls and Super.  We’re going to find out how old she is and if you think that she’s one of the most beautiful eye candy Dragon Ball girls, share this post with your friends.

How Old is Chi Chi
How Old is Chi Chi


How Old is Chi Chi?

Chi Chi at the beginning of Dragon Ball Z was 23 Years old and at the end of Dragon Ball Super, she was 47 years old.

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So you might be wondering how so? Let us do a little fact-checking and math through the Dragon Ball years.

Now let’s begin the math, Chi Chi was born a princess at the age of 737, and that same year her mother passed away due to an illness.

So at the age of 739in Dragon Ball, Chi Chi’s home was set on frames along with the whole Mountain. That fire lasted over a long period of time.

After a few years in age 749, Dragon Ball starts. Now she is 12 years old even though she looks like she’s seven at the time.


So at the same time, she finally met Goku and Master Roshi extinguished the flames on her Mountain with a Kamehameha.

However, Master Roshi Kamehameha’s wave did indeed extinguished the flames but also destroyed the whole village.

Over a period of time, Chi Chi fell in love with Goku and waits for him to return to her someday.

Then, we fast forward to age 756 and Chi Chi enters to participate in the world’s Martial Art Tournament number 23.

During that same time, to her surprise, Goku was there as well and Chi Chi was scheduled to fight Goku in an upcoming match.

Chi Chi gets very angry at Goku because Goku did not recognize her and forgot about all the promises he made to her.

Goku and Chi Chi
Goku and Chi Chi


When it is their time to fight, Goku knocks her out of the ring with a shock wave. They eventually got married and the next year Chi-Chi became a mother when Gohan was born.


Baby Gohan and Chi Chi 

Now, at age 761, Dragon Ball Z starts and Chi Chi is now 24 years old. Throughout the next few years, she had some of the worst days of her life.


Well, Raditz came and Goku eventually dies, Piccolo who was then evil takes Gohan to train him.

Then, later on, that year Vegeta and Nappa arrive on earth, Gohan and Goku go to Planet Namek looking for the Dragon Balls and Chi Chi thinks Goku dies again.

So with all that stress, Chi Chi should have aged at least 12 years older, however, even up until now she stills looks pretty good.

Moving on, at the age of 767, Chi-Chi is now 30 years old, this is when Goku gets the heart virus and she took care of him.

However, later Chi Chi becomes a widow again when Cell blows himself up along with Goku on King Kai’s Planet.

Nonetheless, during the same year, Goten is born and she raises him and Gohan by herself. Then seven years later at age 774, Goku comes back and Majin Buu appears.

Then, Majin Buu turns Chi Chi into an egg, she went to the other world but then was quickly revived with the Dragon Balls. Majin Buu was then defeated by Goku and time keeps moving forward.

Chi Chi Age At the Begining of Super 

At the age of 778, Dragon Ball Super starts, and Chi-Chi is now 41 years old. Here Beerus shows up looking for the Super Saiyan God Goku. So they had this epic fight and Beerus decided to not destroy the earth.


Then, the next year Freiza was resurrected and defeated while ending get kill by Super Saiyan Blue God Goku.

Nonetheless, a bunch of things happened that time including the Tournament of Power. Then a few years passed at the age of 784, the end of Dragon Ball Super arrives. Chi Chi is now 47 years old.


So now we know that at the bringing when Dragon Ball started Chi Chi was 12 years old and when Z stars she was 24 and at the end of Dragon Ball Super she’ now 47 years old.

Chi Chi is one of the most beloved females characters in Dragon Ball along with Bulma. She is a sweetheart to the Dragon Ball community.

She is also one of my favorite eyes candy Dragon Ball Girls because of her character, Nonetheless, in spite of all the crap, she when through with Goku she still stands by him and loves him.

Every guy in the world would want a girl like Chi Chi and Bulma. So with that said that’s all I have for you today, I hope this information helps you to know the age of Chi Chi’s age in Dragon Ball.

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