How Old is Goten in Dragon Ball

How Old is Goten in Dragon Ball? (He’s in His Teens, Find Out More)

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How old is Goten the youngest son of Goku in Dragon Ball?

Goten is the second child of Goku and Chi Chi but a lot of fans don’t really know his actual age in the anime.

However, today we are going to find out here on this blog post, the actual age of Goten.

Once again we would have to calculate the Dragon Ball age timeline to find out how really old Goten is.

So, when Goten was first introduced to us in Dragon Ball Z, he had an incredible power for his age.

Goten was like a little toddler that has the strength of a grown man like his dad Goku.

He was one of the youngest Saiyans to ever achieved the Super Saiyan transformation.

Moreover, throughout the Majin Buu saga, he played an important role by fusing with Trunks, Vegeta’s eldest child to become Gotenks.

Nonetheless, young Goten and Trunk’s 5 minutes of fame run out when they switched focus back to Goku and Vegeta fusion.

But none of that really matters now. Anyway, what we want to know is how old is Goten in Dragon Ball now?

How Old is Goten?

Goten at the end of Dragon Ball Super onto the beginning of Dragon Ball Z was 17 years old when Goku fought Uub for the first time.

So to figure out Goten’s age in dragon ball, we have to use the timeline within the dragon ball ages.

Goten was born in the Dragon Ball age of 767, around this time the Androids and the Cell saga were going down.

He was born from Chi Chi and Goku while Goku was dead in the other world training because he was killed by Cell.

We all could say that little Goten looks a lot like his dad Goku not even Gohan come close to a resemblance.

Trunks and Goten are alike, as they grow they train very hard much like their dads which are Goku and Vegeta.


Nonetheless, it was very odd when we found out that Goten’s teacher was his mom Chi Chi. However, back in the day, Chi Chi would not let Gohan throw a punch let alone train.

So few years had passed since Goten was born and while training with his mom, he transforms into a Super Saiyan for the first time.

That made Goten at the time to be the youngest Super Saiyan ever because Trunks could do it as well and a little older.

How Old is Goten
How Old is Goten


Now, in the Dragon Ball age 774, Goten meets his dad Goku for the first and at this point in time, Goten is 7 years old.

For such a young age Saiyan child he showed a lot of potentials and became the second contender in the world martial art tournament.

Goten also trained with Trunks to perform the fusion dance. And after a long tiring training to perfect the fusion, finally achieved it and became Gotenks.


Goten and Trunks in The Time Chamber 

So Goten and Trunks when into the hyperbolic time chamber to fight Super Buu. After they got out, they fight Super Buu a little more before they both got absorbed by Super Buu.

He then later dies when Super Buu blows up the earth, however, got revived again. That was before Dragon Ball Super starts.

Then, in the Dragon Ball age 778, Dragon Ball Super finally starts, around this time Goten is 11 years old.

Later Beerus shows up looking for a Super Saiyan God and Goten joins the Saiyans to give energy to Goku to become a Super Saiyan God.

So the Dragon Ball Age 779, Frieza was resurrected and came back to earth and Goten fuses with Trunks in order to help out.

Then a year later in the Dragon Ball age of 780, Kid Goten and Trunks end up on a random planet after getting inside Monaro’s truck.

They witness a copy of Vegeta being born. However, Goku eventually defeated that version of Vegeta.

Then, The tournament of power takes place but Goten nor Trunks did no participated because Goku did not allow it.

How Old is Goten in Dragon Ball
How Old is Goten in Dragon Ball

Universe 7 became the sole winner of the tournament and at that point in time, Goten is 13 Years old.

Nonetheless, a few more years passed, and in Dragon Ball age 784, the end of Dragon Ball Super Dragon Ball Z arrived.

Sine Goten is forced to participate in the world martial arts tournament, he missed a very special date with a girl he loved.

So, at the end of Dragon Ball Z / Dragon Ball Super Goten is 17 years old.


So as you can see, Goten is one of the youngest Saiyan children to ever become a Super Saiyan and also the first Saiyan to not have a tail.

Also by using the Dragon Ball age time lien, we were able to calculate Goten’s actually current age.

So we concluded that at the end of Dragon Ball Z Dragon Ball Super he was 17 years old at the last series of Dragon Ball Anime.

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