How Old is Master Roshi Now In Dragon Ball Super?

How Old is Master Roshi Now In Dragon Ball
How Old is Master Roshi Now In Dragon Ball

How old is Master Roshi in Dragon Ball now? Well, we may have the answer you are looking for.

Master Roshi has been alive since the beginning of Dragon Ball. Even though he may look like he’s in the 80s or 90s he much older than that.

Is he taking some kind of medicine to stay young? That’s a question many Dragon Ball fans ask all the time, even though times pass and everyone grows up he seems like he not getting older and looks the same.

How Old is Master Roshi Now In Dragon Ball
How Old is Master Roshi Now In Dragon Ball

Now, you might be saying how so? Well, if we go back as far as we can in Dragon Ball and do a little fact-checking we can calculate Master Roshi’s age at the end of super.

Master Roshi is much older than you think. He’s so old that he trained grandpa Gohan who’s the man who took care of baby Goku and even the Ox king Chi Chi’s father.

It may seem like he’s been alive forever but how old is Master Roshi thought? Well, that’s what we’re going to talk about here on this post.

How Old is Master Roshi Now In Dragon Ball


How Old is Master Roshi?

The first time we were introduced to Master Roshi he was already 288 years old. At the end of Dragon Ball Super going on to Dragon Ball Z when the series ended, Master Roshi was 354 years old.

So here out we got Master Roshi’s age, Master Roshi was born in the dragon ball age of 430 which was a very long time before dragon ball itself even started.

How Old is Master Roshi Now In Dragon Ball
How Old is Master Roshi Now In Dragon Ball

Long after many years has passed and then the started to training in Martial arts. So many more years passed before Dragon Ball started and in the Dragon Ball age of 658, Grandpa Gohan was born.


So by this time, Master Roshi was already 228 years old and Grandpa Gohan was just a little baby.

Then a few more years passed and Master Roshi competes in the age 710 at the world’s Martial Arts Tournament number #13.

So by now, Master Roshi is 280 years old and wins the Martial Arts Tournamnent #13.

Then, 26 more years passed and now baby Goku was born, however, he was not sent to earth yet.


Even at that time, Dragon Ball as we know it haven’t even started yet and Master Roshi is already 306 years old.

Master Roshi’s Age When Dragon Ball Starts

So now when Dragon Ball finally starts which in the age 749, Master Roshi meets Goku for the first time. He’s in his 300 +.

Nonetheless, all the events in Dragon Ball occurred, and now fast forward to Dragon Ball age 761 which is when Dragon Ball Z starts.

In the Dragon Ball age 762, Vegeta and Nappa arrived on earth and they had their while battle. So time keeps moving by and then Goku went to Planet Namek, fights Frieza and defeated Frieza.

Now, in Dragon Ball age 764, future Trunks arrived. At this point, Master Roshi is only 334 years old. That is a long time to live don’t you think?

How Old Is Master Roshi

Nonetheless, the Android arrived and in 767, the whole saga with the Android and Cell happened.

So a few more years passed, Goku died and all Gohan is now all grown up and peace was finally restored on earth.

However, in the Dragon Ball age 774, Majin Buu appears and his defeated by Goku. At this time Master Roshi is 344 years old.

Afterward, Lord Beerus came to the earth looking for Super Saiyan God Goku just four years after that.

In Dragon Ball age 779, Frieza was Resurrected and defeated. The tournament between universe 6 and 7 took place and the whole arc with Zamasu and Goku Black happened.

Also, at that time the Dragon Ball time, the Tournament of Power took place where Android 17 won the tournament.

Android 17 Dragon Ball Super

Then, by the end of Dragon Ball Z, in the age 784 Master Roshi is now 354 years old.


So as we can see Master Roshi is one of the oldest Dragon Ball characters ever live. He was even older than Grandpa Gohan who practically raised Goku as a bay.

He’s also one of the world’s strongest humans just like Krillin. However, Krillin is must stronger than Master Roshi now by far.

We don’t know for sure but it seems like Master Roshi is taking some kind of herb to stay younger in Dragon Ball.

Nonetheless, it all comes down to the creator of Dragon Ball himself Akira Toriyama to decide how young or old he wants to make Master Roshi be.

Finally, now we know that at for the bringing of Dragon Ball Super to the end we concluded that Master Roshi at the end of Super is 354 years old.

I hope this post helped to answer your question about Master Roshi’s age. Remember, if you have any inquiries or just want to reach out just send me an Email in the contact area. Cheers!

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