How Old is Pan? Find Out Her Current Age In Dragon Ball Z – GT

How Old is Pan

A lot of Dragon Ball fans are searching for answers when it comes down to how old is Pan in Dragon Ball?

So, today, I will share with you a quick post about the actual age for Pan in Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Super, and Dragon Ball GT.

As we all know by now, Pan is the daughter of Gohan and Videl which makes her the granddaughter for both Mr. Satan and Goku.

With Gohan being a half-blooded Saiyan, the baby pan was no ordinary child in dragon ball. After a few months of being born, baby Pan quickly learns how to use her powers to fly.

We could say it’s because she saw her dad doing or because of S-cells, most good Saiyan have like Goku.

Flying was a pretty hard thing for most Saiayns back in the days but Pan with able to do it in only a few months after birth.

However, the main question you are here for is to know how old is Pan in dragon ball and dragon Ball GT so let’s get to it.

How Old is Pan
How Old is Pan

How Old Is Pan in Dragon Ball? 

At the end of Dragon Ball Z, Pan was (5 years old) when she entered the world martial arts tournament when Goku faced off against Uub. However, at the beginning of Dragon Ball GT, Pan was (10 years old), And at the end of Dragon Ball GT, when 100 years have passed, Pan was (111 years old).

Dragon Ball Guidebook and Timelines

How did we find out how old Pan was in Dragon Ball? Well, we used the Dragon Ball guidebook that has all the Dragon Ball TImeline in it.

So, based on the guidebooks, Pan was born at dragon ball age 779. This was exactly the same year Gloden Frieza came back for vengeance on Goku.

After a couple of months just being born, Pan quickly surpassed most baby Saiayns and showed great potential as a Saiyan baby.

After Golden Frieza was dated by Goku, one year had passed and The Goku Black arc ended and the tournament of power started.

Pan did not participate in the tournament because it was just a baby neither did Goten and Trunks because they are too young.

Pan Age During The Tournament of Power?

During the Time Period of the tournament of power in dragon ball Super, Pan was (1 year) old at the time.

Eventually, team 7 which is otherwise known as universe 7 wins the tournament of power. Android 17 was the sole survival and wised back all the universe that was destroyed.

So, a few had passed and the end of Dragon Ball Super – Dragon Ball Z arrived. Just to be clear, Dragon Ball Super ended at the end of the Buu saga according to Toriyama when Goku faced off against Uub.

This was in the dragon ball age of 784, and kid Pan is 100x strong than a regular human being. As a grown kid, Pan entered the world martial arts tournament and easily overpowered her opponents and knocks them out with two hits.

So after Goku and Uub stopped fighting, Goku leaves with Uub and that is where Dragon Ball Super – Dragon Ball Z ends.

How old was Pan at the End of Dragon Ball Super/Z?

Pan was (4 years old) at the end of Dragon Ball Super/Dragon Ball Z which at the time was dragon ball age 784.  Later on, in the same year, we learned that Pan would turn 5 years old.

When Did Dragon Ball GT Air? 

Dragon Ball GT Anime aired five ( 5 years) after Dragon Ball Z. However, most people following the English dub say that Dragon Ball GT takes place 10 years after Dragon Ball Z.

Nonetheless, since we know for a fact that the Japanese version of Dragon Ball is official we will use thier guidelines.

So, at the time period when Dragon Ball Gt Started would be age 789. Pan played a major role in Dragon Ball GT by seeking out all the black star Dragon Balls with Trunks, and Goku.

Pan's age in Dragon Ball GT
Pan’s age in Dragon Ball GT

Pan’s Age in Dragon Ball GT?

At Dragon Ball GT age 789, Pan was (10 years old) When she and the grandpa Goku and Trunks searched for the black star Dragon Balls.

After years have passed in age 790, Dragon Ball GT was about to end, Goku leaves with the Dragon Shenron.

Then finally, we fast ward to 100 years at the end of Dragon Ball GT, when Pan look old she was 111 years old. That was the last time we saw Pan in Dragon Ball GT.

So, there you have the Pan was pretty young in Dragon Ball Super/z but got really old after 100 years had passed. There your question for how old is Pan in dragon ball is 4 years old at the end of Dragon Ball Z and 111 years at the end of Dragon Ball GT

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