How Old is Shenron? The Dragon That Grants Wishes

How Old is Shenron
How Old is Shenron

Have you ever wonder how old is Shenron in Dragon Ball, the Dragon that can grant almost any wish?

If so, then you have come to the right place. So, in this post, we are going to reveal the actual age of Shenron in Dragon Ball.

Shenron the Dragon has been around for many years in Dragon Ball, He has saved the earth and the Z fighters many times overtimes.

Dragon Shenron can grant almost any wish, even to resurrect the dead. He has practically been the savior for Goku and friends throughout the entire series of Dragon Ball.

However, today, we are not only gonna find out how old is Shenron in Dragon Ball but also where is from and how he was created.

How Old is Shenron
How Old is Shenron

How Old Is Shenron?

The Dragon Sheron in Dragon Ball is 314 years old at the end of the series Dragon Ball Z. Shenron was created by Kami, the former guardian of the earth who is a Namekian in dragon Ball age 470.

How Was Shenron Created In Dragon?

Shenron was created in the early stage of the dragon ball series age 470 by a God known as Kami. Kami created the Dragon Balls but he did not do much with them over the years.

It was not until master Roshis in Dragon Ball Age 650 discovered the 3 star Dragon Ball we found that it could grant wishes.

Around the same time in Dragon Ball age 650, Shenron ages actual age was 180 years old. Fast forward to Dragon Ball age 749, the series of Dragon ball started Everyone including Goku knew about the Balls and found all of them.

However, an old rival enemy of Goku named Pilaf stole the Dragon Balls and summoned Shenron, that was the first time Shenron ever appeared in the Dragon Ball anime series.

Form the on Shenron would be related to as the savior for many years to come. So, with the ongoing first series of Dragon Ball, Shenron’s age was 279.

King Piccolo and The Dragon Balls 

King Piccolo the father of Piccolo Jr somehow got his hand on the Dragon Balls and summoned Shenron. His wish was the get younger and this was four (4) years after Pilaf summoned Shenron.

So, the most bizarre thing that King Piccolo did after he got his wish Shenron, he kills Shenron. However, the Creator of the Dragon Balls Kami brought Shenron to life.

During the time Kami brought back Shenron to life, Shenron was 283 years old.

Dragon Ball World Martial Arts Tournament #23

The Dragon Ball world martial arts tournament #23 started in the Dragon Ball age 756 where Goku faced off against Piccolo and defeat them. Around that time Goku was in the twenties.

A few years had passed and in the Dragon Ball age 761, Dragon Ball Z Starts, Raditz came and got killed along with Goku.

Goku Went to The Other Worlds 

In Dragon Age 762, Goku went to the other worlds and train with his new master King Kai to face off against Vegeta and Nappa. Raditz told both Piccolo and Goku that two powerful Saiyans are coming and they are a lot stronger and more vicious than himself.


What was Shenron’s Age in Dragon Ball Z?

One year later after the defeat of Raditz in Dragon Ball Z, When Vegeta and Nappa arrive on earth, Shenron’s age was 292.

At the same time, the Z fighter went to Planet Namek, defeated the tyrant emperor of the universe Frieza. So, a few more years had passed and in Dragon Ball, age 767 The Android saga and the Cells aga arrives.

Those times Dargon Ball Z was at its highest pick because after struggling with the Androids Cell came along defeats the Androids.

Afterward, Teen Gohan transformed and ascended to the next level, Super Saiyan 2, and defeat Perfect Cell.

After Cells defeat and everything was over, Once again Shenron was summoned and used to wish back all the people that were killed. During that time Shenron was 297 years old.

Now, if we fast forward a few more years at Dragon Ball age 774, Majin Buu suddenly appears. At that same time period, Shenron was summoned again to wish back all the people who were killed during the world martial arts tournament and to erase Buu from the minds of people so they don’t remember him.

Sheron Age In Dragon Ball Super?

Shenron was 308 years old when Dragon Ball Super starts in the Dragon Ball age 778. This is also when lord Beerus came to earth looking for the Super Saiyan God.

Fast forward a few years later, Frieza the tyrant arrived once again with a new Golden form after training for 4 months. However, since Frieza was not accustomed to his new form, Goku took advantage and easily defeats him.

Then, a few more years later, the tournament of power takes place, universe 7 wins and within the same year, Broly comes to earth and got defeated by Gogeta.

So, after all that time, Shenron was a 310-year-old Dragon. Finally, at the end of Dragon Ball Super, Dragon Ball Z age 784 when the series ended. Shenron was 314 years old.

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