How Old is Tights? – Bulma’s Older Sister In Dragon Ball

How Old is Tights
How Old is Tights

How old is Tights Bulma’s older sister in dragon ball? Well, today in this post, we are about to figure out Tights age of Dragon Ball.

We all know that Bulma is a genius when it comes to creating and building machines. However, Tights, unlike Bulma, is a Science Fiction Writer that many dragon ball fans did not even know about, even up until this day.

Tights look a lot like Bulma, the only thing is that Thights has blond hair and Bulma has blue hair. Believe it or not, Thights was the first dragon ball character to meet Joco (The Galaxy Patroler) when Jaco saved her.

How Old is Tights
How Old is Tights


So now that we know a little bit about Tights, what we really want to know is her actual age in dragon ball.

How Old is Tights?

Tights Bulma’s sister at the end of dragon ball super dragon ball z was 62 years old at the time.

Now, you might be wondering is that right? Well, to find out how old Tights really is, this is what we have to do. We have to calculate the dragon ball age timeline by doing some simple math to find out her age.

Tight was born in the dragon ball age of 722, during most of her childhood days, she always wanted to become a science fiction writer.

How Old is Tights
How Old is Tights

She did very well in school however, maybe she was not a genius like her sister Bulma, nonetheless, she was still very smart.

Tight was so smart that she actually graduated from West University in dragon ball age 738 at a very young age of 16.

In dragon ball age 739, she meets Jaco for the first time, Jaco saves her from a bunch of crocks, and from there on end, the friendship grew quickly.

Another little know fact about Tights is that she was a body-double for a very famous singer.

So thanks to Tights Jaco ended up meeting Bulma and Bulma fixes his spaceship.

Time keeps moving and 10 years later, in dragon ball age 749, dragon ball starts. By now Tights is 27 years old.

Nonetheless, at some pointing time, Tights let Jaco take her around the galaxy so she could do some research for her writing.

While having such vast knowledge of what she learns about on different planets Tights became very famous.


However, when Tights resealed a novel about Jaco it tanked and flopped, It was called “Space Police Jaco”

Tights Screen Time In Dragon Ball

For the next few years we did not see much of her again nor did she have any screen time. However, she is pretty much alive living well, and on a remote island.

Moving on, a few more years passed, and in dragon ball age 756 the world martial arts tournament number #23 started.

Around this time when the tournament started, Tights was 34 years old. This is where Goku battled Piccolo Junior.

Then, if we keep moving some more to dragon ball age 761, this is where dragon ball z starts, now she is 39 years old.

A year later Vegeta and Nappa arrived, our z fighters went to planet Namek to look for the dragon balls and Goku defeats Frieza.

Then 2 years later, in dragon ball age 764, Future Trunks arrived. But still, we haven’t heard from Tights yet. The good news was that she still alive and living on Omori’s Island.

Dragon Ball Age 766 

2 years later in dragon ball age 766, Tights becomes an aunt when baby Trunks was born, by now she 44 years old.

And in dragon ball age 767, the Android and Cell arrived and got defeated by Gohan. We keep moving forward and in dragon ball age 774 Majin Buu arrives and now she is 52 years old.

Nonetheless, Buu was defeated by Goku and we keep moving to dragon ball age 778, this is where dragon ball super started.

Then Lord Beerus come to earth at the time when Bulma was having her birthday party. But Tights did not show up. Maybe she was busy writing or something.

I don’t really think that wasn’t invited, maybe she just didn’t wanna go because things might get ugly as they did. So at the time of Bulma’s birthday bash Tights was 56 years old at the time.

A year later we saw her for the first time in many years, and the next year she becomes an aunt for the second time when baby Bula was born.

So time keeps moving by and in dragon ball age 784, the end of dragon ball z dragon ball super arrived.

Now since they continued dragon ball super after dragon ball z they will probably recon it in the near future.

So at the end of dragon ball z Tights was 62 years old young and still looking great. I guess you could say that have good family genes.


So Tights, as we know, is not as smart as Bulma however, she is smart in her own way and has a passion for science fiction writing.

Tight has we know is Bulma’s eldest sister and she was one of the first dragon ball characters to meet Jaco.

Finally, after calculating all the dragon ball ages about Tights in dragon ball, we know know that her current age in dragon ball is 62 years old.

I just hope in the future dragon ball the producers will incorporate her into the main timeline again so that we can learn about her more.

We also would love to see if she had any kids and what her off-screen life was like other than knowing that she is alive and well.

Written by Gregory Warmington

Hello, My name is Gregory and I love all types of anime and entertainment shows however dragon Ball Naturo, and One Punch man are some of my favorites. If you want to reach out, contact me via email. Cheer!

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