How Strong is Mr. Popo Now in Dragon Ball Super Anime?

How Stong is Mr. Popo
How Stong is Mr. Popo

How strong is Mr. Popo in Dragon Ball? Well, many Dragon Ball fans new and old especially the old ones have been asking about Mr. Popo’s power level.

Mr. Popo has been in Dragon Ball Anime since the beginning of the series.

You cloud say he’s one of the main Pioneer characters that holds the foundation of dragon ball anime back in the day.

Anyways, before we jump into how strong is Mr. Popo, let us talk a little about his history and purpose in the anime.

Who is Mr. Popo?

Mr. Popop is an assistant worker who serves and caters to the Planet Earth’s guardian Kami. On Kami’s lookout, Mr. Popo’s duties are bound there internally, however, he has a magic carp that he uses to travel around the world as he, please.

When Mr. Popo was first introduced to us back in dragon ball, he was kinda weird looking and scary but super strong.

When he first met kid Goku, they had this battle and Mr. Popo made quick work of kid Goku like it was nothing.

Mr. Popo back in dragon ball z even helped train some of the z fighters himself and of course, kid Goku.

So the main question you are here for today on is post is, “How strong is Mr. Popo in Dragon Ball now?

Well, you are about to find out because I did not exactly know me until I did a little research.

How Stong is Mr. Popo
How Stong is Mr. Popo

How Strong is Mr. Popo

Mr. Popo back in dragon ball was stronger than kid Goku when they first met and after the Raditza saga going onto the Saiyan saga, Mr. Popo had a power level of 1,030.

So back in dragon ball when Goku had his battle with evil King Piccolo and defeated him King Piccolo single-handed, Goku when to Korin’s tower.

After Goku arrived at Korin’s tower he was given the opportunity to meet Kami the earth’s mighty guardian.

Goku had never met nor had no idea who Kami was, however, he was excited to meet him.

However, it was a bit of a struggle because Goku had to climb higher to reach Kami’s lookout.

So has Goku made his way up there he was so excited to see Kami. However, he meets someone other than Kami himself.

There was his weird-looking guy standing there looking back at him. At that time, it was none other than Kami’s servant Mr. Popo.

So this was the first time Goku and Mr. Popo saw each other and Goku asked him where he could find Kami.

Mr. Popo made a deal with kid Goku saying if they battle and Goku wins, he will take him to Kami.

But if Goku lost the battle, he will Not take Goku to see Kami.

So knowing Goku as a Saiyan who loves to fight he welcomes the challenge and launches his first attack at Mr. Popo.

Mr. Popo Vs Kid Goku

So, the battle between Mr. Popo and Goku being and end as soon as it started. At this point in the anime, Mr. Popo was way stronger than kid Goku. Goku could not touch him or hand a blow on Mr. Popo.

So after losing to Mr. Popo kid Goku stayed at Kami’s lookout and trained there for 3 years. And even after 3 years of training at Kami’s lookout, Goku’s powers did not surpass Mr. Popo.

Goku would eventually enter the 23 world martial arts tournament defeat Piccolo and then after that dragon ball starts.

So, after Raditz came to earth, kidnap young Gohan and got defeated by Piccolo and Goku.

Goku and Piccolo were nowhere close to the power level of Mr. Popo even then.

How Stong is Mr. Popo’s Power Level vs Goku’s?

When the Raditz saga was going down, Goku’s power level at the time was a mere 416, and Piccolo’s power level was just 408.

Not even the two of them combined would still not be enough for Mr. Popo. However, Raditz on the other was already stronger than Mr. Popo with a power level of 1500.

It was obvious that Mr. Pop could not beat Raditz so he did not join the fight.

Nonetheless, now we know that Mr. Popo’s power level was not stronger than in 1500. however, back in those dragon ball days that still a lot of strength.

Piccolo and Goku had to go through a great deal of trouble to defeat Raditz. Goku even when as far as sacrificing his life for them to win.

So, after Raditz was defeated and before he died they told Piccolo and Goku that two more Saiyans are coming and they are even stronger than him.


Every Z fighter like Krillin, Tien, Yamcha, Yajirode, and Chiaotzu went to train with Mr.Popo except for Piccolo and kid Gohan. This was to get the best experience training.

It was obvious that Mr. Popo at the time was stronger than every one of them. However, after the training was over, most of the z fighters were now stronger than Mr.Popo.

Dragon Ball Character Saiyan Saga Power Level 

So the training with Mr. Popo was completed, Krillin’s power level was over 1,700. Tein’s Power Level was over 1,800, and even Yamcha had a power level of 1,400 at the time.

So the question is, what is Mr. Popo’s power level now after he finished his training with the z fighters?

Well, according to weekly Jump Magazine Mr. Popo’s power level is at 1,030, and so after that, his power level was not brought up again.

However, in dragon ball z anime we saw Mr. Popo hold and block kid Super Saiyan Trunks and Goten attacks.

But eventually, he was overpowered by the two young Super Saiyans.

However, for someone to block an attack for a Super Saiyan would tell us that he is much stronger than what he was in the Saiyan saga.

So since this did not happen in the Maga version of dragon ball it turns out to be a filler in the anime

Nonetheless, a power level of 1.030 is still vastly strong for a regular human on earth. However, we do not really know if Mr.Popo is for earth or normal just, “I’m just saying”

So what I am really saying is that when he’s compared to everyone else back in the day he was the strongest human alive.

Apparently, the was no one on earth on planet earth before Goku that could overpower him.

However, Mr. Popo is still strong but not as strong as the main characters in dragon ball at the moment.

I believe Mr. Popo’s power level is still the same unless he did some off-screen stuff we don’t know about.

Now, he does not need to train too because there are main characters like Vegeta and Goku that are way stronger than him to define the earth.

Now Mr. Popo can just do his job better and serve and assist Kami which is now Dende at the lookout.


So now it is concluded that in the being of dragon ball when Mr. Popo meets Goku for the first time, he had a power level of over 1,000.

Thus during the Saiyan Saga with Vegeta and Nappa, most Z fighters became stronger than him with power levels over 1,400 – 1,800.

So what do you think, do you think Mr. Popo has the same power level as he did back in dragon ball or he has gotten much stronger?

Let me know in the comment down below.

Written by Gregory Warmington

Hello, My name is Gregory and I love all types of anime and entertainment shows however dragon Ball Naturo, and One Punch man are some of my favorites. If you want to reach out, contact me via email. Cheer!


  1. Spellchecking and English aside. It’s gotta be higher, he’s catching punches and speeding in front of Goten and trunks on the lookout before they are told of Vegeta’s death and enter fusion training.

    • Yes, It’s a lot higher now in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super. However, we don’t know exactly buy how much. We only can say Mr. Popo’s power level is slightly below Super Saiyan Goten and Trunks’s power level in Z and Super.

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