How strong is Usopp In One Piece Anime? Find Out More

How strong is Usopp In One Piece
How strong is Usopp In One Piece

Usopp in One Piece is an interesting character in terms of strength, especially compared to other crew members.

So to really find out how strong is Usopp in One Piece. we have to explain what we know about him already. Usopp in One Piece serves primarily as an accurate and potentially deadly opponent. However, many people forget that he is quite the engineer, as he makes all his weapons and ammunition by hand.

This was shown to us once he gets access to dials, which leads Usopp to a point where he manages to go toe-to-toe with Luffy in a fairly matched battle. However, Usopp is not often taken seriously most time, he does have the advantage over Luffy but he can use overconfidence against his opponents. His confidence gives him the ability to distract and misdirect quite effectively.

Nonetheless, there is someone to consider very uniquely as a character it’s Usopp. Usopp is the only member of the Straw Hats crew and outside of the Monster Trio that has managed to learn to use Haki. We all know the Haki is no small feat to learn. This may have been something present in weaker form long before Usopp Haki was awakened. However, note that Usopp could sense things long before others could during the Water 7 arc.

Nonetheless, Usopp is weaker than the Monster Trio that’s for sure. However, the only potential combat for Nami was ensured by the Clima-tact which was made and bolstered by Usopp. Nami is surely weaker for sure. And most if not all of Robin’s power is based on Devil Fruit powers. We could argue that of the 11 members of the Straw Hat crew, Usopp is ranked in 6th place, even above Jinbe, Robin, Nami, Brook, and Zeus. They are all below Usopp, Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Franky, and Chopper.

How strong is Usopp
How strong is Usopp

Usopp Strenght In One Piece

Mehta Shaurya stated in One Piece that Usopp is as strong as pre time skip Zoro, However, Usopp is still weak enough to be in the weakling’s Trio. This is because pre time skip Zoro was strong. In fact, Zoro was as strong as pre time skip Luffy.

Zoro in One Piece had a bounty of 120 million bellies and was considered a supernova character. This goes for other characters such as Luffy, X Drake, Law, Kid, and such. Zoro was at the supernova level because he had confidence in himself and his abilities to bring his strength to its full potential. However, some fans believe Usopp will remain in the same tier as Nami and Chopper until he starts believing in himself and to push himself to his full potential strength.

Usopp on the other hand has the potential to become stronger and take on strong opponents even when he is outmatched due to his tactical wit. In the anime, we saw his fight against Luffy and against Sugar to a lesser extent. However, Usopp usually shies away from challenges which results in a lack of feats for Usopp and a maltitude of instances where he seems helplessly weak.

Someone like Usopp in the anime is still Deadshot even without ingenious tactics. This makes him lethal with the right ammunition. Also as mentioned, with his new Haki Usopp can predict the movements of his enemies hence keeping up with faster individuals.

Finally, Usopp is a character in One Piece that is hard to scale due to his unique fighting style, however, there is no question that Usopp is still formidable in his own unique way.

One thing to take away on How strong is Usopp is that Oda mentioned that Usopp will remain the weakest in the crew because he is the most ‘normal’ however since he is already stronger than Nami Imo, Oda’s statement is old and discredited.

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