How Strong Is Whis In Dragon Ball Super Theory

how strong is Whis in Dragon Ball Super
how strong is Whis in Dragon Ball Super

Do you know how strong is Whis in Dragon Ball Super? Whis has been an enigmatic and mysterious character since his introduction in Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods.

This was back in 2013 and before the movie even came out. Many of us speculated as to who he might actually be and what his purpose is.

At the end of the Battle of Gods, after the fight between Goku and Beerus in space.

Beerus reveals to Goku that there are 12 universes, and he tells Goku that he is the second most powerful foe he’s ever faced.

Goku quickly understands that Whis was indeed the first one. Beerus reveals that Whis is not only his servant but also his teacher and Sensei.

For some reason, Dragon Ball fans have forgotten that Beerus was talking about Whis. So many people ask back in the day who was Beerus talking about.

But if you keep watching the film, literally minutes later Goku and Beerus confirm it. If that wasn’t enough confirmation, remember at the end of the film after Beerus taste some Wasabi accidentally and started Rampage.

how strong is Whis in Dragon Ball Super
how strong is Whis in Dragon Ball Super

Whis then quickly stops him with one chop in his back. So we have this Battle of Gods movie that built up Beerus as the most dangerous foe.

One in which dismantled the entire Z team including Gohan, Majin Buu, and Vegeta and he goes down to one chop from Whis.

Now, shortly after the release of the film. Toriyama himself commented on the power difference between Whis, Goku, and Beerus.

How Strong is Whis In Dragon Ball Super?

Toriyama stated very infamously that Goku in his God form was a sixth (6), Beerus was a Ten (10), and Whis was a Fifteen (15).

Whis back in Dragon Ball Super Battle Of Gods demonstrates how strong he is when he one-shotted God Of Destruction Beerus in the back of his head. Beerus tells Goku and the other Z fighters that Whis is his teacher.

There’s really no sense in using this is a guide for Whis’ power because he hasn’t really been using it for some time.

That is what Toriyama said back then before Resurrection F. It was also before he came up with the upgraded transformations of Goku blue and later on Ultra Instinct.

So using that scale now is sort of pointless because it does not apply now. 

Toriyama came up with it many years ago but that doesn’t really take anything away from the power of Whis.

One thing we’ve learned from watching 131 episodes of Dragon Ball Super and three movies is that Whis can pretty much do almost anything.

It’s pretty scary as to what these angels can do. There are many Mysteries surrounding Whis that we may never get an answer to.

how strong is Whis in Dragon Ball Super
how strong is Whis in Dragon Ball Super

But he seems to be a very old ancient Cosmic being, along with the other angels that have power beyond even the capability of Mortals, and even Gods of Destruction.

As we’ve seen in the series, Whis has been Beerus’ Martial Arts instructor and has a vast knowledge of martial arts.

Dragon Ball Super Ultra Instinct Whis

This includes what many consider complete Mastery of Migatte No Gokui otherwise known as Ultra Instinct.

Whis knows what it is, he instantly recognizes it when Goku taps into that power and he also tried to help teach Goku and Vegeta how to allow their body to move by themselves.

This obviously gives Whis an unbelievable advantage in combat because it’s very hard if not impossible to ever connect a blow on him.

Whether it is a punch, kick, or anything except maybe a bite from Goku to work.

But other than that Whis is almost impossible to hit. Unless he lets you hit him, he is one of the most protected characters by Toriyama.

What I mean by the word ‘Protected’ is we rarely see this guy take any damage.

Nothing ever bothers him, he fears nothing, and he doesn’t really try to get involved too much.

He’s a character that is seemingly a Flawless martial artist. I haven’t seen anything from him that would say otherwise.

Except for the fact that he himself has made statements about his father the ‘Grand Priest’ the grand Minister being even more powerful than him.

However, again one of the problems that would cover these Cosmic entities in Dragon Ball is that we’ve never seen them at full power.

We’ve seen Whis fight and train but we’ve never really seen him get serious. So who knows how incredibly dangerous this guy could be?

How Powerful is Dragon Ball Super Whis?

How dangerous is he, well it seems like every single story that Toriyama writes somehow adds new power to Resurrection F.

We find out that Whis can reverse time, and no he doesn’t go back in time or create a new timeline.

He literally takes the universe and reverses time for 3 minutes. That is one of the most insane feats that we ever saw.

Not just that but we also find out that Whis is the fastest in the universe which is something that The Ginyu Force claimed.

Speed isn’t even close to being the most impressive thing that Whis can do. He also is a multilingual speaker, he can speak languages of alien species all over the universe.

Plus he also can sense events going on Far Away. Although the series makes it very clear that Beerus is the God of destruction.

Dragon Ball God hierarchy angels are much much more god-like than any other God.

Including Beerus or the Kai’s except for the ones above Whis. So it seems like every ability that Beerus can do, Whis can do but better like negating energy.

 For example, he can actually create pocket dimensions and send people to these pocket Dimensions.

As we see him doing his training Goku and Vegeta. Now, it’s not made clear if the power to create a pocket Dimension through time is one that Whis himself has or if it’s the power of the staff.

It was never really explained, but either way, he can do it. Not just that but he actually has energy projection abilities and reality-warping abilities, unlike any character we’ve seen before.

how strong is Whis in Dragon Ball Super
how strong is Whis in Dragon Ball Super

 Whis Twin Sister Vados

Whis can create an object out of nothing. We see this several times in the series, he opens up in or creates a magical window sort of speak so he can go inside a form of crap.

Then, later on, we saw him and Vados building the arena for universe 6 vs 7 literally out of nothing.


He can materialize matter out of thin air to create objects. We have not seen a character proficiently do this at this level anywhere in Dragon Ball.

But we know and don’t forget the whole debate between Whis and Vados because Vados does make the claim that she is even more powerful than Whis.

However, Whis differ I’m not going to go into a debate about whether or not they’re both bluffing because the scene was kind of played up for comedy.

Nonetheless, don’t forget she can do things like that Whis also.

The Future Trunks Arc

Moving on, we find out more about what Whis can do at the end of Future Trunks Arc and the episode where he reveals that there are other methods of capturing and defeating Zamasu.

how strong is Whis in Dragon Ball Super
how strong is Whis in Dragon Ball Super

He doesn’t reveal what they are but it’s implied that he has the ability to go into other timelines.

Possibly without even using a time ring. He tells the crew that he’s going to go to the Future, the other new timeline made in episode 67 to warn the future Beerus about Zamasu and Goku Black.

Whis never really states that he needs a Time ring. It’s almost implied that he doesn’t even need one, but that happens off-screen so I can’t really tell you otherwise.

However, it’s still amazing how Whis can just say these things and it’s not a problem.

Whis in Dragon Ball Xenoverse Game 

Although this post is about the Dragon Ball series, not the video games, make a note that in Dragon Ball Xenoverse.

Whis can go to a different timeline by himself. So if you want to take that into account as evidence that Whis can do this in Xenoverse and Xenoverse 2 there you go.

So, we’ve talked about the Mastery of Ultra Instinct, we talked about his incredible knowledge of the universe, his speed, his ability to project and create matter out of thin air, and his ability to warp.

However, that was not enough, in the tournament of power Arc. Toriyama shows even more abilities to Whis at the beginning of the arc.

We saw Whis literally give birth to Bulma and Vegeta’s daughter in the series. This guy uses his staff or whatever to warp the baby out of the womb in perfect health into the arms of Bulma.

Also, at the end of the tournament of power arc, when they’re deciding what to do with Frieza.

The Angel Whis reveals that not only can he heal, but he can also literally bring you back to life.

Whis with his abilities can resurrect characters. We see it in the manga and the anime as Frieza’s Halo disappears and he becomes mortal once more.

So with Whis on your side who the heck needs the dragon balls anymore? he can just bring you back to life if he thinks that you’re worthy.

For whatever reason, maybe to cook some food for him, so when you see Whis doing all these crazy things.

What Is Whis Weakness?

What is his weakness? Well, we haven’t seen it yet except for the fact that he himself says that Grand Priest is more powerful than him.

So I do hope that one day we can actually witness this power as well as maybe see Whis bottles of one of the other Angels at full power fighting.

Written by Gregory Warmington

Hello, My name is Gregory and I love all types of anime and entertainment shows however dragon Ball Naturo, and One Punch man are some of my favorites. If you want to reach out, contact me via email. Cheer!

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