How Strong Is Jiren The Gray in Dragon Ball Super Anime?

How Strong Is Jiren The Gray in Dragon Ball Super Anime?

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How Strong Is Jiren The Gray in Dragon Ball Super Anime?

Don’t know?

Well, stick around to find out more about Jiren The Gray in Dragon Ball Super

Jiren The Gray is a very polarizing character. A lot of fans love him a lot of fans find him boring.

However, regardless of your opinion of Jiren what is unquestionable is that he is a character created by Toriyama.

Basically to physically challenged Goku and the rest of Universe 7 fighters. So this is why he is so incredibly strong.

How Strong Is Jiren
How Strong Is Jiren


He’s extraordinarily powerful compared to Goku black, Golden Frieza, or any of the previous foes.

The power of Jiren stretches far beyond anything we’ve seen in Dragon Ball. Only with the exception of maybe the angels and the abilities that they have.

I’ve already done a post about Dragon Ball Super Whis. But Jiren also displayed incredible feats and abilities that we don’t know if anybody else can do.

However, maybe some of the Gods of Destruction are capable of doing all he did. But again we don’t have enough data to really say what each God’s destruction can really do.

How Strong Is Jiren?

Jiren, in Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power when up against Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku otherwise referred to as Migatte No Gokui which is a form known to be stronger or as strong as a God of Destruction.

Jiren The Gray was built up to be a monster not just because of the buildup from Toppo statements and Whis statements. When we first see him step in the ring to fight.

Jiren was able to get behind Goku in an instant at the very beginning of the tournament of power.

That was done to kind of scare Goku out of bed and he was able to dodge those moving structures that were used to create the tournament of power Arena.

That was kind of our first glimpse of Jiren’s true power. Then, we saw Jiren literally one shot Kale as she was raging out and he just grabbed and tossed her away like nothing.


That was our first indicator of how strong Jiren was, but it wasn’t until Dragon Ball super episode 109 and 110. This is when we saw Jiren The Gray actually step up to fight Goku, that when we really got an idea of how powerful Jiren was.

Goku through everything but his boost at this guy and nothing seemed to face Jiren. We saw Goku formed into Super Saiyan God and Jiren was able to block his punches with one finger.!?

Now, why is this a big deal? Well, earlier in super’s anime, Goku and Beerus were colliding their fists and their fists Collision was cracking the fabric of universe 7.

Their punches rattled the entire Macroverse around them and put the existence of the universe at risk.

That was four arcs before Goku fought Jiren The Gray. Goku’s Super Saiyan God Goku is far beyond the Goku from back in the Battle of Gods arc and Jiren blocks it with one finger.

Then when Goku goes up to blue and then uses blue with Kaioken it was just nothing.

So, what does that tell me? Jiren can not only destroy a Universe, but he could also probably do it rather easily.

Jiren easily nullifying the Kaioken times 20 from Goku and he reversed a Genkidama with one hand. A Genkidama Gathering energy from a powerful team member Universe 7.

Jiren’s Power In Dragon Ball Super 

Jiren’s power is not just rooted in pure Brute strength and power and physical strength. It’s also an incredible and high level of speed to wear this dude can stare at you and hurt you.

We found out relatively early in this story that Jiren The Gray has surpassed his own God’s destruction. That’s Belmond otherwise known as Vermouth.

Something else that people have to realize is that Jiren speaks volumes about his power. Jiren’s amazing power and feats kind of scared the crap out of Beerus a little.

Beerus felt a bit more threatened at the time. So, why is this a big deal? Well, because Beerus was more intimidated and shocked by Jiren’s physic when he shook the world of a void than Zamasu when he emerged with the universe.

Jiren was more impressive two Beerus than even that and that should be a nice little preview of just how strong Jiren is.

We saw just a few episodes later in Dragon Ball super ep 111 when Jiren shows that he doesn’t even obey a major principality which is time.

Jiren’s power stretches Beyond Time. Hit traped Jiren in a Time Cage which is an endless loop upgrade of the time skip.

Hit’s Time Cage Vs Jiren The Gray Dragon Ball Super


This is where Jiren The Gray could not escape. It was like a 4th-dimensional prison and this concept is kind of a trap for Dragon Ball fighters. Even though we’ve seen things like Universe getting crack even all the way back in the Buu Saga. However, this is something new.

Why? because we’ve never seen a character actually transcend time. Vados herself who is very knowledgeable about all things in the universe even States that Jiren transcends time itself.

So again don’t forget he shook the entire world of void. This is a realm that exists outside of time and is presumably endless and Jiren was able to shake an endless infinite time.

That makes you wonder, we know that we still Whis have the ability to turn back time.

But I wonder if Jiren may have a counter to that move? Or a way to escape this ability to reverse time? I’m curious about that because his power really does transcend time.

It’s possible that reversal of time may have no effect on Jiren The Gray.

Unless he wants it to. One thing to notice is that even though Jiren has had Decades of training since his tragedy when he was younger. He’s still able to pass or at least get to the level of God of destruction.

This dude also has no God ki from what we understand. He does not have the ability to use God Ki. However, he’s so incredibly impressive that he can really use surf God ki.

It’s not even needed because we saw what Jiren was able to go toe-to-toe with Goku and his Kaioken blue form as well as Vegeta and his powerful forms.

Jiren’s Power Level 

Don’t forget that the power of Jiren is so vast that he was able to knock Maji Kayo out of the arena with just his pure force of energy.

Not even a direct contact and that’s another thing that we should note about how strong Jiren is. So, when Goku finally Taps into Ultra Instinct Omen in Dragon Ball super episode 110.

He was actually able to challenge Jiren for a very short time. But Jiren still was going toe-to-toe with Goku and he wasn’t even going all out.

In fact, even during the final part of this Arc, it’s not even for sure known that Jiren took the fight seriously until the very end.

I mean we’ve seen him fight Goku and Vegeta at the same time. Goku increases his power using his Super Saiyan blue Kaioken while Vegeta tapped into blue Evolution.

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