Jiren Vs Thanos Full Power Fight: Who Would Win?

Jiren Vs Thanos
Jiren Vs Thanos

If Jiren had a fight with Thanos who would win?

These characters exist in two different universes and in different Multiverses as well. Physics strength is fundamentally different from each other, as well as reality itself.

A powerful character from Marvel and a top Pride Tropper from universe 6 in Dragon Ball Super. These two characters do not know each other have anything in common nor from the same universe.

However, both Marvel fans and Dragon Ball Super fans have brought them together in a fight to see which character is the strongest. Jiren as we know is one of the strongest characters in Dragon Ball super, and Thanos is one of the most characters in Marvel.

So how would we know which character is the strongest? Well, first we have to look at both characters’ feats and power to determine who would win the fight.

Frist let look at Thanos.


One thing for sure is that we need to know which version of Thanos we are using since Thanos has many different versions, unlike Jiren. However, we are not using the movie, Thanos.

Jiren Vs Thanos

Base comic Thanos

The base version of Thanos is pretty strong and he is physically stronger than Hulk and Thor combine. He also has many different powers than Jiren has. these abilities include force fields, shooting energy beams, teleport, telepathy, heat vision, and many, etc.

Basic Thanos is extremely durable as well. He’s capable of tank blasts from the silver surfer, take and take blasts from Odin, and even Galactus too. Although all that is impressive and similar to Superman’s abilities, it is not enough to give Thanos a win here.

Although Thanos has Speed and destructive capability, Thanos is heavily outmatched here vs Jiren. Jiren’s power is at a universal tier, unlike basic Thanos who is maybe a Solar System tier. So, if basic Thanos was to fight Jiren, Jiren would win. Now let’s talk about the boss Gauntlet Thanos. This battle would be completely one-sided if it weren’t for one thing.

Thanos Gauntlet 

Since Jiren is from another universe the gauntlet stones would not work on Jiren. The main fact is that Thanos Gauntlet only works on beings from the universe it was created in.

So Thanos vs Jiren will only rely on strength. However, if Thanos’s Gauntlet did somehow work on Jiren, Thanos would stomp Jiren without batting an eye. So, let us continue with the Cosmic Thanos.

Cosmic Thanos 

Cosmic Thanos and the cube is an extremely powerful artifact and it also is universal. However, Jiren would defeat this version of Thanos since he is highly universal and Thanos is mid universal.

Nonetheless, there aren’t any other versions of Thanos that would be a contest with Jiren from Dragon  Vall Super. Thanos was stated to be omniversal by the one above all himself. Then, there is Thanos from the 2018 storyline Infinity Conflict remember. This Thanos literally was omnipotent after that Storyline was finished.

Thanos has many versions that can somewhat defeat Jiren, however, if you talk about his base form then Jiren could easily defeat Thanos. Jiren would surely outmatch Thanos in Speed, Durability, and Destructive capability in terms of fighting skills.


With all Jiren’s feats and powers at a universal level, he would destroy Thanos easily. Even if Thanon had the Gauntlet and Jiren knows about it, Jiren alone with one powerful blast could easily wipe out an entire universe. Thanos couldn’t even snap his fingers fast enough to erase Jiren.

Jiren Vs Thanos
Jiren Vs Thanos

And again since both are from a different universe we don’t know if Thanos Gauntlet would work on Jiren either. Jiren could speed over to Thanos and rip his glove right off and disintegrate his body with a single energy blast in under one second.

When it comes to the Marvel universe characters they are more like cool superheroes. However, with Dragon Ball Super characters universe has power and speed beyond the limitations of living human beings.

However, I believe there is no character in the Marvel universe that is strong enough to compete against someone like Jiren. Even someone like Frieza can casually destroy a planet without any fancy glove or the snap of a finger.

Even Frieza could crush Thanos and torture him with ease. And if we are still talking about Dragon Ball, Fat Majin could turn Thanos into chocolate, Assassin Hit could use a time skip or time Cage and stop Thanos’s heart before he even thought about snapping his fingers.

Jiren VS Thanos 

Thanos would never go to Dragon Ball Super universe because it just doesn’t exist in the Marvel multiverse continuity. So, if we go by feats, unbiased opinion by somebody who is an equal fan of both franchises. Thanos on the other hand hasn’t done anything to show that he could match Ultra Instinct Goku or Jiren without the Infinity Stones on his hand.

To be fear, we cannot count the infinity stones in this, because it would be somewhat cheating as they were never part of Thanos’s power, to begin with, and by all logic, they would only work in Thanos’ universe only.


Nonetheless, Thanos is powerful regardless, and powerful enough to stand on the same stage as some Dragon Ball characters.

Now that we have these facts set down we can look at who surpasses who in terms of these feats and power. Thanos is smarter and less stubborn than Jiren as we know it. However, both of them possess a similar degree of arrogance.

With Thanos’s smartest, he could possibly outwit Jiren in a game of chess. However, in a game of brut force, it would be far different as Jiren like Goku is a fighting prodigy who thinks best when they both exchange blows.

It’s hard to say who would outlast each other during a blow-to-blow battle. However, where energy attacks are given, Thanos is generic, while Jiren is creative, utilizing his energy blast in a way that allows him to stop any attack with only a glare from his eyes.

Jiren’s focus and multiple techniques trump Thanos and it’s quite unfortunate for the Mad Titan. Nonetheless, Thanos is creative as well. Thanos has stuff like Energy shields and homing missiles. The Titan Tanos has an arsenal of techniques.

However, Jiren’s as a character by far is intensely trained and built, unlike Thanos’s natural ability. Now, as for raw power, and full-on attacks. Both Jiren and Thanos might be matched. However, we will leave that for the writers of both franchises to come together and decide.

Overall, their energy attacks are their best weapons. So, Jiren should win this fight especially because neither side would show any mercy.

Written by Gregory Warmington

Hello, My name is Gregory and I love all types of anime and entertainment shows however dragon Ball Naturo, and One Punch man are some of my favorites. If you want to reach out, contact me via email. Cheer!

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