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Top 10 Most Overpowered Jutsu In Naruto Of All Time

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These are some of the most overpowered Jutsu in Naruto anime fans love and know about. Some of these Jutsus save and even win battles in the anime many times.

Also, some of these Jutsu caused great suffering and death amongst the characters in Naruto that many of us will forever remember. So, let us down to the most overpowered Jutsu in Naruto verse.

Rasenshuriken Jutsu

Naruto’s Rasenshuriken is one of the most overpowered versions of the original Rasengan. This is a signature attack Jutsu for Naruto when he makes a Rasengan and loads it with wind chakra. This Jutsu disconnects the enemies’ cells from their chakra network when they get hit with this Jutsu. Kakazu who is an Akatsuki member had five hearts in his body and claimed to be immortal. However, Kakazu was immobilized when Naruto hit him with the Rasenshuriken Jutsu it did not kill him, however, he was done fighting that one Jutsu ended the fight in one shot. This makes the Rasenshuriken an overpowered Jutsu in Naruto Shippuden.

Flying Thunder God Jutsu

The Flying Thunder God otherwise refers to as Flying Raijin Jutsu was invented by Tobirama Senju who was the 2nd Hokage. After Tobirama Senju learn mastered the Jutsu, later on, it was even refined more and perfected by the 4th Hokage Minato Namikaze. Namikaze Minato was able to fight on par with The 4th Raikage along with Killer Bee at the same time. Minato also defeated teen Obito knowing nothing about his Kamui at the time. Nonetheless, Minato stated that the Kamui Jutsu surpassed his Flying Thunder God. However, he still defeated Obito using Flying Thunder God Jutsu and on top of that, Minato was able to use it to transport the nine tails away from Konoha village and a tailed beast bomb as well. This Jutsu is Overpowered as heck.

Reincarnation Jutsu

The Reincarnation Jutsu had the ability to bring any dead shinobi back to life. If you wanted to bring back someone that was dead years ago, this Jutsu is for that purpose. Jutsus such as the Reincarnation can bring back anybody you want Just as how Kabuto brought back Madara from the dead. Madara came back to life and show us the fan’s show of his moves back in the glory days.

Indra’s Arrow

Indra’s Arrow is a lightening like Jutsu arrow overflowing with dense chakra that is even greater than a tail beat bomb. This arrow Jutsu could take out a whole state considering it is Sasuke’s most powerful Jutsu with Susanoo. We also saw Sasuke use it against Naruto during their final battle.

Golden Wheel Reincarnation Explosion Jutsu  

This is an Otsutsuki Jutsu that has the power to cut the moon in half. We saw this when Naruto battled against Otsutsuki Toneri. However, if you have a personal vendetta against any planet like Pluto. This Jutsu can do great damage.

600 Billion Paper Bomb Jutsu

The 600 billion Paper Bomb Jutsu by Konan is minuscule compared to a nuke. Konan was able to create a sea load of paper bombs and detonate them simultaneously over and over for a period of time against Obito. Obito was able to escape using his Izangai Jutsu. One paper bomb is as powerful as a Grenade, just imagine 600 billion paper bombs swallowing you up and exploding at the same time.

Edo Tensei Jutsu

The Edo Tensei Jutsu otherwise known as the Impure World Reincarnation is still the most powerful Jutsu to be introduced in Naruto anime. This Jutsu allows the user to summon anyone from the dead and make them do your bidding or fight for you. However, It needs a human sacrifice to bring them to life so you must be powerful and willing to kill someone in the first place to get this Jutsu fired up. Kabuto who is now a dragon puppeteered the entire first half of the war using this technique which speaks volumes of how powerful the technique is.

Substitution Jutsu

There are many Naruto characters who can perform this Jutsu. The Substitution Jutsu is one of the most overpowered Jutsu in naruto verse. Just imagine you being attacked by a powerful Jutsu and just when the Jutsu is about to hit you, you substitute yourself with a log switching places. Thar’s insanely overpowered. The Substitution Jutsu is not used anymore in naruto or Boruto anime but rather Shadow Clone instead.

Shadow Clone Jutsu

The Shadow Clone Jutsu was created by Tobirama Senju back in the day and was later perfected by Naruto in the anime. Naruto was the only one who could have created many shadow clones like no other. Many Shinobis saw it as a weakness however, it was used to defeat Tendo Pain with Naruto’s Sage Mode. This makes the shadow clone Jutsu one hell of an overpowered Jutsu.


The Kamui Jutsu by Obito is an invincible defense. This Jutsu makes Obito intangibility to everything, nothing like Kaguya rods, Amaterasu, Totsuka blade, tailed beast bomb, Rasenshurikan, or Lightning blade. Nothing works against this Jutsu. Why this Jutsu is so overpowered? because it allows Obito to move to any dimension he wants anytime at a safe pace. Also, it gives Obito the attacking ability that even Gods are susceptible to. This Jutsu can absorb anything and put it to another dimension depending upon how much Chara the user has.

So, these are some of the most overpowered Jutsus in Naruto verse many fans love and know about. However, since the start of Boruto anime, most of these Jutsus are useless, because of the Otsutuski invasion. Anyways, we hope you liked it, thanks for stopping by.


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