What Is The Mark On Boruto’s Hand Called And What It Does?

What Is The Mark On Boruto's Hand Called
What Is The Mark On Boruto's Hand Called

The Mark on Boruto’s hand is called called the Karma Seal and it is a vessel for an Otsutsuki such as Momoshiki to revive themselves once again. The term Karma seal is stated in the manga to be an Otsutsuki backup file. However, being an Otsutsuki you get incredible abilities.

Nonetheless, the curse mark is on Boruto’s hand is known as Karma. was given to Boruto when if fought Momoshiki Otsusuki and defeated him with a vanishing Rasengan. However, we know that Momoshiki could absorb Ninjutsu, so can Karma.

We saw Boruto for the first time activated his Karma in chapter 25 of the manga when Kawaki is fighting some guy. Although Boruto did not use his Karma seal, it was pretty clear that it’s an overpowered Godlike ability.

What Is The Mark On Boruto's Hand Called
What Is The Mark On Boruto’s Hand Called

How Did Boruto Get The Karma Mark?

Boruto got his Karma mark/seal because he single-handed defeated Momoshiki Otsusuki in battle by giant vanishing Rasengan. A kid such as Borouto defeated one of the most powerful entities/vessels in the universe. By defeating Momoshiki in a Ransengan tug of war, Boruto got a diamond mark on his hand. However, depending upon his chakra level, the mark spread out in the hand.

Boruto inherits the same ability to absorb Ninjutsu just like Momoshiki. The fun fact is that Momoshiki had the same power on the same hand as Boruto. Nevertheless, Kawaki also got his karma mark from the Kara organization in his left hand, which belongs to Ishiki Otsusuki. Someone who is more powerful than Kaguya Otsusuki.

The Jougan eye of Boruto adds an extra edge to his power. Also, the Jougan eye is inherited from Boruto from Naruto’s Sage Mode, as Naruto can sense all chakra levels of surroundings. However, as we know, the Jouagn eye is no rival and is said the be of an Otsusuki God.

Boruto’s power on the other hand is stronger because the Jougan can see all negative chakra of extraterrestrial beings, which is much more helpful to find out who is an ally and who is an enemy. Read more about Boruto’s Jougan eyes here.

So, if you did not know, here are some of the feats and abilities to inherit a karma seal.

Karma Mark Abilities:

  1. Karma in Boruto will amplify base stats such as Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, your Physical Strength, and Speed. However, Boruto can only make a tiny Rasengan when in base form, but when the karma is activated his Rasengan amplifies in Karma stage 3.
  2. A Karma mark has the ability to absorb Ninjutsu regardless of strength and chakra put into the Ninjutsu, and it can absorb chakra as well.
  3. The Karma mark can open and travel through Space-time. If you remember, in the anime when Jigen to Naruto and Boruto and Kawaki have to work together to activate a portal while Jigen can do it on his own. This was in chapter 49 of the Boruto manga.

Boruto Karma Mark

So now we know the mark on Boruto’s hand is specified as “Karma”. the reason for this was that Boruto defeated Momoshiki Otsusuki with his Rasengan and Jougan eye.

All the Otsusukis clan members are some of the evilest beings who have the divine ability to use other beings’ bodies as “vessels” in order to reincarnate themselves to live on.

Nevertheless, the mark on Boruto’s hand is supposed to reincarnate the Momoshiki Otsusuki So that he can use it to come alive again. This is a similar story of Madara being used as Kaguya’s vessel was back in Naruto Verse and Shippuden. this was the master plan of Black Zetsu, he was the one who triggered the reincarnation and planned everything.

However, future on in the series of Boruto, we come across a new Akatsuki called Kara, they are a gang responsible for providing vessels to reincarnate the Otsusukis in Boruto verse.

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