How Strong is Merged Zamasu in Dragon Ball Super?

How Strong is Merged Zamasu
How Strong is Merged Zamasu

How strong is Merged Zamasu? It wasn’t until the use of the Super Dragon Balls that made Zamasu Immortal, that truly made future Zamasu a dangerous threat as well.

However, the danger would not end there. Goku Black and Future Zamasu would use the Potara rings to fuse to create Merged Zamasu the ultimate God.

How Strong is Merged Zamasu
How Strong is Merged Zamasu

Who Is Merged Zamasu? 

Merged Zamasu is a Supreme Kai who is from universe 10 and he is the final villain of the Future Trunks Arc. Zamasu is known to be the final boss of the Future Trunks Arc.

Merged Zamasu Fusion

I don’t want to spend too much time on this post but there are a couple of very strong pieces of symbolism on Merged Zasamu that are noticeable.

The first one is the Halo behind the merged Zamasu head and the fact that he also has spiky white hair.

This feature appears to be a mutation of Super Saiyan Rose. It has never been officially stated to be called Super Saiyan white.

However, it appears to be some kind of version of that mixed with Zamasu’s hair. So, the very symbolic and creepy Halo behind him symbolizes the perfect amalgam of mortal and God’s body.

Now, Merged Zamasu quickly goes on to state that he has a body that can infinitely increase in strength and is Immortal.

 The Super Dragon Balls and Zamasu

The Super Dragon Balls are really what made a huge difference with merged Zamasu strength.

However, it may have some effects like infinite life. It’s very likely that it had made merged Zamasu be partially Immortal.

Due to Future Zamasu’s immortality wish from the Super Dragon Balls.

Without the immortality wish, this fight would be a much easier battle for Vegito blue, even though merged Zamasu is always considered to be dangerous.

When it comes to his immortality, it really goes to show how bad things can get if the Super Dragon Balls fall into the hands of the wrong person.

Supreme Kai Zamasu

Then we have the Supreme Kai’s saying that Zamasu’s purpose as a God is beyond even his own understanding.

Nonetheless, that was the final incarnation of Zamasu in The Saga and both the anime.

The manga versions of infinite Zamasu are very much different. 

Merged Zamasu Fusion Potential

Even a God was having trouble understanding just what the heck is Merged Zamasu.

Now, one thing I will say is that the anime version of this fight is very strange.

Granted that merged Zamasu has Goku blacks incredible potential with the Saiyan cells and future Zamasu Immortal.

It seems like Merged Zamasu’s power tends to fluctuate a bit. It’s hard to explain because early on we see him pretty much single-handedly Wipeout Goku and Vegeta with ease.

Merged Zamasu Immortal and mortal Body

We find out according to Goawsu that Merged Zamasu’s body is unstable because one half of the fusion is mortal and the other half is Immortal.

The Immortal side kept his body alive when badly damaged. The damaging side was Goku’s black half dying that flopped.

Vegito blue was kind of the final and strongest foe that they faced. Then Trunks absorb the power of a Genkidama into a sword and sliced merged Zamasu in half.

That eventually separates the Immortal side from the Mortal side of we thought that was going to be the end of it.

How Strong is Merged Zamasu
How Strong is Merged Zamasu


But it actually wasn’t because again, the power of the super Dragon Balls is apparently Limitless and we’re going to get to that here shortly.

The Omni King Zeno Sama

It took the efforts of Zeno Sama “the Omni King” to wipe away the entire Multiverse to sort of kill all the terminal diseases.


The ending had become the same ending as the anime version. But for the anime version, the feats and the power of Zamasu’s infinite form or way beyond anything we’ve ever seen in Dragon Ball.

Infinite Fused Zamasu Dragon Ball Super

So after infinite Zamasu sheds his body, according to Gowasu. This gives him the ability to transfer his Essence into the fabric of the Multiverse in order to become one with the entire universe.

So with the power of the Super Dragon Balls Zamasu begins to fuse with the universe. As a result of that, the future timeline is completely uninhabitable and polluted.

It’s almost as if the universe became some sort of null void and there was no way to fix it. 

Unstoppable Fused Zamasu Dragon Ball Super

 At this point, there was nothing that could be done except for having Futures Zeno appear and destroy the Multiverse.

That’s exactly what he did, Zeno Sama destroyed the entire Multiverse has been confirmed by several sources after the episode aired.

It wasn’t just Universe 7, Zeno Sama had to destroy everything and that was the only way to wipe away infinite Zamasu.

Zeno Sama
Zeno Sama

If it wasn’t for Zeno, it’s very possible that ultimate Zamasu could have polluted his way through the time sphere. And maybe gone to the past and other timelines and done a complete conquering of everything.

It’s very possible that this could have happened because of the power of the super dragon balls if they fall into the wrong hands. So, that concludes this episode of How strong is Merged Zamasu.

Written by Gregory Warmington

Hello, My name is Gregory and I love all types of anime and entertainment shows however dragon Ball Naturo, and One Punch man are some of my favorites. If you want to reach out, contact me via email. Cheer!

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