Merus Vs Moro 73 Dragon Ball Super Manga 63 Review

Merus Vs Moro 73 Dragon Ball Super Manga 63 Review

The battle between Merus Vs Moro 73 in Dragon Ball Super Manga chapter 63 was predicted by many fans.

So, Dragon Ball Super Manga chapter 63 is now in the history books as we saw Merus sacrificed his life in aid of helping Goku and his friends.

Chapter 63 of Dragon Ball Super revealed to us that Dende was in fact there to heal the Z fighters because Moro 73 destroyed them all.

After breaking through Moro 73’s barrier with his staff, Merus wasted no time and attacked Moro 73 with his power pole that did some pretty serious damage to Moro.

So, base on the laws of the Angels, they can use martial weapons to fight but not their own, or else they would get erased from existence.

A lot of people thought at first that Merus used his staff when he first attacked Moro, however, it was only a mortal weapon of the Galatic Patrol.

Merus was able to land some serious blows on Moro and it was at that moment Moro started to realize that Merus was not a normal being because Moro could not sense Merus life force.

Merus Vs Moro 73 Dragon Ball Super Manga 63 Review


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So the whole purpose why Merus engaged Moro 73 was to buy time while everyone else gets healed.

Goku on the other was the first to heal by Dende and as soon as Goku found out that Merus was fighting Moro 73 only. Goku flu over in aid to assist Merus.

So before Goku could get to the fight scene, Merus started to activate more of his strength against Moro 73.

Merus Vs. Moro 73 Battle

Merus Vs. Moro 73 battle got intense as Moro finally figured out who Merus really his and what he’s up against. Finally, we saw Goku rushing to the scene and Moro was shocked to see that Goku was still alive.

Goku suddenly joins the fight a turn on Ultra Instinct Omen like he would a normal Super Saiyan transformation. However, Omen Goku attacks were futile against Moro73, Goku could not even land a good blow.

At the same time, no one knows the whereabouts of Vegeta if he was coming to join the fight. However, Moro 73 stomped Goku and send him flying while Merus uses his angelic abilities to stop Goku from hitting the ground.

So, while Merus was distracted saving Goku, Moro 73 tried to grab Merus by the neck to steal his abilities.

However, Merus used his angelic staff to break Moro 73’s hands and this he where things started to fall apart badly for Merus.

If Moro was able to steal Merus’s abilities then I believe Moro would be unstoppable and the z fighters would not stand a fighting chance.

The minute Merus pulls out his original angelic staff, he knew that it would be over for him. So he continued with his assault on Moro 73 break the crystal in Moro 73’s hand which he uses to copy and absorb abilities.

Each time Merus uses more and more of his angelic power against Moro, he fades more and more.

Finally, Merus decided to accept his faith and charges up more of his abilities in his last attempt, and break the final crystal on Moro 73’s forehead.

Merus Vs Moro 73 Dragon Ball Super Manga 63 Review
Merus Vs Moro 73 Dragon Ball Super Manga 63 Review

Merus Sacrifice and Goodbye

So one of the main reasons why Merus sacrificed himself to save everyone was that he started to grow a bond after meeting Goku his student.

Also, Merus stated that he has grown to love the universe that why he feels the need to protect instead of being neutral.

And not to mention Merus was there to help Goku finish his training to master ultra instinct. These were Merus’s intention and purpose as he fades and said his final goodbye to Goku.

Goku was left standing there with his hand down and it seems as if he about to transform into master ultra instinct.

A lot of people are saying that master ultra instinct did not come from anger, which is right. However, sessing Goku with his head holding does seem like a sad situation for him.

No one knows what will happen next because we haven’t seen nor heard from Vegeta yet. After all the commotion that’s been going on, Whis and Beerus showed up to witness Merus’s disappearance.

Who knows, maybe Beerus will have the final say when Moro 73 gets defeated. What do you guys think about this battle between Merus Vs Moro 73? Let me know down below.

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