Moro Absorbed Merus and Get Even With Goku

Moro Absorbed Merus And Get Even With Goku: DBS

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Moro absorbed Merus and get even with Goku after Goku gives him a Senzu bean.

After Moro took the Senzu Bean Goku gave him and healed. Moro secretly attached the hand Merus used his staff to break which had an unbroken crystal intact with Merus’ face.

This may be one of the worst-case scenarios that could ever happen in the Dragon Ball Super. We all could agree that Goku giving Moro a Senzu Bean was a big mistake.

Merus who is a divine being who trained Goku and risk his life is now absorbed by Moro.

Moro Absorbed Merus and Get Even With Goku
Moro Absorbed Merus and Get Even With Goku

The Angels Laws

Merus not only broke the laws of the Angels but he risk his life to save Goku and the earth which he did not have to do.

However, just because Merus came to love the world and saw lots of potential in Goku, Merus risk it all.

After the Cell arc and Frieza arc, Goku promised that he had learned his lesson about giving his enemies the benefit of doubt.

However, that does not seems to be the case here in this Moro arc. As stated by many fans, it seems that Goku is dumb as ever or maybe it’s bad writing.

From what is being played out of the latest manga spoilers, it seems like Goku alone will not be enough to challenge Moro.

Moro now has the power of Merus and this is all because Goku gave Moro a Senzu bean.

So, a lot of people are saying that since Moro absorbed Merus, he must have all his falls as well.

To be more clear, this means that if Moro fights and uses his abilities just like Merus did, Moro could be erased as well?

Moro even has a new look than before, this time with lots of furs. The main issue now for Goku and the others is how they are gonna beat this guy Moro.

Even since the last past two Manga chapters, Vegeta has been out of the spotlight for a while now.

However, I do believe Vegeta will play a big role in the fight against Moro just as in the Cell games when Gohan faced off against perfect Cell.

Angel Moro

Moro is now far beyond a God after he absorbed Merus what are the Z fighters going to do to defeat Moro.

Who else could come in a help Goku and the others? I am very certain that it won’t be Whis nor Beerus.


Well, because they both seem to not care nor do they want to get themselves involved in what’s going on.

If Merus taught and was recently Goku’s Master, How will Goku defeat someone like Moro could absorb his master?

Well, will just have to wait and see what happens in the upcoming manga chapters. Moro absorbed Merus and get even with Master Ultra Instinct Goku after Goku gives him a Senzu bean.

This has to be one of the most interesting Scenarios that transpired in the Manga chapters. Stay tuned!

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