Moro Destroys Everyone, Dragon Ball Super Manga 62 Review

Moro Destroys Everyone

Moro destroys everyone in Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 62 and blocks them in with a barrier so that no one can escape or enter.

Moro wasted no time in this manga chapter destroying everyone around him leaving Jaco standing alone in fear.

So, Goku, Vegeta, and Piccolo have been completely destroyed by Moro with ease.

A lot of people had difficulty with this manga chapter because of how dark things turn out to be.

Anyways, after eating Android 73, Moro has evolved into some being greater than or equal to that of a God.

The author of this manga chapter Toyotarou drew and outline a perfect picture demonstrating the incredible powers of Moro 73 fusion.

Moro Destroys Everyone
Moro Destroys Everyone

This was done by turning up the assault on our heroes with violence, and blood shades everywhere.

Dragon Ball Manga chapters over the years especially Z had been very dark for most parts.

However, this manga chapter has been one of the darkest and most violent manga chapters we’ve seen in a while.

However, on the other hand, a lot of Dragon Ball fans include me actually enjoy this version of the manga because it’s somewhat reminiscent of how Dragon Ball Z used to be.

Also, you won’t get to see these types of things in the anime because of Japan’s policies about anime violence.

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Dragon Ball Super Manga Spoilers Moro Kills Everyone

So based on all the spoilers and leaks we have seen over the past few days, they all basically sum up everything that has happened in the release of chapter 62.

Moro Destroys Everyone

Moro Destroys Everyone
Moro Destroys Everyone

Goku got his chest pierced with Moro’s hand running through it, Vegeta Reborn abilities copied, then he got punched away and hit with his own Big Bang attack.

Piccolo got destroyed with his own Special Beam Cannon by Moro that Android 73 copied earlier.

Gohan got his teeth knocked out after trying to sneak up on Moro from behind, and Android 17 and 18 got blown away, completely (KO).

So based on the summary that has been out since the spoiler leaks, with know that Merus and Dende will show up on the scene.

You can watch Geekdom101 explaining on Youtube, the full summary of Dragon Ball Super Manga chapter 62 in the video below, check it out if you have not already.

So, a lot of people are saying that Merus will be the one to take down Moro in the next arc.

However, that may not be the case because Merus is an angel and angels do not interfere with mortal conflicts.

We might see Beerus step in to fight Moro as well as Dai Kaioshin inside Majin Buu.

Nonetheless, we know that fusion is out the gates because Moro now has Vegeta’s Force Spirit Fission technique.

This Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter can go either way, So it’s best to not get over-hype about Merus facing off against Moro.

Unless Merus is willing to break the rules of the angles and sacrifice himself to save Vegeta, Goku, and the others. If an angel gets involve with mortal conflicts as stated by Whis, the will get erase for good.

Toyotarou is doing a great job with this manga arc, it something that is refreshing to see Dragon Ball Super.

So what do you think will happen in the next upcoming manga chapter, Will Merus defeat Moro or will it be Beerus? If not let me know what you think in the comments below.

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