Top 3 Most Powerful Tailed Beasts In Naruto Anime (List)

Top 3 most powerful tailed beasts
Top 3 most powerful tailed beasts

One simple way of knowing which tail beasts in the Narutoverse is stronger is by the number of tails they have. However, this is not entirely.

Nevertheless, the number of tails seen on a tailed beast signifies the amount of chakra and power that the beast has. so in other terms, this means the weakest tailed beast is the 1 tails Shukaku, and the strongest in the ten tails beast, then 9 tails Kurama.

Top 3 Most Powerful Tailed Beasts:

10 (Ten tails)

Top 3 Most Powerful Tailed Beasts
Top 3 Most Powerful Tailed Beasts

The ten tails beast by far is the strongest beast in Narutoverse of all the tailed beasts combined. And also gets additional buffs from being all of the tailed beast combined. The then tails beast is known to have six paths power since the ten tails are also literally Kaguya.


who is the strongest 9 tailed beast
who is the strongest 9 tailed beast

Kurama and Naruto with half of the nine tails sealed inside Naruto were able to solo 5 tailed beast and did better than the 8 tails could. If each half of Kurama’s body were to recombine the nine tails Kurama would be twice that as powerful as half.


who is the strongest 9 tailed beast

Gyuki aka octopus was able to hold off multiple tailed beasts though he wasn’t able to beat them all at the same time as Kurama. Nevertheless, Gyuki was clearly stronger than the rest of them tail beasts besides half of Kurama.

The Weakest Tail Beast

Shukaku is nowhere near the bottom of the charts. why? This is because of his wind-style move which shoots sand at a high speed and it goes into your bloodstream and stiffens your body. Normally, you’d die from an attack like that but if your someone like Madara Uchiha with Hashirama’s cells then perhaps you will live through it.

In the great Ninja war Killer Bee and Gyuki (eight tails), along with Naruto and Kurama in their tailed beast form were able to defeat five other tailed beasts under the control of Obito.

Kurama’s tailed beast bomb was able to match the other tail beasts bomb of the five tailed beasts. However, Kurama gave a brief statement that ‘a tailed beast’s power is determined by their number of tails.’ This actually isn’t true though.

Nonetheless, I believe that both Kurama and Gyuki are the strongest in terms of raw power among all tailed beasts. This is practically due to the fact that they have some of the most impressive as well as numerous screentime throughout the series compared to their siblings/tail beasts. However, throughout the 9 tail beasts, Kurama is the only one considered the strongest.

When Naruto became a Jinchuriki, he only possessed half of Kurama power throughout the majority of the series. However, in his fight against the controlled Jinchūriki. The other half of Kurama was sealed inside Minato’s body. So, this could be argued that Kurama is stronger than his other 8 siblings by an even greater margin than we’re led to believe.


So if we are to rank the top 3 most powerful tailed beasts In Naruto Kurama, Gyuki, and the ten tails in manga or anime would be the strongest thus far. However, even if we were to give their powers a numerical value, something that can’t be forgotten is that each tailed beast possesses unique abilities on thier own.

So, what are these examples? Well, Son Goku the four tails are capable of Lava Release and give his Jinchūriki the same ability too. Kokuo on the other five tails beast is able to use Boil Release.

We all know most of Kurama’s unique abilities but his tailed beast form is power is amplified when working with a Jinchuriki like Naruto. This, however, is vastly different from the other eight tail beast as Kurama can manifest a chakra cloak in his form, and his significantly larger amount of chakra reserves.

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