Top 7 Most Respected Characters In Naruto Franchise

most respected characters in Naruto
most respected characters in Naruto

These are some of the most respected characters in the naruto anime arc. If you love watching Naruto as a whole we all can agree that these characters mention did get the respect bad popularity.

All of these Naruto characters had to work hard to earn their respect in the show. So let’s see the most respected character in Naruto.

The Most Respected Characters In Naruto 


Hatake Kakashi

Konoha otherwise known as the village hidden in the leave was full of tragedies and Kakaashi’s shinobi childhood was no exception. Hatake Kakashi as a young kid experienced events that will hunt him to his grave.

However, he always tried his best to teach his students the values he learned from Obito and the 4th Hokage. Nonetheless, despite being such an invaluable asset to Konoha, Kakashi was willing to throw his life away for Chouji without a second thought. He was a Hokage in the making, during the Pain invasion.

And I am sure we could see that on him before the pain arc. Back in the day he even seems stronger than the current Hokage.

Kakashi saw his friend and comrade, Obito Uchiha die in front of his own eyes when they were kids. It was hard seeing his own hand get stained by the blood of another comrade Rin.

His sensei, Minato Namikaze, also died in a battle in which he couldn’t even lend a hand. Therefore, with all these hardships and traumatic past experiences, Kakashi was able to produce the finest squad Konoha had ever known. He also became the 6th Hokage of Konoha and was one of the most crucial figures in the 4th Great Ninja War.

Uzumaki Naruto

Uzumaki Naruto had a have burden and responsibility since he was born all the way up to his childhood journey.

The entire storyline about Naruto anime revolves around this Character. He was able to change someone like Nagato, Obito, Zabuza, and multiple others by his words.

While these characters were stone-cold Villians filled with hatred.

Naruto Uzumaki is the son of the fourth Hokage, however, he was feared as the nine-tailed monster by the whole village.

During the early stages of his life, Naruto was disrespected, shooed, and ignored by everyone around him. He had no family, no friends, no one to look after him or care for him back then.

Not only that, he was certainly a bad student overall. From being a loser brat who couldn’t even make a proper shadow clone back in the day to later becoming the strongest shinobi in all the great nations, has earned him the respect of everyone. And now he is an inspiration for all those who watch Naruto.

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Uchiha Itachi

For some people, where they know they are going to die in a couple of weeks, months, or years they create a bucket list.

However, Itachi on the other hand decided to make sure the world doesn’t become unsafe for his brother Sasuke. If Itachi’s overall sacrifices and hard work don’t warm your heart during the series, I don’t know what will.

One of the most popular figures and respect characters in Narutoverse is none other than Itachi Uchiha.

Itachi made lots of sacrifices to protect his village and his brother cannot be compared to any fictional character in my opinion. Did you know Sacrifices can be of two types?  1) when someone gives up the thing you can gain in the future.

2) when you lose what you already have gained. So, he gave up these two things in the most brutal way possible. Itachi ended up killing his own clan members to avoid a civil war in his village, and then he took all the blames on himself to avoid any conflict in the village.

He got painted as a traitor, suffered from an illness while keeping an eye on a terrorist organization known as the Akatsuki, and later sacrificed his life to give his brother Sasuke the Mangekyo Sharingan.


Hashirama, Naruto, and even Jiraiya preached about ideals to achieve a peaceful world. Jiraiya took a business trip to ensure said ideals were enforced and materialize for the next generation.


It might be safe to say that, if Jiraiya did not have a hand in raising Minato and Nagato, Madara’s vision may have been realized. The biggest irony is that Sasuke is the one who follows in the great sage’s footsteps, today.

Jiraiya Sensei trained Minato to become the fourth Hokage and Naruto to become the seventh. Also, he was a student of the third Hokage and one of the three legendary Sanin back in the day.

Jiraiya along took on all the 6th paths of pain at once and was successful in figuring crucial information about them as well as the real pain.

Even when Jiraiya was defeated by all Pains, he was able to transfer a message while breathing his last breath. Back then, he believed in Naruto when no one else cared and he produced a legend out of Naruto whom everyone respects now.


Gaara was a Jinchuriki once before with the one-tailed beast and he was feared by his own siblings, shunned by his own classmates.

Back then, Gaara never truly experienced the emotion called love or received it. He was always betrayed by the people close to him all the time.

most respected characters in Naruto
most respected characters in Naruto

He was treated as a mere outcast of destruction to be used by his village. Yet, when he lost to Naruto, he was able to understand and accept his own flaws in the fight. Gaara of the desert took a vow to protect his village and earn everyone’s respect that he never had.

Becoming a Kage, he learned how to control his powers and by his own hard work and determination, then finally he officially became the 5th Kazekage of the hidden sand village and was loved and respected by all.

While fighting the Akatsuki, Gaara gave up his life to protect his village for the sake of love he received later to be resurrected by granny Chio.

Might Guy

Might Guy’s struggle is no less than naruto Gaara, Itachi, or Sasuke’s struggles. Guy was weak in every kind except taijutsu. However, he mastered it and become one of the strongest shinobi know to Konoha with natural powers. Might Guy is claimed to be the strongest taijutsu user of all time by one other than Madara Uchiha himself.

Umino Iruka

Umino Iruka is a character with one of the most respect in naruto because he’s a special person. This man wasn’t the best-talented shinobi at all.

Iruka sensei grew up without his parents’ love just like Sasuke and Naruto and many others. In fact, he wasn’t rich or famous either.

most respected characters in Naruto
most respected characters in Naruto

He was down on like a seemingly nobody, he cared about someone most of the village once wished was dead. What did he have to lose? The one thing Naruto needed to save was Sasuke and the world and the foundation of human beings.

Iruka sensei showed his respect for Naruto even when everyone saw him as a monster and a trouble maker.

These are some of the most respected characters in Naruto anime. Who’s yours? Let’s know down below.

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