Nappa Dragon Ball Z

Nappa Dragon Ball Z – What if He Survived The Series?

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After getting defeated by Goku’s Kaioken attack in Manga chapter 227 corresponding with Dragon Ball Z TV episode 29.

Napa was down for the count, paralyzed unable to move through the fury of the KaioKen. At that point, Vegeta saw no use for a warrior who could not move and took his life. However, what would have happened if Vegeta would have spared Nappa?

What if Nappa survived In Dragon Ball?

Well, before we dive into that scenario, I’m going to give you my hypothetical scenario and one possibility about how Dragon Ball Z would have turned out.

No matter which way you slice it doesn’t look good for Napa surviving. So let’s say that the events that happened in Dragon Ball Z continue the exact same way they did.

However, this is with slight modification. Goku and Vegeta leave to go fight, Krillin and Gohan fly home. It is a possibility that maybe Krillin would have come back and finished  Napa with Goku not being there to stop him.

Why? because Goku is busy fighting Vegeta, that could have happened Also. There’s also a possibility that when Vegeta became a great ape he may have accidentally stepped on Nappa.

Nappa Dragon Ball ZNappa Dragon Ball Z
Nappa Dragon Ball Z

However, that’s one way to look at but that’s not really where I want to go with this. I think that Nappa would have wound up being shish kabob one way or another.

Now let’s say that everything happened exactly the same way. The Saiyan Saga ends with not only Vegeta leaving on his ship, but Nappa also would be on his ship.

Unless Nappa’s ship was not damaged like it was in the TV series. Let’s say it actually functions properly and they all left the planet and they both wound up on planet Frieza number 79.

Nappa Dragon Ball Z
Nappa Dragon Ball Z

I think what would have happened is. Vegeta would have woken up exactly like how he did in the TV series.

Then realize that Frieza was going to get the dragon balls and probably go with Nanpa to Namek.

So, how does Nappa being on Namek change the Dynamic pun intended of that Saga? Well, I think Vegeta and Nappa would have both had Zenkai boost.

Much like how Vegeta did and I do think that Vegeta if he did not kill Nappa and they were still buddies. Vegeta would have taught Napa how to send ki.

So eventually, you got a more powerful Vegeta and a more powerful Nappa on Namek with improved abilities.

Dragon Ball Z: Nappa’s Abilities

I think that they would have gathered the Dragon Balls a lot faster. Probably faster than even Frieza did.

I do think that it would have changed a little bit of the interactions on Namek. I think that a team of Vegeta and Nappa together would have probably taken out the Dodoria a little bit faster and the same thing was Zarbon.

However, if Nappa was on Namek I don’t think they would have had the entire thing where Zarbon captured Vegeta after beating him up. We would not have seen that because Nappa was always there to protect Vegeta and to help him.

So, it would have been very different, needless to say now would Zarbon have killed Nappa in the fight and then capture Vegeta.?

Nappa and Vegeta Dragon Ball

That’s a possibility because Zarbon was very powerful when he’s in his transform state. However, again if it’s two against one it would have been a lot harder for Zarbon.

If it would have happened either way and Nappa survived and got a Zenkai boost. maybe it would have been enough to defeat Zarbon.

However, I think the stopping point would have probably been when the Ginyu Force arrived. I think Napa would not have survived that fight one way or another.

Although it might have been worse off. Again this is hypothetically talking because there are so many different things that could have happened.

Nappa might have killed by Grand Kai Namekian by accident. The same thing could happen to Nail. Or probably Nail would have taken him out, Nappa.

It’s hard to say, but I do think that no matter what Nappa has met his end in the fight with the Ginyu Force.

Dragon Ball Z Nappa Vs Ginyu Force

Let’s say that hypothetically Goku did show up. I believe it would have been pretty cool to see Goku even though Goku was powerful enough to take everybody out at that point except Frieza.

Goku teaming up with Nappa, Vegeta, Gohan, and Krillin against the Ginyu Force would have been pretty cool.

But again you know that’s just fanfiction at this point. I just think that a fight between Nappa and Recoome these two giant Saiyans would have been awesome.

However, I don’t think we’ve seen really a fight like that, or I don’t think we had a fight like that up until now.


Goku is always smaller than Nappa and smaller than Recoome. But now we’ve got these two giants just fighting I think it would have been pretty cool.

Nonetheless, I do think that Napa would have eventually gotten killed on Namek. He wouldn’t have been wished back, and Vegeta would have probably not become such an anti-hero so fast.

This is because he’s got Nappa there to influence him. Even though Vegeta was a villain you know he was the primary villain.

When you have somebody there who’s kind of encouraging your negative behavior, it kind of makes you stay that way.

So I think Vegeta wouldn’t become an anti-hero so fast. Anyways I want to know what you think would have happened if Nappa would have survived.?

Nappa Dragon Ball Z

Some people say they want to see Nappa and Raditz back in Dragon Ball Super.

I don’t know how they are going to fit them in without it being blatant fanservice. I don’t know if those two are really that popular but I guess if you’re in that race you’re going to be popular.

However, if Napa had survived would he have made it all the way to the Cell Saga?

To honest, I don’t think so, he would have got taken out by the Ginyu Force.

And if the Ginyu Force didn’t take him out, if Goku showed up and save the day and everything went the same. Except you have Vegeta and Nappa together, I still think that Frieza would have taken Nappa out at some point.

So either way, Nappa does not survive Planet Namek. That is the best hypothetical for now.

If Nappa survives the fight with Goku, he does exactly what Goku told him, to leave the planet and go live his life because he’s powerful.

He can get whatever he wants in life and just leave everybody alone, he would have become an ally at some point.

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