How Strong Is Naruto Without Kurama

How Strong Is Naruto Without Kurama
How Strong Is Naruto Without Kurama

How Strong Is Naruto Without Kurama?

Well, Naruto is still more powerful than most people realize without Kurama. Naruto is so powerful now in the Boruto anime series. However, probably second to Sasuke but not by a large margin.

Even knows that Kurama gave Naruto chakra in most fights because he’s one of Naruto’s major sources of power. So, the notion that he is weak without Kurama is not true.

Let us look at some of Naruto’s feats without Kurama to understand how strong Naruto is now.

Naruto Uzumaki is the reincarnation of Asura. Naruto has a large reserve of chakra as well. his chakra reserve is so large that he couldn’t control it as he wanted in his preteenage years.

Nonetheless, around age 12, Naruto could fight for a good four days without running out of chakra easily. Also, Naruto could combine multi shadow clones and transformation Jutsu, and still don’t show any sign of exhaustion or fatigue without Kurama.

Naruto's Sage Mode
Naruto’s Sage Mode

Naruto’s Sage Mode

After training on Mount Myoboku, Naruto eventually achieved sage mode and had access to an unlimited amount of Nature energy. Sage mode also comes with a boost to naruto’s physical attributes.

Naruto Six Paths Sage Mode

Naruto also attained his six paths chakra from old man Hagoromo Otsutsuki. After attaining the six paths power gave Naruto, Naruto again also gained a much larger boost in chakra and his physical abilities.

Naruto Six Paths Sage Mode
Naruto Six Paths Sage Mode

Other Tailed Beasts

Naruto had also possessed chakra given to him by other tailed beasts inside him. from Shukaku straight up to Gyuki.

The chakras from Hagoromo and other tailed beasts also came with other advantages too along with a power boost.

Naruto’s Nature Energy 

Naruto possessed an affinity for only wind nature Jutsu. However, after receiving chakra from Hagoromo, Naruto had access to all chakra natures, including the yin-yang release.

Naruto could, in fact, use the special chakra natures the tailed beasts possessed, 1) Shukaku’s magnetic release, 2), sand manipulation 3), Matatabi’s blue flames 4), Isobu’s coral release 5), Son Goku’s lava release 6), Kokuo’s steam 7), and Saiken’s corrosive chemical along with 8), Chomei’s ability to fly, and it’s silk, and Gyuki’s ability to release a manipulate ink.

However, without Kurama, Naruto can still do all this except without the chakra cloak.

Naruto’s Ninjitsu

The Rasengan Jutsu is Jutsu that was passed down from parent to child, or rather from parent to parents/Sensi.

After Naruto learn the Rasengan technique and found out that it was incomplete. Naruto went on to complete it, by infusing wind chakra into the Rasenshuriken. It’s like adding nerve gas into a nuclear bomb.

However, ever since Naruto has invented more Rasengan and Rasenshurikens of his won. Sasuke Pushed him to become even stronger. By switching the source of his chakra, however, still infusing his wind style.
Naruto is incapable of creating a different version of the Rasenshuriken, which come in different sizes as well.

Summoning Jutsu 

Back in the anime, Naruto signed a contract with the toads of the toad’s Mount Myoboku. Which gives him instant access to transport them from their habitat to his position, and back.

Shadow clone Jutsu 

Naruto shadow clones Jutsu in on another level compared to other shinobis. At the age of 12, Naruto made 1000 shadow clones in a battle.

With all the chakra Naruto possesses and has access to, even without Kurama he is still one of the strongest shinobis ever lived.

Sexy Jutsu 

The sexy Jutsu is somewhat worth mentioning, because the Susanoo, Amaterasu didn’t stand a chance against Kaguya. However, this sexy Jutsu, worked on a woman, possessing nearly unlimited power.

Know that Naruto is capable of absorbing Ninjutsu as well. Yes! after the fight against Momoshiki and his team of intelligent scientists developed a prototype hand, which was made of Hashirama’s cells, that enabled Naruto absorb jutsu.

However, Naruto was unable to explore his natural talent for sealing techniques. Naruto also still possesses Shukaku’s imperial funeral seal.

Naruto’s Intelligence

Another false belief is that Naruto is a dumb shinobi. A dumb person might fail to perform a simple clone Jutsu in class. However Naruto was able to sneak past security and steal a forbidden scroll, which contained many secret techniques so advanced, it was considered forbidden. That is not a dumb person to me.

Naruto many times has proven himself, an excellent strategist shinobi, with good deductive skills, while noticing details people might miss out on to come up with counter-attacks.

However, the point here is that Naruto as a kid was only made stupid for laughs back th. In truth, Naruto has just as much talent and brains as father Minato.

How Strong Is Naruto Without Kurama?

Obviously, it’s a fact that Kurama gave Naruto a protective cloak and enables him to go full-size mode and others also Kurama was able to help infuse chakra, which builds up sage mode chakra, cancels Genjutsu, and most of all, he boosts his physicals strength and healing abilities.

Nonetheless, all of these could still be accomplished if Naruto used his shadow clones, as for his physical strength, and the chakra he possesses should still be enough to make him OP.

Is Naruto Is Strong Without Kurama?

Without Kurama inside of Naruto, Naruto would still stand only one or two levels below Sasuke, and still, be way stronger than every other shinobi.

For instance, if you take all the tailed beasts’ chakra, Naruto would still be stronger than most shinobi in Boruto. Naruto would still have the title of the most powerful shinobi ever live excluding Sasuke.

Written by Gregory Warmington

Hello, My name is Gregory and I love all types of anime and entertainment shows however dragon Ball Naturo, and One Punch man are some of my favorites. If you want to reach out, contact me via email. Cheer!

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