One Piece Badly Written Characters

One Piece Badly Written Characters Of All Time List

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Many fans know a lot of One Piece Badly Written Characters, while some would say they can not find any One Piece Badly Written Characters in the anime. However, these character listed below are cool but seems to not have any major development in the anime for a while. Some let us identify a few.

Hody Jones

Hody Jones is another badly Written One Piece Character. However, it is probably because Hody Jones was introduced either too late in the anime. If Hody Jones appeared pre-time skip or earlier, maybe he would have made a good villain and made Luffy struggle a lot harder. Nonetheless, after the time skip, Hody as a character and a villain did not do anything that was impressive at that point.


Most of the characters from the Dressrosa Arc turned out to be a bust. To be more specific would mean someone like Diamante who is supposed to be very strong. Know he seems very weak and not really that interesting as a character. Diamante is supposed to be ranked on Doflamingo’s level however, Diamante was leagues behind him. In fact, the whole Donquixote family members were weak, however, at least most of them had unique portrayals and Diamante is not compared to them.


Rebecca as a character spent years as a gladiator in One Piece and was strong and very skilled. She was skilled enough to defeat lots of enemies without even attacking them. Furthermore, the SHs come along and Rebecca suddenly became so helpless and weak as a character. Her sudden weakness did not make a lot of sense either. Rebecca could have been one of the most badass female One Piece characters. However, it got completely wasted for no reason.

One Piece Badly Written Characters
One Piece Badly Written Characters


Moria as a character and the Eniess lobby arc was the tipping point of One Piece anime and fans were waiting for someone stronger than the Likes of Lucci in Thriller Bark. However, it turned out that in this arc, the main villain was Gecko Moria, one of Shichibukais. Many fans at first engaged and were interested in this new character. Unfortunately, after the whole fight, a lot of people got disappointed.

The character Kuma, however, appeared later in the Thriller Bark arc and did lots of impressive things in 5 minutes than Moria even did in the arc. For some reason, were are not sure if this is because Kuma is so amazing or perhaps because Moria is a letdown. It seems like Moria is probably on the Crocodile level or somebody who was the villain in early one piece.

In the whole Thriller Bark arc, two characters became fan-favorites by a lot of fans which are Kuma and Perona. These two side characters who were so creative and brilliant gave fans that One Piece amazing vibe, however, not so the main villain Moria. This makes Moria as a character one of One Piece Badly Written Characters.


Nami is another One Piece Badly Written Character because she feels the same in every episode. Nami is one of those characters who gets no character development after the time skip in the anime. however, Nami is not strong, she constantly yells at Luffy trying to be funny, but not anymore. During the Post-time skip, Nami is a sexy character who steals a lot.

Also, she is a rude sexy character who uses the same attacks and leaves the fighting to the men. This is why Nami is one of One Piece Badly Written Characters.


Chopper as a character is so annoying most times. For example, in the Punk Hazard arc Chopper and Namis only line was ‘We have got to save the kids.’ That was annoying. He also does this scared face all the time that just gets repetitive. When Chopper gets he gets angry, his pupil gets really small. However, during post-time skip, a lot of fans would agree that they CHOPPER because he was a cool character who just wanted to protect his friends and had the best back story in One Piece that will make you cry. Now Chopper is nothing like that.

One Piece Badly Written Characters
One Piece Badly Written Characters


Sanji in One Piece sometimes will get so annoying. his little perverted style is somewhat cool and funny for the moment. However, oftentimes it’s just downright annoying. nonetheless, where he really shines is in the Enies Lobby arc. However, when it was time to pull his weight more he did not. Fans expected a lot more out of Sanji when they needed him to fight a girl. However, he decides he not going to fight a girl and let his friend die rather than fight a girl.  This is when Sanji as a character got super annoying.

After the time skip, Sanji just acts the same and it just gets annoying at times like Oda doesn’t know what to make Sanji, Chopper, and Nami. They just copy and paste their entire character

Anyhow, these characters One Piece characters seem as if they are doing the same thing and it is just boring. That’s is why we consider all the characters to be some of One Piece Badly Written Characters.

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