One Piece Characters With Undervalued Bounties Of All Time

One Piece Characters With Undervalued Bounties
One Piece Characters With Undervalued Bounties

In today’s post, we are going to look at One Piece Characters With Undervalued Bounties. These characters actually have large amounts of bounties but are not recognized by many as they should. However, we are going to list these characters below with further ado.

Nico Robin

Nici Robin has great feats and strength in One Piece. However, it is not about her feats but her ability to read Poneglyphs. That is very important and she can be one of the most dangerous straw hats for the government.

However, Nico Robin in One Piece currently has only 130 million and it’s a disgrace to her DF abilities along with her ability to read Poneglyps. Furthermore, the amount of bounty Nici Robin actually deserves is somewhat tricky. Preferably Nico Robin deserves a minimum of 600 million bounties along with her DF powers, her power level, and her intelligence as well.

Bartholomew Kuma

Bartholomew Kuma’s bounty level right now is around 296 million and it’s quite a nice amount of bounty. However, if you think about what Bartholomew can do, about his DF powers. That power can deflect literally anything.

How Bartholomew Kuma is portrayed in One Piece theoretically, he one of the strongest Shichibukais and be on 1 Yonko commander level. Someone such as Bartholomew Kuma’s real bounty should have been around 1 billion Belly. Nonetheless, his bounty will not increase because he turned himself into a robot so now, he is no longer in his right mind.


Chopper’s bounty in One Piece is a more joke than a serious bounty. Chopper has 100 Belly on him right now.

However, if Oda will decide to make fun more, Choppers bounty will be 150 Belly soon or something like that. Nonetheless, if Chopper finally had a deserved bounty, it would be around 300 million Belly. His monster point is pretty strong though.

Trafalgar Law

Trafalgar Law does not have a low or underrated bounty, in fact, his bounty is 500 million Belly. That is quite a decent bounty level right.

However, the problem is with his DF power and him potentially having almost omnipotent abilities. It is quite obvious he should have a higher bounty. Trafalgar Law strength right now in One Piece must be around 1 billion Belly. From a Potential standpoint, Trafalgar Law can have around 1.5 – 2 billion bounty he realizes his full potential.

Boa Hancock

Boa Hancock has around 80 million bounties which is quite a decent amount as well but it’s frustrating knowing her strength.

Hancock was easily one-shotted Pacifistas at the Marineford and she also did not have any troubles fighting against someone. Boa Hancock in One Piece was not afraid to even fight with admirals. However, she might be slightly weaker than admirals when compared to both strengths. We would put Boa Hancock’s bounty around 700 million Belly.


With around 108 million Belly, Urouge has the power to become larger and stronger with more pain he feels.

One Piece Characters With Undervalued Bounties
One Piece Characters With Undervalued Bounties

Urouge in One Piece has lots of abilities in theory where he could become one of the strongest supernovas surpassing X Drake, Hawkins, and many others.


Franky from One Piece currently has around 94 million Bounty.

Nonetheless, Franky is in fact one of the main forces of SHs and we all could agree that Franky might be dangerous even for some of Yonko Commanders/crewmates.


 Doflamingo Bounty is around 340 million Belly, he has a pretty high bounty however, it still does not match what he can actually do in the anime.  Doflamingo has conquered Haki and also awakened DF, there is no doubt he has some insane durability which makes him a very strong character in One Piece for that amount of bounty.

One Piece Characters With Undervalued Bounties
One Piece Characters With Undervalued Bounties

Furthermore, Kuma and Doflamingo got their bounties stopped growing because they became Shichibukai. However, their bounties are very low for how powerful and strong they are in One Piece.

There you have it, One Piece Characters With Under Valued Bounties. Hope you liked it and thanks for stopping by.

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