One Piece Most Intelligent Characters

One Piece Most Intelligent Characters Of All Time List

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If you enjoy watching and reading anything about One Piece, You would agree that these One Piece Most Intelligent Characters of all time in the anime. Most of these are characters show great character development and feats that fans are excited about. However, as time goes by, there are more One Piece characters who are intelligent. Anyhow let a have a look at the most popular ones.


Raleigh of One Piece is a character who is wise and very knowledgeable about the pirate world around him. Also, he was the main brains of Roger pirates as well. That is why someone like Raleigh deserves to be on this list.

Captain Kuro

One Of One Piece’s most intelligent characters is no other than Captain Kuro. Captain Kuro is no doubt a smart character. If it was not for Luffy, Captain Kuro would probably be one of the richest because of his intelligence. He also has a unique way of tricking the marines.


Sengoku as a character in One Piece had some impressive tactics at Marineford. However, he is quite the underdog when it comes to his intelligence. He is the main reason Squard got manipulated in the first place.

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Sanji in One Piece saved Luffy’s life and helped most of the crew members numerous times using his intellect when in trouble. in fact, If it was not for Sanji, Robin would have never been rescued in the first place.


Dragon as a character in One Piece is the leader of the Revolutionary army. To be a leader in this army, you must have some type of superintelligence or more than an average smart leader. Many people have not been successful, however, Dragon was the right fit. Dragon’s title “The most wanted” means his very successful in everything he does.

Benn Beckmann

It was stated by Oda that Benn Beckmann is the smartest character in One Piece in east blue, which makes him much smarter than Captain Kuro. Benn Beckmann deserves to be on this list because he is the brains of the red-haired pirates, these pirates are some of the best if not the best pirate crew alive.

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Doflamingo in One Piece anime easily tricked all the people in Dressrosa somehow and became their king. A character such as Doflamingo has a big understanding of the pirate world, and he’s influential as well as manipulates. The world is like he manipulates his wires.


Law In One Piece is known by everyone who and everyone knows how intelligent Law is as a character, he can outsmart someone like Doflamingo.

One Piece Most Intelligent Characters
One Piece Most Intelligent Characters

Imu Sama

Imu Sama is the second most intelligent character in One Piece. He/she is the king of all kings and is in control of the Gorusei. This gives Imu Sama the power to do almost anything Imu Sama wants to.

Imu Sama is a very smart character because he/she is in control of the Gorusei, just imagine someone like Luffy being able to do that unless he gets as smart as Dragon while he gets matured. Imu Sama also remains hidden from the world for some reason we don’t know, which is a strategic move for what’s gonna happen.

One Piece Most Intelligent Characters
One Piece Most Intelligent Characters


One Piece’s most intelligent character is none other than Vegapunk. Vegapunk has been hyped so much to be the smartest character every time his name comes up in the anime. One of the reasons why he is so smart is that he ate a devil fruit that makes him extremely smart.

Vegapunk single-handedly pushed humanity forward in its technology and scientific understanding which is a great contribution. Franky described him as someone who had blueprints for inventions that were a century ahead of the era. However, they are not feasible to produce as yet. Vegapunk’s name is so synonymous with intelligence that when characters say ‘The genius’, it is understood whom they are talking about.

So, these are some of One Piece Most Intelligent Characters Of All Time. There are more, however, are the ones who are most popular. thanks for stopping by.

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