One Piece Most Nerfed Characters

One Piece Most Nerfed Characters Of All Time Check Them Out

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These are some of One Piece Most Nerfed Characters Of All Time. There are many more characters now in the anime who are considered nerfed.

However, these are the ones that stand out the most with ideal strength and feats that ended up going to waste in One Piece. So, with further ado let’s jump into which One Piece characters got nerfed the most.

1) Crocodile

Crocodile is a character who easily tank Jozu’s, the 3rd Commander of the Whitebeard pirates rank, signature attack, and still land on his feet. He was compared equally with characters such as Ace and Jinbe in Impel Down.

However, somehow still lost to Crocodile Luffy, before Haki, and even before Gears. At that time, There was no point during the Paradise One Piece Saga where Luffy was strong enough to defeat someone like Crocodile. Not to mention, that is the same reason Crocodile overwhelms Luffy so easily in his first 2 fights.

While Luffy understand and recognized his weakness of water, Luffy at that time stood no chance in their second fight. Yes, Luffy managed to land a few blows, however, Crocodile thought Luffy wasn’t being serious in battle. The moment Crocodile finally got serious, the fight ended. Crocodile absolutely and completely dominated Luffy in that fight, which is somewhat understandable considering how strong he was at the time. Now Crocodile is way nerfed out to nothing in the anime.

Also, remember their final fight Luffy vs Crocodile, Crocodile could not do anything against Luffy somehow. Magically, Luffy out of nowhere Luffy became unstoppable. While that happened, Crocodile forgot how to use his Devil Fruit powers. He did not use them for some reason at all until the last second. However, when Crocodile finally uses them he somehow got more powerful variants of attacks that Luffy was avoiding before. He knew he would get himself killed by them, but did nothing to him. This makes Crocodile one of the most nerfed One Piece characters of all time.

2) Donquxiote Rosinante 

Donquxiote Rosinante can make everything silent or that’s what we were told.
The fact is sound is a part of an electromagnetic spectrum. Its energy is a type that can travel long distances as far as we know.

Even if his Nagi Nagi no mi calm fruit only can control sound in a barrier like Law’s Ope no mi. Therefore this means he has full control of sound in that barrier. Also, if he has control over the sound, he should be able to reverse the effect as well right?

If Donquxiote Rosinante can’t reverse the effect of sound, he should be able to concentrate the sound as energy and control it in his barrier too.  Donquxiote Rosinante proved that back then by silencing Law while talking to his brother Doflamingo before he died.

Nonetheless, if Donquxiote Rosinante were to take his own ability as it comes to its conclusion, all his enemies should be able to hear the blood rushing through their veins and arteries because of the silence.  This is something that should occur in the world’s soundless, quietest room. Any sudden movements by his enemies should be enough to drive them crazy. This is due to the intensity of the sounds of their own movements and bodily functions.

Donquxiote Rosinante’s ability was portrayed to be pathetic as a character, however, due to lack of imagination, it stayed that way. It seems He wasn’t just nerfed he was discarded.

3) Charlotte Linlin Aka Big Mom

A character such as Big Mom from the get-go is not liked by many fans, they just do not acknowledge her despite multiple demonstrations of strength and narrative implications.

One Piece Most Nerfed Characters
One Piece Most Nerfed Characters

Most fans believe that Charlotte Linlin aka Big Mom is the weakest Yonko and do not even include her in the Top 5 in terms of the strongest One Piece characters.

However, the reason most fans say that Big Mom is not intelligent, is somewhat true, but you cannot overlook her strength because of that. Even someone such a Big Mom and Kaido’s fight was equal. Big Mom casually brushes off G4 Luffy’s attack with ease. That’s why she is considered one of the most nerfed One Piece characters.

4) Smoker

The Smoker as a character was introduced as an Over Powered navy captain. However, it turned to be a joke in the New World. Even pre-time skip,  Monkey D. Luffy would not cause any damage to him. Why? Well, because The Smoker is made up of smoke.


Nonetheless, after the time skip, Smoker got trashed by both Law and Doflamingo who could have killed him if it was not for Kuzan at the time. Probably if Luffy were to fight Smoker now, Luffy could easily defeat Smoker to the ground with Gear Fourth. So, for that, Smoker made it to the list as one of One Piece’s most nerfed characters.

5) Perona

Perona as a character uses devil fruit which allows her to create hollows that can make people feel extremely negative/dad about themselves. Her tactics will make anyone fall on their knees. Zoro who is very strong was brought down by the negative hollow of Perona which passed through him. This negative hollow will affect everyone regardless of how strong their strength and will is unless the enemies are pessimists, to begin with.


Apart from her negative hollow Perona can also produce hollows that can be detonated to create shock waves. These shock waves are strong enough to crush stone. Her hollows become stronger the larger they become and Perona can create a large number of them easily. Perona can also see and hear through her own hollows and can even collect information from a distance by connecting her consciousness to that same hollows.

Perona’s hollow ability allows her to read her conscience from her body and fly around and attack people and create hollows in this format well. Not to mention her astral projection as well. Perona’s hollows are all intangible, this means all her physical attacks will simply go through them.

So, with her devil fruit, Perona can easily attack people from far away, as well as spy on, them and bring strong opponents to their knees. How Impressive is that? Imagine Perona showing up to Marineford and fighting all the Marines at once in her astral form wow. She would be somewhat touchable and the marines would be easily defeated.

6) Tashigi

Tashigi as a character no doubt one of the best marine swords people in One Piece. We know her whole existence within the anime was to show that Cuina’s father was wrong and that girls can’t be swordsmen, right? However, the problem with that is anything Tashigi is capable of doing is always off-screen.

One Piece Most Nerfed Characters
One Piece Most Nerfed Characters

Why? Well, within the story she is only allowed to utterly fail and generally be useless and helpless someone like Zoro can look good. The problem with that is Oda makes her do nothing however, fails to monumentally every time she appears and has failed to give Tashigi a single moment in time of what could even be considered competence. With treatment like that, It’s kinda difficult to believe she even knows which end of the sword is pointy lol.

Anyway, these are some of One Piece’s most Nerfed Characters in the anime thus far. hope you liked it thanks for stopping by.

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