One Piece Most Respected Pirates

One Piece Most Respected Pirates Of All Time

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These are some of One Piece’s most respected Pirates of all time in the anime. Fans also have great admiration for these characters as well as other characters in the anime.

Over the year we have seen how they have developed in the series and gained much respect from their fellow men. Anyway, let’s get to know so of One Piece Most Respected Pirates Of All Time.


Gol D. Roger is no doubt one of One Piece’s Most respected pirates. Up until now, there has not been a single character in the anime who disrespected the only pirate king as yet. Gol D. Roger’s biggest enemy Shiki aka The Golden Lion knew how powerful and fearless the pirate Gol D. Roger was and how he was a symbol of the pride for pirates.

However, upon hearing news about Roger’s upcoming execution. Shiki The Golden Lion attempts to kill Gol D. Roger by himself in honor because he respected his rival. Shiki believed that dying at the hands of marine weaklings would not be honorable, even for Gol D. Roger.


Shanks is also one of the most badass pirates ever introduced in One Piece anime. It’s just that Shanks as a respected character was not given enough screen time like the others. However, at the beginning of One Piece episodes of anime, some random bandits insult and abuse Shanks in a bar. Shanks however said nothing, but when the bandits turn and tried to insult and attack kid Luffy.

Shanks who barely knew Luffy at the time turned to the bandits and said  “Insult me and laugh at me, I don’t care about those petty things. However, if you try and hurt one of my friends I will destroy you!” That speech there earned Shanks a lot of respect from his fans. He also loses his arm to protect kid Luffy in the process of it all. While just having one arm, Shanks is a Yonkou, which speaks volumes of his abilities. However, his full potential has not been shown. This is enough reason why fans love and respect someone like Shanks.


A lot of fans fell in love with Whitebeard as a pirate after the Marineford war. He often calls his fellow crew members his sons in respect. Whitebeard always treats them as someone to look up to and as a father. However, in return, he gets the same love and respect reciprocated by his fellow crewmates.

One Piece Most Respected Pirates
One Piece Most Respected Pirates


Probably even more than an actual son would love his father and that’s respect. Back then, Ace was ready to fight Luffy, his brother at the time, just to make Whitebeard the Pirate King. Nonetheless, it was Whitebeard’s plan all along to make Ace the new Pirate King. Whitebeardin respect is so passionate about his crew that he goes to war with none other than the World Government just to save his son, Ace.

Not only that but how Whitebeard protected Fishman Island when the Golden era of Pirates started after Roger’s death is straight-up commendable. Nonetheless, apart from all other pirates being extremely powerful, Whitebeard managed to defeated many bigshots in One Piece including none other than Crocodile and Kaidou.

However, Whitebeard has a nature of forgiving. For example, his forgiving nature is seen when Whitebeard hugs his fellow crew members who stabbed him with a sword in Marineford. Then, later on, that fellow who stabbed him regretted his mistake and felt extremely sorry for his actions.

Not to mention Whitebeard and Roger were supposed to be enemies. However, Whitebeard had the chance to become the Pirate King after Roger’s execution. but guess what? Whitebeard decided not to be the Pirate King and waited for Roger’s son Ace to take his rightful place as king pirate.

This is why Whitebeard is considered one of One Piece Most Respected Pirates Of All Time.

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