One Piece Underrated Characters

One Piece Underrated Characters Of All TIme List Chect It Out

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These are One Piece Underrated Characters with great potential and roleplay many fans can relate to. However, they seem to have taken the back seat in the anime while not getting much screen time. Although a lot of fans might have forgotten about them, we are going the highlight their roles and contribution in One Piece.


Usopp is one of the most underrated characters in One Piece. The for this is that Usopp may be one of the weakest Straw Hats members however, his importance lies elsewhere. Someone like Usopp is very important to the One Piece audience in the sense that he is a character we can relate to more than any other.

Although a lot of fans can relate to Luffy in some ways or Franky in others. However, if we are truly honest with ourselves, we probably relate closer to Usopp as a real person in life than anyone else in One Piece. Usopp acts as a normal person would the situations the crew finds themselves in, with reasonable fear. Almost everyone else on the crew excluding Nami is superhuman and does not react in the same way in dangerous situations. This is vital when it comes to the audience finding a connection with the show.

Bartholomew Kuma

Batholomew Kuma in One Piece helped Straw hat pirates so much. This guy saved them and sent them to the locations perfectly suitable for them to train.

One Piece Underrated Characters
One Piece Underrated Characters

Batholomew Kuma was a Shichibukai who was working for the government with no ill intentions shown. However, Batholomew Kuma was sort of killed off as a Pacifista robot, shown as an evil face of government. We don’t believe he deserves that. Nonetheless, we hope they show Batholomew Kuma more in the coming manga or anime.

Baby 5

Baby 5 was so awesome in One piece, this girl maybe able to turn into an ancient weapon of mass destruction named Pluton, Poseidon, and Uranus or a nuclear atomic bomb. However, she is so underrated in One Piece as a character.


Smoker in One Piece gets so little love since post-time skip. He has not won a single battle since Luffy came back. The smoker is one of the few characters associated with the World Government truly worth rooting for in the anime.

Although Smoker maybe with the dogmatic World Government, he knows better than to be a simple follower and goes around being a positive influence to his own crewmembers. Not only that he does it with his own sense of justice that doesn’t make him a piece of shit like Akainu. Furthermore, Smoker is also a stone-cold badass who while can take most challengers is not afraid to show that he is a genuinely kindhearted human being.


A lot of fans think some like Issho he’s weak or he is someone ridiculous compared to other Admirals.  well, that is not the case.

One Piece Underrated Characters
One Piece Underrated Characters

We believe that Issho/Fujitora is one of the most dangerous and powerful characters in One Piece, he’s absolutely not shown his full power!

Montblanc Noland

Montblanc Noland in One Piece’s power level is comparable to that of Yonko or Navy Admirals or this world. This guy Montblanc Noland was able to kill a Sea King underwater with one blow, he also beat the God Serpent Kashigamin on Shandia easily. However, in comparison to Zoro and Wiper, Montblanc Noland did not even scar Nola the grandson of Kashigami who wasn’t far less powerful. Nonetheless, Montblanc Noland has some impressive feats and strengths.

Noland in One Piece was able to sail Grandline at a time when it was even more dangerous to navigate in those water and explore the world just like Gol D. Roger and Luffy.

Montblanc Noland is known for his bravery and really cares about the people who make a lot of sacrifices for saving the Shandia population. Noland was also incredibly gifted in many things basically filling the same role as the Mugiwaras.

He was a captain with the drive and determination along with the ambition and heroism of Luffy. Montblanc Noland was a great swordsman like Zoro as well as a great navigator like Nami. He had extensive knowledge in Botanism just like Ussop.

So know you know this guy is truly incredible. He was ahead of his time in so many ways. and some fans would agree with respect to Noland like a Pirate King. However, it is a shame One Piece fans are so disinterested in him.

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