How Strong is Piccolo In Dragon Ball Super And Dragon Ball Z?

How Strong is Piccolo
How Strong is Piccolo

Piccolo is a Warrior of extraordinary strength resolve and because he’s Akira Toriyama’s favorite character.

He’s the one with the greatest and quite frankly almost inexplicable power boost in the entire series.

However, it is my job to try my best to explain as best as I can and in the process find out how strong is Piccolo.

Piccolo is a Namekian Warrior age 28 years old, and when you take into account Piccolo roughly spent 40 days dead and one year spent in the Time Chamber.

His techniques include the Great Namekian, The Special Beam Cannon, Light Grenade, and Regeneration.

Fun fact, he was 8 years old when he took five years old Gohan after the Raditz Saga. I’m going to give you a second to wrap your head around that one. There are seven officially stated power levels for Piccolo those being 322, 408, 1330, 1480, 3329, 3500, and over 1 million.

Already, using this official reference as our basis let’s see if we can squeeze some more blood from the stone.

It’s time for some good old-fashioned mental gymnastics. At the beginning of Dragon Ball Z. Raditz tested Piccolo’s full power and it was 408. But by the time he touches down one year later against Nappa and Vegeta.

His power has skyrocketed to 3500. That’s an increase of 8.5x times. This is enormous when you take into account that he trained on his own while mentoring Gohan.

None of the past fighters in this power level series had been able to hold a candle to this kind of solo improvement. So this is an important factor to consider when looking at his training in the future.

Dragon Ball Z Piccolo

Before we move ahead from the Saiyan Saga I’d like to draw your attention to one other tidbit during the Raditz encounter.

While wearing weighted clothing Piccolo’s power level was 322. However, Bulma remodels the scouter and Piccolo’s power level was 329 after the Raditz fight.

 That is an increase of 2% after a near-death battle. From this new piece of information, I think it’s fair to assume also during the Nappa fight with Krillin and Gohan.

Piccolo base power increased. The fight was long and he played a more major role. Let’s say an increase of 3.5% which we will call these Micro boosts for the sake of Simplicity in the future.

I think it’s important we say at this time, that this is distinctly different from a Saiyan Zenkai Boost.

This seems to be the result of intense exertion, so with that 3.5% increase. Piccolo’s power level when from 3500 to 3622 when he dies on the battlefield in defense of Gohan.

Having died, Piccolo along with the other Fallen fighters from the same Invasion.

How Strong is Piccolo
How Strong is Piccolo

Quickly make it to King Kai’s Planet. There Piccolo announces that he has every intention to surpass Goku and that he will help him defeat Frieza confidently and highly motivated stayed. So this next bit can be a bit confusing so read carefully.

It’s one of the most important time periods for Piccolo in the entire series. He gets a huge power increase on top of that he received some important Exposition regarding his future.

Piccolo on King Kai’s Planet confidently states that once his training is complete, he and Goku will have no problem taking out Frieza.

However, he stated that never had a sense of Frieza’s energy when Piccolo came back to life and was transported to Planet Namek.

How Strong is Piccolo
How Strong is Piccolo

 Nail Fusion Dragon Ball Z

Neil has an official max power level reading of 42,000 during that time. This is extremely important because when Piccolo finds Nails dying on the Wasteland of Namek.

Neil expresses gratitude at Piccolo’s power, who at this point is still wearing his weighted clothing.

When Goku trained on King Kai’s Planet he was capable of a 19.5x Increase within 158 days. During this he learned the Kaioken and the Spirit Bomb.

Piccolo was dead for 51 days there is no exact time frame for how long it took the Z Warriors to clear snake way.

Other than that it was going much faster than Goku did. So let’s say for the sake of keeping the ball rolling. It took them roughly two weeks at least.

Also, it took him 37 days in which to create this vast increase large enough to Warrant Nail’s astonishment.

So interesting tidbits from the interaction between the two Namekians are amazing. Nail makes regarding the benefits of merging with Kami saying that if he had done so.

He might be able to defeat Frieza. Nail, however, Stated that he has no knowledge of Frieza’s true abilities or transformations.

Anyway for Nail to be astonished, Piccolo’s power would need to be way over 42,000 but not strong enough to defeat Frieza.

Neil can sense ki and therefore knows or should have an idea of the other huge powers on the planet. Nonetheless, Neil was the appointed protector of Guru and therefore would have been on the lookout for these kinds of things.

So he would have corset being aware of Goku’s sudden rise in power level to 180,000. In his demonstration of the Kaioken versus Captain Ginyu.

So using that information, I can estimate that he believed Frieza’s Power level to be between 200,000 on his first or Max of 530000.

Neil tells Piccolo that he would certainly die if you chose to fight Frieza without taking him up on his offer to fuse with him.

Third From Frieza vs Fused Piccolo

So he is much stronger than Nails and is much weaker than what Frieza demonstrated to Nail. Anyways, gain for the sake of progress, let’s guess that he is somewhere in the region of 80000 to 110000.

Meaning he multiplies the power between 22 and 30 times over a hundred and ten thousand by the time he lands on the battlefield with Nail.

Let’s assume that Piccolo’s Power Level is 110,000 for the time he lands on the battlefield with Nail. Just because of Toriyama on whether or not you agree to this figure.

This is the only figure that satisfies the conditions of the narrative as a whole. While the merger would never result in Piccolo gaining a power level of over 1 million.

We all know this as he managed to get the better of second form Frieza which is confirmed to have a power level of over 1 million also.

So for simplicity’s sake, it’s fair to assume during the fight with if Frieza. Frieza was around 1.1 million, Piccolo would be around 1.2 million. At this point, if this is true this means his fusion with Nail yielded an 11 times multiplier.

I suppose it’s to be expected from the number one Kamekian son. So keeping these Micro boosts in mind, also seeing at the battle with Frieza was greater it would be worth more.

But also keeping in mind that he didn’t participate as much they had in Prior fights. So I’ll give him a boost of 4% boost which brings him to 1,248,000. This Micro Boost not apply to the entries prior to the power level series.

As I had no evidence to prove they attend any boost and had no means to gain an estimated percentage based on their respective efforts.

Okay, so this next bit might be controversial but ignoring the obvious character players that Toriyama has for Piccolo.

This is the only Theory I can map out that accounts for the Frankly, Preposterous power-up of Piccolo get between the events of Namek and the Android Saga.

So let’s break this down. Regarding the Namekean Fusion Nail’s multiplayer works well because Nail was a fighting Prodigy like Piccolo. They were similarly built in sizes and they were both Warrior types Namekians.

I don’t believe this is where Neil’s contribution to Piccolo and certainly not if my mental gymnastics have anything to say about it. My theory is that Nail’s power was previously unlocked by Guru. Which would make sense.? 

He was, after all, the protector of the grand Elder thus by proxy could only Unlock piccolo potential when they merged. Similar to Krillin going from mid 1,002 to 75,000 in a short span of time. 

Which it’s the inner of itself at 42x. Piccolo could easily increase his power slowly through training after these events.

 After all, we all know that fighting ability, strength, and knowledge can be passed through merging. So, why not this, because if not we all need to accept that Piccolo magically garnered keep the power of 4 years through regular training.

Let me be clear Piccolo is objectively astronomically stronger fighting the Androids than he was on Namek. And so given the information that I have found, this seems to be for me the only plausible explanation for such an enormous power boost.

Following this training. However, we don’t know is there anything that causes this power to accelerate or if it requires anything or simply moves up on its own.

Piccolo had much Last action than Krillin who was also brought back to full health. After the battle there for spending much more time healthy. krillin’s 42 times increase in the concrete converter either. Gohan had more and Denda had less. So again for the sake of keeping the ball rolling.  

Let’s give him a 17 times multiplier which is kind of in the middle of what I was talking about, very little on the low side. This least gives us some context for how he manages to stay relevant in this series and competitive among the Super Saiyans besides the fact that he’s Toriyama’s favorite.

Taking these figures into account we can work out Piccolo’s Power by the time he begins training for the Androids is 21 million.

Moving swiftly along, this back and forth could be indicative of Piccolo being more powerful than Vegeta at this point.

Even though Vegeta clearly passes well over 1.2 million while fighting Frieza on Namek. After this, Piccolo trains for an additional 3 years in preparation for the Android Invasion. I came up with this based on the results of past training sessions over the course of a year.

And more in preparation for the same Invasion he trained for one year and gave himself an 8.5X boost in power. But between the Piccolo Jr. and Raditz arc. Over 5 years past he only garnered somewhere in the region of 33 to 40%of a buff.

So, I decided to give him a regular 8.5 X power boost over the course of those three years. Bring his total power level on the day the Androids were activated to 180,336000.

After all, I am working under the pretense that his power has been unlocked.  So there will be a slow amount of power that would rise through natural training.

At that time Piccolo scuffles with Android 20. Piccolo while not being as strong as Vegeta, is regularly in the same conversation. Trunks were was roughly 150 million to 180 million while fighting Frieza since Frieza was more powerful upon return.

So in order for Piccolo to be in the Super Saiyan conversation, it makes sense for his power to be as I stated around 180 million.

What this power Piccolo is capable of disposing of Dr. Gero who foolishly uses logic to determine their strength.

The next major moment of significance for Piccolo comes when he remerges with Kami. At different points in the series, both Piccolo and Kami were referred to as two halves. With the information we Gather from the manga, we learn that Piccolo becomes the host body for the merging.

As he is younger and stronger than Kami, with this knowledge they can double their strength if they are in fact two halves. Then the knowledge and experience of, the host body, bring Piccolo’s overall power level to that of 360,672000 Million.

Piccolo Vs Android 17 Dragon Ball Z

Android 17 and Android 18 AKA Lapis and Lazuli are human-type earthlings with biomechanical enhancements.

Their approximate physical age is about 17 years old.

Both can fly without the use of ki and have techniques that include,  Now we’re playing for keeps, Bower Blitz, and The Android barrier. In the Dragon Ball Cannon and in the encyclopedia of the Dyzenchu Book.

We are told time again that 17 and 18 were humans taken against their will and forcefully transformed by Dr. Gero.

Within this panel, you can see Dr. Gero’s blueprints of the twins which are forms of their largely non-mechanical nature. The only mechanical Parts are emergency stop and self-destruct to be exact

cyborg is a human being, that integrates or enhances itself with external feedback. There is a lot of details on this topic, but I’ll leave it there they are Cyborg’s, not Androids.

Android is a mistranslation if you would like to be more in-depth about this topic. I can do a post explaining more about the two.

However, there are two things that are important to consider when talking about Androids. They have infinite energy and their ki cannot be sensed.

These two points I think are important to remember when looking at the Android battle potential.

The whole reason why so many battles come to an end is due to fatigue, or either the hero or the antagonist succumb to exhaustion. and as a result, get their comeuppance this quote further homes in on my estimate for the Android power level stronger than Super Saiyan Vegeta around that time period.

Using all the information. We know about the Androids we can infer that at this point Android 17 is as strong as merged Kami Piccolo at 360 million.

I have an estimate slightly lower, based on the fact that Android 17 struggled for a small portion of the fight before Piccolo began to fatigue.

It’s important to know that the term fatigue means to tire and as a result, possibly sharply decline.

The same is true for anyone in the real world, it doesn’t matter how much you can lift. If you’re tired, you’re as weak as any of us. 

That’s one of the biggest things working in the android’s favor. They do not get tired when trying to infer both of the Android power levels.

I think it’s important to look at this quote. “The statement is indicative of both Android 17 and 18 having similar power levels clothes if not identical.”

Written by Gregory Warmington

Hello, My name is Gregory and I love all types of anime and entertainment shows however dragon Ball Naturo, and One Punch man are some of my favorites. If you want to reach out, contact me via email. Cheer!

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