Top 15 Most Popular Anime Characters Of All Time (List)

Most Popular Anime Characters
Most Popular Anime Characters

Anime has increased in popularity over the years. These characters are becoming a favorite of fans and keep fans coming back to see what is happening to them next.

Like every other type of entertainment, anime is competitive and there is the need to create new and exciting characters for fans to follow. Based on fan votes and anime experts these are the most popular anime characters of all time.

Fans have looked at the character of anime and they have ranked them. Out of all of the characters, the following are some of the most popular with fans and they have ranked to become the most popular anime characters.

Top 15 Popular Anime Characters

Number 1) Kazuto Kirigaya

This character is from Sword Art Online. This was one of the anime characters that influenced Isekai and is one of the most successful anime franchises. Each member of the cast plays a specific role in this service. This character is a pro gamer and takes on a leading role. He is the main character in this service and is a big hit with fans. They can relate to his laid-back attitude and they enjoy the different adventures that he goes on. This is something for everyone in this service and with Kazuto. There is some exciting gaming action and there is even some romance thrown in. Kazuto was able to win over fans with his charisma and his charm.

Number 2) Kurisu Makise

This was an early by an influential anime. Kurisu or Christina is a partner in crime and she was not willing at first but sort of got sucked into it. She has some smart comments and she is able to get along well with her male led. She does have a sweet side that compliments all that goes on with her character. While Kurisu is a favorite of fans it does not mean that she was safe. Fans felt that the writers were going to kill her character off at any time. They kept on tuning in to make sure she was safe and that she would be around for the next episode.

Number 3) Hachiman Hikigaya

This is one of the moved loved characters in the anime My Teen Romance Comedy SNAFU. It took a long time for a new episode to be made and that has fans waiting for Hachiman. He was the favorite of fans with his self-deprecation. He is selfless and strong. He is not going to be put down by the high school bullies. Fans take the time to get to know this character and when they see all sides of him they cannot help to make him a favorite.

Number 4) Itachi Uchiha

While the show is often based around the character Sasuke Uchiha there is more to the story. He would not be the leader if it was not for his older brother Itachi. It is Itachi that became popular with anime fans. While Itachi does not want to be the hero he is not completely bad. His eyes and his design capture the attention of fans. There is also a mystery that keeps fans wondering about him. Since he is a fan favorite many people wonder why he is not the star of the show.

Number 5) Killlua Zoldyck

While there are several characters in Hunter x Hunter, Killua is the most popular with anime fans. This character was designed to be cool and that comes through to the fans. While Killua is often thought of as the sidekick he does get the attention. Fans want to know more about his family history and his talent. His mortality and purpose idea is also staying with fans.

Number 6) Sakata Gintoki Gintama

The series Gintama features Sakata and this show has been compared to the American cartoon family guy for the references it makes to pop culture. Sakata is said to be a class clown and this makes his fans laugh making him a popular character. Skata is known as the White Demon. He is faced with doing odd jobs so that he can get by. This can be anything from working at a sushi place to working as a detective. He even has the chance to fight invading aliens. One of the reasons why he is popular is that he does all of this with a joking nature. He is able to stay cool and tough.

Popular Anime Characters

Number 7) Naruto Uzumaki Naruto

This character is one of the Big Three in the Hidden Leaf Village Nine Tailed Fox. Naruto started at the bottom of ninja school and has worked his way up. During this process, his fans kept on cheering him on. They were impressed when he was able to train and beat the most powerful of the ninjas. He did all of this while helping out his friends. That is something today that people admire. He became a fan favorite due to some of the best fighting scenes. While he does come out on top he goes into the fights as the underdog. He helped others achieve their dreams while he is finding success. Fans have become proud of the person that he has become and he will remain one of the favorite anime characters.

Popular Anime Characters
Popular Anime Characters

Number 8) Roronoa Zoro One Piece

Even with the long name fans have come to love this character. While he may be second in command he has become a favorite of fans that like the Pirate Hunter. Roronoa was just a loudmouth and at first, he just wanted to be tough. Fans have watched him grow as this series continued. He was learning that training is important. In addition to the training, it is cool to watch him work with the three sword styles. That is something that fans like and something that they are impressed by. While he is looking to be the best with a sword there is a lot that goes on behind the way. There are buildings falling down and there is a complete path of destruction. While this is happening Roronoa remains even headed and cool. He is loyal to his friends and is looking to help them out and save them. That is what is getting the attention of anime fans and making him so popular.

Number 9) Rintarou Okabe Steings Gate

This character may not be a fighter but he is said to be the mad scientist of anime and that is why he is popular. Rin is the head of the Future Gadget Research Establishment and he wants to study everything. He is into stem and is encouraging people to take note of this field. He is a university student that has opened a research lab. Fans like his over the top research and need to discover new things. He is an interesting character for his need to discover and the moral dilemma that his discoveries may cause.

Number 10) Light Yagami Death Note

This character is said to be the savior of humanity and is here to punish everything evil. The light was a good looking student at one point and he had a lot of opportunities. This changes drastically. He found Death Note and now he has the ability to kill anyone he pleases. He has taken on a new identity and is now known as Kira. Luckily for the human race, he has decided to kill those that are the worse criminals in the world. He has above average intelligence and passion. Fans have come to love this about his and his new ability.

Number 11) Edward Elric Fullmetal Alchemist

This character is one of the great protagonists out there. Fans have come to love his sparky views and his underdog passion. He is one that is concerned about his fellow humans and the drama that they need to face. When an experiment went wrong Edward was left without an arm. His brother’s soul was also trapped in a suit of armor that he wears and tries to do good. he is trying to develop friendships, end political battles, and end wars and battles over religion and greed. He may have an arrogant side and does not know when to keep his mouth shut but this is something that fans love about his character. He keeps things interesting and there is always an adventure. That is one reason why the fans keep on coming back.

Number 12) Levi Ackerman

This is one of the most interesting characters from the popular services Attack on Titan. He is the strongest soldier on the side of humans and he has gotten the respect of fans. In addition to his leadership fans like that Levi has a fighting background and he can stand up to the most intense fights. He may not look like a fighter but he has the skills. That is something else that fans like about him.

Popular Anime Characters
Popular Anime Characters

Number 13) Monkey D Luffy

This is a character from the series One Piece and has been liked by fans for some time now. He is the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates. He is also the son of a well known marine and he is a hero to many children. He eats a gum gum fruit and since that time he has been on a journey to become the King of Pirates. He is the leader of these misfits but they are fun to watch and their personalities can come through. Fans love this character because he’s fun and he is looking to help others find freedom. He is hard to hate and this is why fans are not able to dislike him allowing him to become a very popular anime character.

Number 14) L Lawliet

This is one of the main characters from the Death Note series. Is the world’s greatest detective and has been able to save humanity more than once. He is a distinct character and there is no other like him in the world of anime. He is very intelligent yet he is eccentric. He needs to be the center of attention and he is always up to something. L is social and he is able to figure out social reasoning and adapt to just about any social situation that he is faced with. He is the outcast but he has become cool. That is why fans love him so much.

Number 15) Lelouch Lamperouge

This is a character from the anime series called Code Geass. This character is very complex and that is why fans love him so much. There are so many aspects to his personality that there is always a surprise and fans are not sure what he is up to next. Lelouch was the prince 17th in line to take the throne.

He denounced this life after his mother was assassinated and his sister was gravely injured. He got tired of all of the politics and he has found his chance to begin to plot his revenge.

He was granted the ability or the power of Geass. He wanted to dictate the actions of any person that comes in contact with. With this gift, he continues his quest. He becomes the leader of the Order of the Black Knights. He does lie to his friends and kills hundreds of people while trying to get his revenge.

This is something that has caught the attention of those that love this show. Looking at the complexity of the mind and how Lelouch developed in both good and evil ways is something that makes him one of the most popular anime characters with fans of this genre.

These are some of the most popular anime characters of all time. Anime has been a genre that is getting to become popular all over the world.

Fans like these characters due to their no-nonsense attitudes and their complexity. Anime is more than just drawings. These characters show the ups and down of human personality and will allow a person to be entertained when they are viewing these shows.

Written by Gregory Warmington

Hello, My name is Gregory and I love all types of anime and entertainment shows however dragon Ball Naturo, and One Punch man are some of my favorites. If you want to reach out, contact me via email. Cheer!

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