What is Saiyan Raditz potential

What is Saiyan Raditz potential In Dragon Ball Z Saga

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What is Raditz’s potential In Dragon Ball? The first Arc of Dragon Ball Z, the Saiyan Saga.

We were introduced to Raditz the brother of Goku who is the main character of the Dragon Ball franchise.


However, while Goku was good Raditz was quickly revealed to be evil and served as the first true antagonist of Dragon Ball Z.

Raditz was quick to make an impact showing his superiority over the Piccolo by deflecting his blast.

Then quickly took out Goku before kidnapping His Son Gohan.

In the end, it took the combined efforts of Goku and Piccolo who are temporarily put aside their motives.

As well as some help from an enraging kid Gohan to overcome and defeated Raditz.

What is Saiyan Raditz potential
What is Saiyan Raditz potential?

However, at the cost of Goku’s life. Raditz succumbs to his injury but not before telling Piccolo of his allies Vegeta and Nappa.

Who would be on their way to avenge is dead. After this Raditz is gone from the story only occasionally to be referenced and usually to denote how weak he was.

He was a greater threat than any other Dragonball villains forcing the final villain of the original anime.

Goku’s heroic Nemesis to teams up yet everyone surpasses Raditz within a year.


Goku and Piccolo, as well as the human Fighters, even including Dragon Balls Yamcha and as soon as Vegeta and Nappa show up.

They mock Raditz calling him weak. Then they create the cultivars or henchmen, each as strong as Raditz.

These henchmen were literally grown out of the ground. But they prove a minor threat to the Z fighters.

One still ended up killing Yamcha, they’re basically cannon fodder and a number of them are also killed by Krillin.

Raditz potential In Dragon Ball

In the next arc, we discover that most of Frieza’s soldiers are actually stronger than Raditz.

This makes him seem even more pathetic when Krillin and Gohan’s father has them.

So looking at this it’s pretty easy to see why Raditz is looked upon as wasted potential in the Dragon Ball franchise.

He was Goku’s long lost brother, the one who revealed to him his secret past was more powerful than anyone he’d ever fought.

Raditz Ultimately brought about Goku’s death. You can argue that all these accomplishments make Raditz the main villain.

But instead, Toriyama decides to use him more as a set-up villain. 

Raditz was pretty much there to spout Exposition and set up the framework for the rest of the series.

It was Raditz who explains to Goku that he was, in fact, an alien and brought about a greater shift towards the franchise.

That would be greatly expanded upon in the next two arcs. It was Raditz who cost Goku his life.

Which allowed him to train with King Kai to get stronger and learn the KaioKen and Spirit.

These techniques aided him greatly throughout the series. Also, Of course, it was Raditz who show just how strong the other Saiyans were.

Which significantly raises the stake’s intentions to hike greater than ever before.  However, Reddit is all so much like Beerus.

Who brought with him the framework of super and the introduction of New Gods in the new Universal switch.

That additionally up the interest with Battle of Gods, and breathe fresh air into the franchise.

So Raditz did serve his purpose in the story despite being in it for such a short time. But I do wonder what things would be like had he been kept around or use differently.

As we saw Goku Vegeta and their offspring, the powers of the Saiyans increase dramatically over the years after Raditz.

What is Raditz potential In Dragon Ball Z

Allowing them to unlock multiple Transformations and even overthrow indomitable tyrants like Frieza.

It would be interesting to see how much potential Raditz had within him, as well as how he could develop as a character.

As we saw with Vegeta he had the capacity to become good and settled down on Earth, and to fight for the right causes.

The same could perhaps be said of Raditz. It would also serve for some interesting possible storylines and Dynamics.

Perhaps Raditz could aid in the training of Gohan, aid in the fight against the Androids, and serve as a potential Fusion partner for Goku against Majin Buu.

Raditz existing in the storyline would likely bring about numerous changes that would be almost impossible to predict.

However, we were never able to see any of these come to fruition. Ultimately I would say that Raditz was wasted potential.

In terms of what he could become as a character, and what could have been. However, in terms of a plot device that created new Dynamics and set up bigger things to come.

I would say he served his purpose well, but it’s definitely cool to think about and certainly another case of what could have been in Dragon Ball

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