Top 20 Strongest Naruto And Boruto Characters Ranked

strongest Naruto and Boruto characters
strongest Naruto and Boruto characters

Strongest Naruto and Boruto Characters Ranked.

If you have been keeping up with the Boruto series, you already know that there are characters now that are stronger than your typical shinobi. Shinobi such as Minato Bee, Gai, and even Kakashi.

However, we have created a list of the strongest Naruto and Boruto characters in the series currently. this list was chosen by fans and will be updated regularly.

Top Strongest Naruto And Boruto Characters List

See if your favorite character made the list.

Number 1) Bayron Mode Naruto

Naruto strongest characters
Naruto strongest characters

Baryon Mode Naruto stomps Isshiki Otsutsuki around like a piece of paper in Boruto episode 217. At first, Isshiki did not stand a chance against Baryon mode Naruto. However, if Isshiki had been given more time Isshiki likely would have won.

Number 2) Isshiki Otsutsuki

Strongest Naruto Characters
Strongest Naruto Characters

Isshiki Otsutsuki easily defeated Naruto and Sasuke with the first encounter battle, However, Hsshiki died against Baryon mode because of Kurama inside Naruto. In the end, Naruto ran out of chakra but the damage was already done to Isshiki.

Number 3) Jigen

strongest Naruto and Boruto characters
strongest Naruto and Boruto characters

Jigen is the reincarnation of Isshiki as well as a vessel that was to be passed on to Kawaki. In the first encounter with Naruto and Sasuke, Jigen easily stomps both Naruto and Sasuke like it was nothing without breaking a sweat.

Number 3) Sasuke

Naruto strongest characters
Naruto strongest characters

Sasuke, as we know him, is one of the main characters that have many abilities including the Rinnegan that he can use to travel dimensions like Kaguya and other Otsustuki’s such as Isshiki and Jigen.

Number 4) Hagoromo

Harmon created the tail beats and was said to be slightly stronger than his mother Kaguya with the Ten tails and god tree absorbed. Nevertheless, Hagoromo had every Rinnegan and Sharingan ability and could easily acquire 1000 clown Susanoo.

Number 5) Kaguya

Kaguya is known as the Mother of Chakra and was feared by her son Hagoromo for putting the Tsukuyomi across the world. Otsutsuki Kaguya had abilities like dimension travel as well as her ash-killing bones rods and the ten tails abilities as well. Also with one Rinnesharingan and two Byakugan eyes.

 Number 6) Momoshiki Otsutsuki

Momoshiki is a beast when it comes to power and combat. He can easily absorb any Jutsu with his Rinnegan abilities, and after absorbing Kinshiki Otsutsuki, MOmoshiki became mad OP against Naruto and Sasuke. Momoshiki is now a Karma in Boruto giving him Godlike abilities when his unconscious.

Number 7) Uchiha Madara (Rinnesharingan)

Rinneshigan Madara with his RinneSharingan was a weaker version of Kaguya Otsutsuki. However, Madara didn’t have the dimensional travel or the all ash killing bones rodes or the Beyakugan, but he had everything else Kaguya had. Also, Madara was on par with a teen Sage of Six Path Naruto and Sasuke.

Number 8) Otsutsuki Hamura

Hamura Otsutsuki has no special feats, however, he is supposedly was a stronger version of Toneri’s Tenseigan. However, Toneri’s weaker Tenseigan had him fighting  Six Sage Kurama Naruto. None the less if we know that Hamura’s Tenseigan is stronger it would only make sense to put him at number 8 Strongest Naruto and Boruto Characters.

Number 9) Toneri Otsutsuki

Toneri Otsusuki was a weaker version of the Tenseigan he went toe to toe in battle with Naruto and landed some good punches and other hits against Sage Naruto. Back then Toneri also had the truth-seeking orbs around him which know aid with powerups. This means no one without the power of sage mode can defeat him.

Number 10) Obito Uchiha Jinchuriki

Naruto strongest characters

As a Jinchuriki Obito couldn’t use any Rinnegan or Sharingan powers in his six phat states for some reason.  However, if Obito could in fact use those abilities he would be higher than Toneri on this list. For that one reason, he’s number 10 among the strongest Naruto and Boruto characters.

Number 11) Kakashi (Susanoo)

Kakashi Susano is Op and can make his Susanoo dematerialize along with Kamu wind Shurikens.

Number 12) Might Gai 8 Gates

Naruto strongest characters

Might Gai 8 opening his 8 inner gates nearly killed Madara with a little help from his comrades Minato, Kakashi and Lee. Gai had speed that rivaled Minato and Naruto in their Bijuu modes. It was stated that if Madra was not in this Otsustuski state Gai would have killed him easily.

Number 13) Hashirama Senju

Naruto strongest characters

Hashirama Senju was known as the Shinobi with the most Chakra and the only one at the time who could rival and defeat Madara. His also the first Hogake of the leaf and the grandfather of Tsunade.

Number 14) Minato Namikaze

Minato was known as the fastest shinobi of the leaf and was feared by many. He was also the father of Naruto and was the one who place the Kurama inside Naruto to be a Jinchuriki. Minato’s 9 tails mode and Raijin rival many shinobi such as Tobirama and Hashirama.

Number 15) Nagato Uzumaki

Nagato was OP because he had all the abilities of the Rinnegan that including rebirth, absorption, push and pull, etc. Naruto and Bee had trouble fighting reanimation Nagato and had to be saved by Itachi.

Number 16) Code

Code as we know hi is a member of the Kara and the leader after Isshiki died to Baryon Mode Naruto. The character Code is said to be an Otsutski of Isshiki gave him orders on how to become one.

Number 17) Kashin koji

Kashi Koji was we know him is super Jiraya with every ability Jiraiya had and more. He was the one to take down Jigen so that Isshiki could appear. Koji is a clown of the original Jiraiya but does not have the same thoughts and memories of Jiraiya.

 Number 18) Itachi

Naruto strongest characters
Naruto strongest characters

Itachi is one of the best-skilled shinobi with one of the best sealing techniques ever. No one can anyone escape the Otsuka blade seal Itachi stored in his Susanoo.

Number 19) Urashiki Otsutsuki

Urashiki Otsutsuki is of the first Otsutsuki with were familiar with. Just like Kinshiki Urashiki can make chakra blades and use them as a weapon in battle. He is also known as one of the weaker Otsustukis in the anime.

Number 20) Delta

Naruto strongest characters

Delta is a cyborg-like female character with an enormous amount of chakra that can rival Naruto in battle. She was modified by a scientist Amado and wanted to full fill the will of Isshiki by capturing Kawaki.

Number 21) Sage Kabuto

Naruto strongest characters

Kabuto as a sage was the one behind the great ninja war and the reanimation of Jutsu which cause great chaos in the Konoha. Sage Kabuto was placed on a Jutsu my Itachi until he would recognize his true self. He was also the one who save Sasuke from dying in the great war.

Number 21 Hanzo

Hanzo known as the Salamander is Stronger than the three Sannin when they were young, which includes Orushimaru, Jiraiya, and Tsunade. Hanzo was eventually defeated by Pain in his old age. One of his best Jutsu is his poison. He can even use teleportation Jutsu.

Number 22) Boruto and Kawaki

strongest Naruto and Boruto characters
strongest Naruto and Boruto characters

Both Kawaki and Boruto or not weak but are set to be the greater shinobis of the entire series of Naruto Boruto anime series. These two still have karmas and are capable of taking on anyone.

So there you have it, the 20 strongest Naruto and Boruto characters ranked by fans. This list will be updated in the future so stay tuned for more.

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