10 Strongest Naruto Characters Of All Time (List)

Strongest Naruto Characters
Strongest Naruto Characters

Here is a list of the strongest Naruto characters based on feats and scaling throughout the anime.

Each of these characters listed being at their strongest point in the story. Characters such as Hamura, Indra, Asura, and Urashiki won’t be on this list because their strength amongst the other characters is unknown or rather unquantifiable.

If you haven’t been reading the Naruto manga, this list will include both Naruto and Boruto characters of all time.

1) Momoshiki

Characters like Momoshiki, Kinshiki, and Urashiki were said to be a greater threat than Kaguya by Sasuke. However, he was more than likely referring to the Kaguya they fought back in the day and not during her prime.

Strongest Naruto Characters
Strongest Naruto Characters

Momoshiki and kinshiki fusion were more than likely be on par with Kaguya, the one Naruto and Sasuke fought. This can be proven by base Momoshiki being capable of collapsing planets in the manga and obliterating civilizations.

2) Isshiki

The character with the most physically powerful and feats in all of naruto currently is Jigen. Jigen allowed Isshiki to control his body. He is capable of pretty much one-shot both Naruto and Sasuke with ease.


Isshiki physical strength alone is capable of breaking through adult Sasuke Susanoo and was completely slap both Naruto and Sasuke around with ease.

Isshiki also has a shrinking hax capable of shrinking objects so fast and small that Naruto can’t even sense him and is capable of placing rods/blades inside Naruto and Sasuke out of nowhere.

Isshiki is capable of covering vulnerable areas of his body with rods so strong that they completely blocked this opponent’s attack.

3) Kaguya

Kaguya is one of the strongest characters in naruto verse in her prime days. She was way stronger in her prime when she had all of her chakras.

However, now even a nonprime Kaguya is capable of creating truth-seeking orbs so large they are capable of engulfing one of her dimensions. These dimensions are planets with space around them enough to hold moons.

Kaguya is also capable of casual dimensional travel and can catch opponents off guard by summoning them into her brutal lava and acid dimensions as she wishes.

4) Hagoromo

When it comes to raw power Hagoromo is definitely above prime Kaguya as he was already relative to prime Kaguya in his battle with her and got a lot stronger and absorbed the ten tails chakra.

Strongest Naruto Characters
Strongest Naruto Characters

The reason why Hagoromo is on this list is because of his hax. Hagoromo is capable of using every technique in the naruto verse and he has access to many different types of all Jutsu.

Hagoromo is capable of turning things into reality. He now also resides in the pure lands and cannot be killed as his chakra would travel through time and never really go away.

Otsutsuki Kinshiki was relative to that of Momoshiki. This has shown to be adept with taijutsu and is more reliant on physical strength and speed than Kaguya, and is capable of absorbing all ninjutsu.

5) Might Guy

Might Guy is one of the strongest physical characters in all of the naruto verses. Guy was capable of beating Juubi Madara to his knees.

Who was already capable of fighting all the tailed beasts’ pre-absorption without the perfect Susanoo. Also, the same Madara that absorbed an almost complete Juubi with one half of Kurama’s chakra and a small portion of the other tailed beast’s chakras. This Madara version was threatened by the shockwaves of 8 gates guy’s attacks. He was also fast enough to the point where he was bending space with his raw movement speed.

6) Naruto And Sasuke

Both Naruto and Sasuke together are capable of taking on and beating fused Momoshiki a threat that rivals Kaguya they fought in the past. Debates have been made for which of the two is stronger.

However, for naruto, he is capable of amping his power and speed with boil release and absorbing all-natural energy on the planet. Sasuke is a more adept fighter and has lots of abilities.

Six paths Sasuke has mastered with his Tomuei Rinnegan and even Jigen stated that he viewed Sasuke to be a greater threat to him than Naruto. However, Naruto and Sasuke fought well together in their fight against fused Momoshiki and it is hard to really say who would be superior to the other.

7) Madara

Madara Uchiha is somewhat underrated and that is because of how seemingly underwhelming he did against Naruto and Sasuke compared to the Kaguya fight.

However, it is worthy to note that Madara never went all out with either of them and was already slightly superior to both of them with his two Rinnegan eyes. The Rinnegan Sharingan can use Kaguya abilities like dimension-hopping and ash bones.


It is also worthy to note when Madara fought both Naruto and Sasuke back in the day. At the peak of his powers, he never used any of his Rinnegan abilities besides a suppressed Chibaku Tensei to distract Naruto and Sasuke.

Madara’s other abilities like Shinra Tensei, wood-style/clones, soul ripping, Chibaku Tensei, and Jutsu absorbing would definitely be a high threat in the naruto verse.

8) Kakashi

Kakashi is superior to a lot of other god-tier characters in the Naruto verse. He was so fast back then to a point where he could catch a fast Kaguya off guard.

Kakashi’s Susanoo is very powerful and capable of throwing Kamui Shuriken. He also has the Kamui Raikari to apply the Kamui abilty to a chidori. Not to mention that his combination of speed and hax would put him above anyone on the list after him.

9) Kinshiki

Kinshiki is a strong character that was capable of physically overwhelming Adult Sasuke. Adult sasuke without the tomuei in his Sharingan.

Otsutsuki Kinshiki was capable of keeping up with that nerfed Sasuke in speed. He scales to Momoshiki’s feats of collapsing planets. Kinshiki’s physically above threats like 8th gate guy as he is overwhelming adult six paths Sasuke.

However, Might Guy was only capable of one-shotting and destroying a god tree absorption second Rinnegan Juubi. Madara in his six paths sage mode non-Kurama cloaked naruto was capable of also one-shotting that same Madara.

The cloak might give a big amp to Naruto’s six paths powers and adult Sasuke is capable of keeping up with adult Naruto.

10) Toneri

Toneri the Naruto character was capable of chopping the moon in half along with moving the moon towards the earth. He was capable of siphoning off the last naruto’s base chakra and blowing a hole out of the moon with his unfocused chakra.

These are the top 1o strongest Naruto characters and Boruto characters in the whole franchise. Let us know yours down below.


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