Super DragonBall Heroes Episode 10 English Dub Online Review

Super DragonBall Heroes Episode 10
Super DragonBall Heroes Episode 10

Super Dragon Ball Heroes episode 10 is in the book. The newest episode from the promo anime released on April 17 as we continue the universal conflict Arc.

There are only two main points that we can take from this episode and That Vegeta Evolution and Omen Goku.

Super DragonBall Heroes Episode 10

Also, I would say about four things that happened as well. Two of them were kind of a big deal, however, it wasn’t and we saw the introduction of a brand new character representing the Merged Zamasu Army along with fusion.

We kinda saw the fate of what would happen to Goku and now we’re kind of wondering what’s next for Super Dragon Ball Heroes? Of course, Goku was already there in Ultra Instinct Omen form looking Fearless.

Zamasu Vs Jiren Dragon Ball Heroes Fight 

Future in the episode we had a fight early between Hearts and Ultra Instinct Omen Goku and the Twins. Also, we see a very brief shot of Jiren vs Zamasu and Jiren fires of a huge blast at Zamasu and Zamasu just eats it up.

Zamasu Vs Jiren

So, the scaling in Dragon Ball Heroes is very confusing. Not only do we have Jiren going toe-to-toe Zamasu, which I get they have to Power up Zamasu to be equal to Jiren. However, this is Jiren is a very high-level and powerful fighter.

I guess Jiren is not supposed to be stronger than Zamasu he’s one of the bosses. But it seems a little silly to do it so soon and a little jarring same thing happened with Goku later on in the episode.


Oren Kamin fused but interestingly it wasn’t enough. The fusion came was done and still, it was not enough to take on Ultra Instinct Goku. Goku was able to take on this Fusion with no problem with the twins.

Super DragonBall Heroes Episode 10

DragonBall Heroes Ultra Instinct Goku Vs Hearts

Then Hearts comes and he sort of creates this light giant crystal in the sky. The Crystal had a unique aesthetic look to it and it turns out that inside of this Crystal there was a new character.

This new villain is known as Logs which is a pun based on the word glass. We have this glass-looking character and we find out that she’s the character who took care of Cumber and sealed him originally.

So Logs appears and she challenges Ultra Instinct Goku and she defeats Ultra Instinct. So, how did this happen?

Well, Hearts throws the crystal at Goku, then Goku blocks it and crushes it. Omen Goku completely shatters it and then Logs comes out and then she blasts Goku with a billion ki blast and actually injured him.

Goku’s clothes were all raggedy, he’s beaten up and then Logs comes out and knocks out Ultra Instinct Omen Goku. So this Crystal princess or whatever was able to defeat Ultra Instinct Omen Goku.

DragonBall Heroes Episode 10

They totally nerfed Goku meanwhile that’s going on Vegeta thinks it’s his time to jump in.

So, he, of course, goes blue and then he attacks the fused twins and gets taken down. However, he comes right back and then Powers up to Blue evolution.

Vegeta Blue Evolution Dragon Ball Heroes

Trunks actually refer to Vegeta’s transformation as Shinka. This refers to that transformation as the shin, or the blue Evolution or blue evolve whatever you want to call it.

So, it was interesting that Trunk actually called it that and by the way, the animation for that transformation was really good to see.

It was refreshing to see Vegeta using that form again and that was the Cliffhanger for the episode. So, guys, not much to talk about the action while brief was very quick and the action pack was for a very brief time.

However, there just wasn’t enough time to really tell a story. But the difference between this Arc and the previous Arcs is that they’re extending out sort of what happens.

So they’re doing the gimmick where every episode introduced something new to create a new card for the game.

The pacing is better in this Arc, but it’s still lacking tremendously. Like it’s still pretty much the Goku and Vegeta show. I was hoping to see a little bit more from Jiren and from other characters, you know they’re all over the poster for this Arc.

However, they don’t really do anything, it’s still just Goku and Vegeta and that can be a little annoying sometimes.

Super DragonBall Heroes Episode 10 Promo Anime Series

Overall, the episode had pretty good music in the beginning, but just like the other Heroes episodes lacking.

The twin fusion thing was interesting but ultimately it really went nowhere. This new character Logs like when she appeared it just felt like this is a new card for the game character.

There was no build-up to this nor there was no real meaning behind it. Anyways, again it’s a Dragon Ball Heroes promo anime. I feel like this episode while it was not the worst episode so overall good.

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