Super Saiyan Bardock Dragon Ball Super Movie

Super Saiyan Bardock Dragon Ball
Super Saiyan Bardock Dragon Ball

Hello Dragon ball nation, we may possibly see Super Saiyan Bardock within the next Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie.

So with a shot from the second trailer for Dragon Ball Super Broly. We see Bardock flying in a spaceship with another Saiyan. And in the manga of Jaco The Galactic Patrolman.

There was a special feature, a special bonus it is called Dragon Ball Minus. Bardock’s mission is on another planet with this other unknown Saiyan.

He was told by his friend or whoever the Saiyan is, that all Saiyans are ordered to go back and mediately to Planet Vegeta.

Frieza had heard the stories about the Legendary Super Saiyan and the Legendary Super Saiyan God.

Although one of his counselors said that Saiyans make great Fighters.

Frieza said the Saiyans are not truly loyal, and as we all know they could have been a problem for him in the future.

Now, as we’re well aware of the new Dragon Ball Super Broly movie. At least the first 20 to 30 minutes will most likely be this story of Dragon Ball Minus.

But it will be way more in-depth. If we put some images side-by-side from the new trailer and Dragon Ball Minus. We can see without a doubt that these are identical.

 Super Saiyan Bardock Dragon Ball

Super Saiyan Bardock Dragon Ball

Now, what this means is, if we’re going by Dragon Ball Minus. We probably are not going to get a lot of action from Bardock in the movie.

I’m going to break down Bardock’s role from what we know so far, and talk about it in-depth.

Bardock’s Role 

So Bardock is another planet. He’s ordered to come back to Planet Vegeta. When he went back to Planet Vegeta. Bardock talks to his wife Gine and agreed to send Goku on his way to Earth in order to protect him. Bardock says that if all three were to leave or escape Planet Vegeta.

New Super Saiyan Bardock Dragon Ball Minus

They would have used the scooters to sense both him and Gine if they tried to escape. Frieza’s soldiers will notice using the scooters. So they just Saiyan Goku and they stay there for their destruction.

The Bardock special that we all know and love at least the original one, is pretty much completely retconned. This is because, in Dragon Ball Minus, Super Saiyan Bardock did not get the ability to see the future. However, he does have this premonition, this feeling of danger that Frieza is up to no good.

So my question is. Are we going to get that amazing scene of Bardock flying towards Frieza.? As well as fighting all of Frieza’s army as Frieza launches the death ball towards Planet Vegeta. Or maybe they’re going to skip it.?

Although this will cover the elements of Dragon Ball Minus almost exactly and identically. There is still a possibility that they could fuse the two stories in a sense. We don’t see any action like the original Bardock special in this trailer. But I think everybody is dying to see Bardock rally up the Saiyans and go to try and attack Frieza.

In fact, I think it would be tragic if they left that out of the movie because that’s one of the most beloved scenes in all of Dragon Ball. One thing to note here is that Goku is actually 3 years old in this movie when he was sent away from Planet Vegeta. This is very interesting because at the beginning of Dragon Ball he is a baby.

I’m wondering if they’re going to kind of retell the beginning of Dragonball in this movie. We know this movie will be going through time and space.

Bardock Dragon Ball Minus Movie

It will show all these different times, Different characters, and how they evolved throughout the years. This is the origin of the Saiyans power we’ve been told, we’re going to get explanations on all these characters. We’re going to see Vegeta growing up as a toddler. We’re going to see Broly growing up as a toddler on planet Vampa.

Where he will be discovered eventually by Frieza and his minions. Frieza’s role is going to be incredibly important in this movie as the fate and destiny of the remaining Saiyans.

Frieza and all the Saiyans are all intertwined as history has brought them to this point. I’m wondering how Paragus actually survives this because all the Saiyans were ordered to be on planet Vegeta. In fact, I’m not even really sure why Broly was sent away either.

If we go by Dragon Ball Minus, it’s a very strict order from Frieza for everybody to stay on Planet Vegeta. So that he can nuke the entire planet. In Dragon Ball Minus they also say that in one month’s time the majority of the Saiyans will be back on Planet Vegeta. And that there are only thousands of Saiyans left because it’s hard for their race to grow and that there might actually be a few stragglers.

Now, in the translation for this trailer, Paragus is talking to King Vegeta and he was saying “what you’re sending my son Broly to a frontier world.” Then he flies away and he says “I will train Broly to become the ultimate warrior in order to get my revenge.”

I don’t know why Paragus need that much revenge just for sending his baby to a frontier world. That seems a little bit weird, but all this must have happened way before the order came from Frieza.

Planet Vampa  

So Broly will land on planet Vampa, but then it looks like Paragus will, in fact, come with this other Saiyan. Who is this other Saiyan? If he escaped the instruction of Planet Vegeta as well. He very well still may be alive and maybe in this movie additionally.

Now, have they just been hanging out on planet Vampa this entire time? I guess that’s possible not unless that other Saiyan has died since then. I mean Paragus is pretty old. Perhaps they just haven’t shown him yet in this movie. He could be there with Frieza and Paragus and Broly and everybody else.

Or maybe Broly just went crazy and killed him on planet Vampa during one of his psychotic episodes. As Goku and Vegeta are fighting Broly, we heard from the first trailer that he is learning to fight as they’re fighting.

If Paragus has been training Broly for the last 40 years or so, do you think that he would actually have some fighting skills? I’m curious as to how they’re going to approach that and if Broly has been training with Paragus for 40 years. Perhaps Paragus could be pretty strong in this movie. So now who is Paragus going to want revenge on Vegeta?

I mean King Vegeta is dead, so he doesn’t really need to have revenge on King Vegeta anymore. Is he going to hate Frieza, I mean he’s siding with Frieza here unless his motives are completely hidden. If he finds out that Beerus was the one that gave the order to destroy Planet Vegeta.

Perhaps Broly would want to go after Beerus. Could we somehow get some Beerus vs Broly action in this movie.? I hope so, but it’s probably a slim-to-none chance. So, how can they tell all of this story in 20 to 30 minutes for Dragon Ball Minus?

It a small story that was pretty much wrapped up in just a few pages in The Dragon Ball Minus chapter. They’re going to stretch this to 20 to 30 minutes. I think that we actually could see a lot more Bardock than you might expect from this trailer. One thing’s for certain, they’re giving us tons of fanservice in this movie.

Fanservice upon fanservice upon fanservice. Anything that they can do to ensure that this movie is going to make every Dragon Ball fan happy and purchase tickets. This way the Dragon Ball can continue and they can make more movies and more money and giving us additional Bardock footage. The Bardock story is something that fans love, they know that Broly is huge if not the most fuel of the villain in the franchise.

They also know that fans going crazy over Bardock as well. That’s why they give us that completely revised Bardock special in 20 to 30 minutes. There has got to be a lot more Bardock and there’s going to be in my opinion much more Story coming for Bardock.

Along with some more explanations about his character. We may see things about his personality that we have never seen before. We may learn some more backstory about Goku, and maybe the history of his bloodline in that same respect. Altogether, we are going to get tons of new information about King Vegeta. Although he is not as celebrated as Bardock.

King Vegeta is also a figure and topic among fans. A character that we have a lot of questions about and we would want to know more about him. This story is going to dive deep into these characters that we want to know more about. That’s what’s so exciting about this Broly movie.

Maybe will see a proud King Vegeta bow down to Frieza,  throwing his pride away completely which is something that a saying you never do. Because of the sheer Terror of Frieza strength and Power. We could get t know King Vegeta’s mind.

Meaning as to what exactly is going through his head when he encounters Frieza and his entire Army. For some fans, it may not seem like something important. But we Die Hard Dragon Ball fans love those kinds of small interactions between the characters.

It helps us bond to that character and establishes faith in the series that is undying. Also, I’d love to see more of King Cold as he was shown in this trailer.

Written by Gregory Warmington

Hello, My name is Gregory and I love all types of anime and entertainment shows however dragon Ball Naturo, and One Punch man are some of my favorites. If you want to reach out, contact me via email. Cheer!

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