Susanoo Vs Kyuubi Mode Naruto/Boruto: Which Is Stronger?

Susanoo Vs Kyuubi Mode Naruto/Boruto
Susanoo Vs Kyuubi Mode Naruto/Boruto

Is Susanoo Stronger Than Kyuubi Mode?

Well, It all depends on what stage or mode the Susanoo is in. If it is from a regular Mangekyou Sharingan it’s slightly weaker. But by someone with a Rinnegan eye, it’s even stronger.

However, if it is used by someone with a Rinnegan plus buffs or six path OP. For tails beasts Kyuubi, they are already buffed when bijuu is fighting.

Susanoo Vs. Kyuubi

Susanoo Vs Kyuubi
Susanoo Vs Kyuubi

Skeletal Susanoo

The Skeletal Susanoo will most like lose against any of the Kyuubi Mode unless it is buffed with six paths, in which case it clears up to the 4 tails? Not sure on that one as we never see Sasuke use full 1st stage after the summit, but considering his ribcage Susanoo sort of tanked momo’s attack I would place it as being able to win vs the one tails with difficulty and stops there.

Human Susanoo

was first used by Itachi against Sasuke for a very brief period and couldn’t tank kirin which should be similar to a bijuu bomb uncharged, if not weaker. However, unlike the tailed beasts, the Susanoo is forced into close combat. However, the human Susanoo can lose against 2 tails and up and debatably the one tails as well.

Armored Susanoo

Itachi used the Armored Susanoo to tank kirin, so this mode should be able to survive an uncharged bijuu bomb. However, if it is charged the Susanoo will get one shot. Nonetheless, this mode should win at about 55/45 against the one tails and maybe the two tails, however, will lose against the rest.

Full legged Susanoo

The Full legged Susanoo Sasuke used vs Juubito is slightly inferior to 50% 9 tails avatar from kcm2. This mode can go as far as possible the 7 tails and loses there as 8 tails won vs five other bijuu plus half of Kurama overpowered the same amount of tailed beasts as the 8 tails did.

Perfect Susanoo

Will the Perfect Susanoo you need six paths power. This form clashed somewhat equally against 50% Kurama avatar so he slaps every tailed beast up to full Kurama however, after that maybe a toss-up on who wins. Also, note that Madara’s perfect Susanoo was somewhat equal to Hashirama’s Senju wood human Golem Jutsu which was used to capture the bijuu before selling them to other nations.

So, 1–7 tails are at least mountain level in bijuu bomb attack and the 8 tails should be able to wipe half of the planet away with one bijuu bomb, from scaling to half of Kurama who is stated to be able to wipe the planet clean.

All Tailed Beast 

1 Tail – Shukaku

2 Tails – Matatabi

3 Tails – Isobu

4 Tails – Son Goku

5 Tails – Kokuo

6 Tails – Saiken

7 Tails – Chomei

8 Tails – Gyuki

9 Tails – Kurama

All Susano Mode

Sasuke’s Indra’s Susanoo

Kakashi’s/Obito’s Perfect Susanoo

Madara’s Perfect Susanoo

Itachi’s Armored Susanoo

Shisui’s Armored Susanoo

Hagoromo’s Perfect Susanoo

Written by Gregory Warmington

Hello, My name is Gregory and I love all types of anime and entertainment shows however dragon Ball Naturo, and One Punch man are some of my favorites. If you want to reach out, contact me via email. Cheer!

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