The Moro Arc Finale: Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 66

The Moro Arc Finale: Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 66
The Moro Arc Finale: Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 66

The Moro arc finale is here and Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku with Vegeta and friends has successfully defeated Moro once and for all.

After the past 2 years of Dragon Ball Super Manga chapters, the Moro arc has finally come to an end.

There have been some expected and unexpected moments that left fans on their toes while feeling angry and sad at the same time.

Nonetheless, what most fans wanted to happen in the finale of the Moro arc was Vegeta getting his shine.

Goku has always been the main character who saves the day against super-strong villains, while Vegeta seems to always be a step or two behind.


However, in Dragon Ball Super Manga chapter 66 of the Moro arc finale. Even though Vegeta did get his shine on defeating Moro.

Vegeta’s new technique ‘Forced Spirit Fission‘ technique helped assisted Master Ultra Instinct Goku in his victory to finally defeat Planet Moro.

So, not to keep you long, we are going to review the main parts of dragon ball super manga chapter 66. You can read up on the official full-length chapters on Viz Manga.

The Moro Arc Finale Summary

So, while the battle between UI Goku vs. Planet Moro continued, Planet Moro was getting unstable for an explosion.

Vegeta jump in and figured out that Moro was stealing their energy by staying on the ground so they flew in the air.

Goku was told by Whis that he needed to destroy the crystal in planet Moro’s forehand to defeat him. So, Ultra Instinct Goku places all his strength in his fist charging at planet Moro to destroy his crystal.

Moro tried to stop UI Goku from breaking through his giant hands to get to his crystal and was successful in doing so.

Once Goku was caught by Moro giant hands. Moro used his magic to drain and absorb UI Goku’s energy.

This left Goku venerable and down to the base form once more. Vegeta reborn jumped in a punched the ground in an attempt to separate planet Moro’s energy.

Vegeta Reborn
Vegeta Reborn

However, Vegeta’s body could not hold out for long because Moro was absorbing his energy while on the ground.

Suddenly, Vegeta’s spirit separation technique created a giant Genkidama like the energy that he collected from people all over the world.

Once the Spirit energy was completed in size, Vegeta threw the energy ball at Goku and Moro.

The spirit energy ball however did not affect Goku in any way, however, it weakens Moro so that Goku could overpower him easily and break the crystal in his forehead.

Once the crystal was broken by Ultra instinct Goku, Planet Moro was defeated and destroyed once and for all.

So, we all saw the in the Dragon Ball Super Manga chapter 66 UI Goku was drained of his energy by Planet Moro. How did Goku turn into a giant Susanoo and while he was drained of this energy?

How Did Goku defeat Planet Moro?

Goku defeated Planet Moro by absorbing the Spirit energy Vegeta Reborn threw at planet Moro. The energy was similar to that of the Gemkidama (Spirit Bomb) Goku used on Evil villains.

Nonetheless, Goku was able to replenish his strength with the spirit energy which enables Goku to rise his ki.

Eventually, Goku recovered and once he was able to turn back into his Mastered Ultra Instinct state, he had enough energy to size up on Moro as a giant Susanoo figure.

Goku defeat Moro
Goku defeats Moro



Even though there were scenes where ideas from the Cell and Frieza saga were adapted in the Moro arc. The entirety of the Moro arc was unique and refreshing to read. We learn more about the rules of the Angels and how powerful the Galactic Patrollers academic is, they are not typical.

Nevertheless, the main tipping point of the Moro arc was the bond that fans and Goku had with Merus. This was after we found out he was an angel and became one of Goku’s Sensei.

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