Tien Shinhan History | Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Super

Tien Shinhan History
Tien Shinhan History

For the past few years in the Dragon Ball, fans have been wondering what’s the origin of Tien Shinhan’s history.

What is his actual Heritage, is he an earthling, is he an alien, and is he a human being?

How do you qualify or classify if Tien is an alien on this edition of Dragon Ball MythBusters?

We are going to get real deep into this, I suppose you can say mystery or story or background on the celestial origins of Tien Shinhan.

I’m going to give you a complete and thorough explanation of all of it. you are going to know everything by the time this post ends let’s do it.

Tien Shinhan seems like a pretty regular person, even though he’s very muscular and skilled at Martial art.

There is really nothing abnormal about him except for maybe the fact he can grow two extra arms out of his back

Tien Shinhan History
Tien Shinhan History

Of course, the fact that he has a third eye in the middle of his forehead.

Now the idea of a third eye whether it be a physical one or one within the brain of metaphysical. It’s something that’s deeply rooted in eastern philosophy as well as the occult.

It is believed by many philosophers, that every Mortal is born with a third eye, and the talk is that when you have your third eye open, it Grants you a degree of knowledge.

A degree of understanding of the world and some even believe that the third eye represents psychic powers.

I did a dragon ball in the death post where I discussed Goku’s, Pure Heart, and in that post. I talked about a very similar principle where we are born with a third eye.

Why, because the world is sort of negates our belief system and us falling into sin. Whether it be being selfish you’re being stubborn it ceases our ability to tap into that third eye and unveil the potential within all of us.


For years fans had wondered what the third eye really represents.

Besides it just being a tribute that Toriyama put into well two characters.

One of them is the main protagonist of a manga that came out 10 years before Dragon Ball.

Called the three-eyed one written and illustrated by Osamu Tezuka the main character and host a boy who looks remarkably like Tien Shinhan.

He is bald, he has a third eye, and most importantly, he is from what is called the  Mesumezo crew the three-eyed Clan.

Tien Shinhan

The other character is one of the gods from Journey to the West which is the original story of Chinese folklore story.

Toriyama had based the early portion of Dragon Ball on even though we were way past the influence in the early portion of Dragon Ball.

Even though we were way past the, I guess you can say the influence of Journey to the West. The majority of the story with Sun Wukong and whatnot Toriyama still pulled several ideas from Journey to the West.

Even deeper into his writing of the Dragon Ball Manga. So he never really gave up being influenced by that story but obviously, it’s all rooted in the original.

Tien Shinhan In Dragon Ball Is he A Human

Sort of Mythology behind it, in fact, and an interview with the American Shonen Jump. Toriyama says that it was Tien Shinhan, on raised by the evils to do sending who lost the ability to use the Myriad powers of his third eye.

For good purposes, there’s always a mysticism and a mystery occult like about the third eye.

Back to the question at hand where did this idea of him being Alien come from. because a regular human doesn’t have a third eye.

I think a lot of Dragon Ball fans forget that in the early days of Dragonball.

There were all kinds of very weird creatures that Toriyama would put into his story. Such as anthropomorphic animals for one, and obviously mutants and things like that.

There were all kinds of different creatures that would exist, and Dragon Balls’ world would be right there on Earth that didn’t seem to be too crazy for the inhabitants.

I mean look at Majin Buu, for example, you got all kinds of weird creatures existing on Earth, furries, and whatnot. Nobody even bats an eye.

Especially in early Dragonball, I feel like later on in the series Toriyama kind of scaled back on the weird animals and made Earth more like a realistic Earth.

They still exist there though, they are still there so the idea of somebody having a third eye really shouldn’t be that crazy.

When you remember just how crazy the Dragon Ball world is.

Now the idea of tension on being an alien or having Celestial origin was not explored whatsoever.

Within the confines of the original 42 volumes of the manga or even in the anime, we got glimpses into Goku and Piccolo Heritage.

As the series progressed we found out that Goku and Piccolo are both not of the Earth. But we didn’t hear anything about Tien Shinhan or any of the other Z fighters.

In fact, the mystery of the parentage of the Z Fighters has always been a question that I personally asked.

Tien Shinhan Family and Race

We seeBulma’ss parents but we never see Yamcha’s parents or Krillin’s parents, like where’s the family at.

Where are these guys are families?

I always found that very weird, but when it comes to Tien Shinhan, we got an explanation later on.

The problem is that causes confusion is that the explanation is a bit of a contradiction because the guidebooks say different things.

Now obviously most of you know by now, that after Dragonball’s end of this run there were a number of guidebooks that were released.

Those books helped explain more of a Dragon Ball Universe for the fans who wanted to know more about this universe that Toriyama had created.

So even though I never really commented on the origin of Tien Shinhan within the confines of the choo-choo. For it is stated that Tien Shinhan descended was from a race of aliens known as the Three-Eyed People.

Which is an idea that Toriyama directly pulled from the three-eyed one manga that came out 10 years earlier, as I explained earlier in this post?

There is so much more to Tien Shinhan’s history, but I will have to cut this post short and continue in the near future.

If you guys have any questions please feel free to leave them down below, thanks.

Written by Gregory Warmington

Hello, My name is Gregory and I love all types of anime and entertainment shows however dragon Ball Naturo, and One Punch man are some of my favorites. If you want to reach out, contact me via email. Cheer!

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