Ultra Instinct Goku Vs. Angel Moro + Planet Moro: DBS Manga 65 Review

Ultra Instinct Goku Vs. Angel Moro
Ultra Instinct Goku Vs. Angel Moro

Ultra Instinct Goku Vs. Angel Moro + Planet Moro is the main topic of Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 65.

One of the biggest flaws of chapter 65 was Goku giving Moro a Senzu Bean. The scenario where Goku gave Moro the Senzu to heal and regain his full strength, mounted major backlash towards Toriyama and Toyotarou’s writing.

However, from what we have learned about the official Manga release of chapter 65, It actually turns out great.

So, in Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 64, Goku finally gained and mastered Perfect Ultra Instinct when Merus disappeared.

However, Moro was overwhelmed and totally dominated by Perfect Ultra Instinct Goku. After seeing that Perfect UI Goku was too much for him, Moro begs Goku to spare his life

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Goku on the other hand offered Moro to return to prison safely. Moro desperately agrees. Afterward, Goku willfully Gave Moro a Senzu bean.

This is where the spoilers came out and the unreleased manga chapter received massive backlash from fans. The fans also pointed out that the story is somewhat similar to that of the Cell saga back in Dragon Ball Z.

However, what Toyotarou was trying to tell us in the manga is that Goku was just being cocky because he thinks Moro can’t beat him no matter what.

Nonetheless, Goku, as we know him, always loves to test his strength against super-strong villains at their full strength.

So, the Senzu bean move made by Goku should not have come as a surprise to well-known fans.

Moro Attacked Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku

As soon as Moro healed from the Senzu bean Goku gave him, he attacked Master Ultra Instinct Goku, hit Goku in his chest, and broke his hand.

Whis explained a bit by saying “when you honed ultra instinct for such a long time, your body wound up growing denser”.

Goku tried to bargain with Moro once again to give up safely as he did his sweet talk with Broly, Frieza, and Vegeta. However, Moro does seem like the kind of person to bargain within the first place.

Eventually, Moro recognizes his hand with a crystal intact laying on the ground behind UI Goku.

Moro Absorbed Merus
Moro Absorbed Merus

So, Moro asked Goku about Merus, if he had the same abilities and Goku told Moro ‘yes’ he was his master.

Moro wasted no time and refused his broken hand back onto his body then smashed it on his forehead with Meru’s face.

This is where Moro gain Ultra Instinct abilities and tried to get even with Goku.

Ultra Instinct Goku Vs. Angel Moro

The battle between Ultra Instinct Goku Vs. Angel Moro started off with Moro charging at Ultra Instinct Goku, going toe to toe around the planet.

However, Moro thought that he was in control of the first the whole time, but UI Goku was just egging him on.

The reason being is that Goku knows Moro’s body could not contain the overwhelming power of an angel and won’t last long.

So, as UI Goku returns blows on Moro, Moro’s body started to swell up with every blow.

Moro With Large Hands
Moro With Large Hands


After Meru’s angel powers overwhelmed Moro’s body and swell him up like a balloon, Moro decided that he need a body/vessel that can handle Meru’s Angel power.

Moro did not have any other choice, so he fused with Planet Earth and become one.

Fused Planet Earth Moro

Now fused planet earth Moro raised up out of the ground behind Master Ultra Instinct Goku. Then, shoots a giant beam through his mouth point-blank in front of UI Goku.

Planet Earth Moro
Planet Earth Moro

Goku however, stood there and took the blast head-on like it was nothing unhurt but surprised.

So, now that Moro has become fused with planet earth, Moro believes that all his limitations are gone.

Moro’s main reason to fuse with planet earth was a desperate attempt to control the incredible powers of an actual angel such as Merus.

We learn from Whis at the end that the planet is swollen with angel energy and could self-destruct at any moment.

This scenario is somewhat similar to that dragon ball z of the Cell saga when Cell tried to blow himself up.

A lot of fans are also implying that if Goku did not resort to giving Moro a Senzu bean, things would get this far.

However, I believe Moro would have something else up his sleeves with his magic.

Written by Gregory Warmington

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