How Did Vegeta and Bulma End Up Together in Dragon Ball?

How Did Vegeta and Bulma End Up Together
How Did Vegeta and Bulma End Up Together

One of the most frequently asked questions in dragon ball is, how did Vegeta and Bulma end up together?

How did Bulma and Vegeta end up having children? These are some of the questions fans have been yearning for.

So today, I will do my best to help you understand how Bulma and Vegeta fell in love and had kids together in the anime.

You would imagine that the person Bulma would settle down with would be Yamcha right? Well, that is not the case here. Not every relationship is meant to be no matter how perfect both parties feel or think about each other.

Your dream guy or girl might be still out there waiting for you and this was the case with Bulma and Yamcha in the anime.

How Did Vegeta and Bulma End Up Together?

The reason why Bulma and Vegeta are together is the fact that Yamcha cheated on Bulma by sleeping around with multiple women. Yamcha worked at this nightclub in dragon ball anime where it was easy for him to cheat on Bulma, thus Bulma dumped him.


Back in Dragon Ball, Vegeta was a Saiyan who had no rumors or mercy for humanity. However, after coming to earth to face off against Goku and lose, Vegeta started to change his ways.

Throughout the years in dragon ball, Vegeta had learned to call the eath his home along with Goku because his home planet was destroyed. Some fans would state that Vegeta had become soft in the anime and that is true. So, how could such a rootless Saiyan like Vegeta become such a softy in Dragon Ball?

Could it be because of Goku’s willingness to have mercy on Vegeta? Maybe it’s because Vegeta knows that both he and Goku are the only Sayainys left in universe 7?

Well, to be quite frank, it is none of the above. The one person who could win over Vegeta’s heart and made him a softly was none other than Bulma. Bulma played a great role in dragon ball to make Vegeta be the person he is today.

How Did Vegeta and Bulma End Up Together
How Did Vegeta and Bulma End Up Together

Vegeta and Bulma

The Bulma and Vegeta’s love story in dragon ball has a lot of fans fictions going around. However, did you know that there is a legitimate manga out there that talked about Bulma and Vegeta’s first kiss?


Yes, this Bulma and Vegeta love manga gives good layout details of how these two love birds got together.

How Did Vegeta and Bulma End Up Together
How Did Vegeta and Bulma End Up Together

How Bulma and Vegeta came to Be

So how did Bulma and Vegeta come to be in the anime? Well, in the first chapter of this manga story, it all started right after the Android Saga. This was where Future Trunks warned everyone about the coming of Android 17 and 18.

At this point in the anime, Vegeta was not a 100% good guy yet, he still had that ”Badman” mentality and was bitter about Goku beating Frieza instead of him.

Vegeta at the time was living on earth for the most part. It was all because of Goku who wished him back from Namek when he was fighting Frieza.

After Vegeta found out that Goku had turned into a Super Saiyan. He beings to train in Bulma’s dad’s Capsule Corp machine to become a Super Saiyan himself.

Bulma at the time was in another room being her typical self with Yamcha. This scenario is quite similar to what actually happened in the anime. Yamcha and Bulma were sitting around having a drink together, when Vegeta walks in and insults Yamcha for not training for the Androids.

So a couple of weeks had passed and Vegeta was training his butt off in the Capsule corps machine until he broke the gravy chamber. While Dr. Briefs was fixing the broken machine, he told Bulma to work on Vegeta’s new pear of armor.

This was the same armor we see Vegeta wear throughout the rest of the Cell Saga in Dragon Ball Z.

Bulma and Vegeta Love

At this point in the manga, is where Bulma and Vegeta’s love beings. One night Bulma was up very late working on Vegeta’s armor, and she hears a noise coming from the kitchen.

When Bulma when to investigate, it turned out to be none other than Vegeta himself stumbling around in the fridge. He explained to Bulma that since the gravity chamber is broken he was very hungry and needed something to eat.

So what happens is Bulma takes the opportunity to make Vegeta some food, and this is where they started to form some type of love bond.

Vegeta Vs Yamcha

So in chapter 2 of this love manga, it seems right off the bat as if Vegeta was about to transform into a Super Saiyan. At this point in the love manga, Bulma had ended her relationship with Yamcha because he sleeps with too many women.

Bulma figured out that Yamcha Slept around too many times to be in a relationship with and hangs up the phone when Yamcha calls her.

So Yamcha showed up at Bulma’s house and there he saw Vegeta. Vegeta insulted him once more while Yamcha thinks he could mess around with Vegeta.

Yamcha told Vegeta that he’s a lot stronger than he was before. So what happened is Yamcha attacked Vegeta with his Wolf Fang Fist and Vegeta dodges and nail a powerful blow in Yamcha’s stomach.

That one attack from Vegeta is completely Ok Yamcha. Since Vegeta at the time is still not a good guy, he decided to finish off Yamcha but he did not.

Vegeta and Yamcha’s Character

So what we learn from both Vegeta and Yamcha in the manga is that they are the only two guys Bulma had a relationship with.

Yamcha seems to have no clues of what he wants in his life or what he’s doing. Vegeta had a set Goal and purpose in mind and won’t let anyone or anything stop him from achieving it.

This manga really sets up Yamcha and Vegeta’s characters really well and it shows us why eventually Bulma ended up being with Vegeta.

Nonetheless, every now and then Bulma gets bad at Vegeta for silly things. Not because he almost killed Yamcha but because he damages the property.

So one of the main reasons why Vegeta keeps talking to Bulma and taking her crap is that she can make drones for him to train with.

At the time, Vegeta was not thinking that much about Bulma, however, he was thinking about Super Saiyan Goku and how to surpass him.

Bulma x Vegeta
Bulma x Vegeta

Dragon Ball Bulma and Vegeta First kiss

So chapter 3 in this short manga shows us Vegeta’s knuckles cut open from injures he got while training. Vegeta allows Bulma to treat his open wounds and so they talked about the training Vegeta had to attain the injuries.

Bulma then mentioned something that pissed off Vegeta by calling him gay for resisting her for so long. Vegeta then freaks out and got very angry at Bulma’s statement.

At that point, Vegeta seems to not care about Bulma at all, she could be very much naked and Vegeta would be interested in only training over her.

So, future in the manga series, Bulma asked Vegeta if he’s always so mean, Bulma grabs Vegeta by the shirt and kisses him.

Vegeta was in shock and frighten after Bulma lay that first kiss on him. Then, Vegeta turns and asks Bulma why did she take such a risk? Bulma did not reply with a straight answer but that is how both Bulma and Vegeta got together in the anime.

So this is how Bulma and Vegeta ended up having their first kid Trunks in the Android and Cell Saga.


I believe this manga about the love of Bulma and Vegeta and how they got together is pretty accurate. It shows us the accurate description of Bulma, Yamcha, and Vegeta as they are in the official anime. Yamcha was too much of a ladies’ man and slept around too much while Vegeta just wanted to get even with Goku.

How did Bulma and the Saiyan Prince end up together in the anime? let me know your answers down below.

Written by Gregory Warmington

Hello, My name is Gregory and I love all types of anime and entertainment shows however dragon Ball Naturo, and One Punch man are some of my favorites. If you want to reach out, contact me via email. Cheer!

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