Vegeta is Gonna Learn The Hakai Technique From Lord Beerus

Vegeta is gonna learn the Hakai technique eventually from Beerus but why?

Will this new technique be enough to stop Granolah and rival Master Ultra Instinct Goku?

The Hakai technique is a technique the Gods of destruction use to destroy pretty much anything.

While most fans know of this new Hakai technique, they want to know if it will really matter or give Vgetea the edge in this new Granolah arc.

So, everyone has been asking about the Hakai technique, is it really a game-changer in dragon ball super.

Over the past few years, there have been so many different transformations in the anime, some fans love it and some got tired and fatigue.

So, any new technique that comes along for a character is welcome. However, with Vegeta learning Hakai, will it even matter in the grand scheme of things?

Vegeta is Gonna Learn The Hakai Technique
Vegeta is Gonna Learn The Hakai Technique

Vegeta is Gonna Learn Hakai

Vegeta learning the Hakai is Dragon Ball Super is a build-up of something big coming in the future.

There would not be this much attention on Vegeta learning about the Hakai technique if he is not going to use it.

Same as how he learns about Force Spirit Fission on Yardrats, and uses it effectively on Moro, Vegeta’s learning the Hakai technique will play a major role in the Granolah arc.

Vegeta is more than capable of destroying a planet with ease without the help of using Hakai.

However, there is a build-up in dragon ball super where Vegeta is gonna have to use the Hakai technique that will only be effective on a foe or a dier situation.

Vegeta Vs Toppo Fight

Back in Dragon Ball Super Tournament of power, Vegeta fought against Toppo and God of destruction in training.

From what we learn, we know that Toppo was in line to become the next God of destruction for universe 11.

So, in the battle between Vegeta vs Toppo, we saw Toppo use Hakai against Vegeta and failed. However, to be fair, the Hakai Toppo use against Vegeta was not the same as what Beerus used on Zamasu.

It was obvious that Toppo was tuning it down a bit because it was against the rules to kill your opponent in the tournament.

However, Vegeta was capable of getting the better of a God of destruction trainee way before Vgetea tried the train for the same technique with Beerus.

Vegeta Surpassing Goku

If somehow Vegeta learns and masters the Hakai technique, he will not sure pass Goku as of now.

Goku who has now mastered ultra instinct with the silver hair is on another level and Vegeta is not gonna be able to surpass Goku by just learning the Hakai technique.

Some fans have their own theory about the fact that Vegeta is training with Beerus to learn Hakai, which will put Vegeta over the edge to rival MUI Goku.

However, that’s not the case. Has of now Goku is continuing this training with Whis to get even more direct with ultra instinct.

Goku is probably even now stronger than when he fought planet Moro in the last manga chapter.

So, the main takeaway is that Vegeta is gonna learn the Hakai technique from Beerus in super which is a buildup for some in the future.

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