Vegeta Learn A New Secret Power From Beerus: DBS 69 Spoilers

Vegeta Learn A New Secret Power From Beerus

With the latest Dragon Ball Super manga spoiler, it seems Vegeta will learn a new secret power. So, This secret power will be thought to Vegeta by Beerus. A lot of fans have been predicting that Goku will one day become an angel and Vegeta a God of destruction.

The title of Dragon Ball Super Manga chapter 69 is called: The Succession of The Cerealites

Base on what was explained by Herms98 on Twitter is that Granolah will return to his home planet where the Cerealian people were wiped out 40 years ago by Frieza and company. The Heata people rebuild the plant that was destroyed by Frieza so that the Suga people could settle and live there.

Granolah's Home Planet
Granolah’s Home Planet

What this means is that Granolah’s race, the Cerealian native people or replaced by Suga people on his visit. However, upon Granolah’s return, he seems at peace with the Suga people, but he chooses to live on the mountains away for them. From up on the Mountain, Granolah could see the remains of the city. Memories of when and when he was born and what Frieza and company had done to his people. This is while Vegeta asked Beerus how many plants have the Saiyans destroyed? Vegeta told Beerus that the Saiyans were warriors, however, Frieza corrupted them into destroying planets.

So, it seems up until now, Vegeta doesn’t know that it was Beerus’s approval that leads to the destruction of his home planet by Frieza. Maybe we will see a battle between Beerus and Vegeta sometime in the future when Vegeta knows the truth.

Granolah's Home Planet
Granolah’s Home Planet

Granolah Vs Frieza Bulid Up

The Granolah vs Frieza story is slowly being build-up and it shows us the first few chapters of what’s to come. There is not going to be any big fights going to the first stage of the Granolah arc. We will only see more backstories about Granolah so we can understand more him and his agenda. However, the first leaked chapters of Dragon Ball Super Manga 69 show us Granolah adding home and his home planet.

Vegeta Learn A New Secret Power From Beerus

We learn that Beerus wants to teach Vegeta a new God destructive power. This mainly because he had past history with the Saiyans and King Vegeta. However, this destructive power is related to the Saiyans based on what Beerus implied to Vegeta. This leaves a lot of questions hanging because we don’t know if King Vegeta had known about his destructive power during his time as a king.

Will Vegeta Learn Destructive Power and Goku Surpass MUI?

Will Vegeta Learn Destructive Power and Goku Surpass MUI? Will, it seems like that is the case however, it is too soon to confirm. If Vegeta somehow attains destructive powers and Goku becomes more of an angel, I believe the fans would be satisfied with the outcome.

Vegeta stated that he will find a way to gain powers that are beyond or rival Ultra Instinct. Goku on the other hand wants to surpass ultra instinct and become more direct. So, our next super-villain will have to gain some sort of power that is greater tha what Vegeta and Goku want to achieve.

So, everyone is saying that Granolah is not a villain in this arc and that the Heata people/gang seems more villainous. However, it too soon to say. The Heata gang will help Granolah have his revenge and get corrupted with the OG73’s power to overrule.

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