Vegeta On Planet Yardrats Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 52

Vegeta On Planet Yardrats
Vegeta On Planet Yardrats

What did Vegeta learn on Planet Yardrats?

Chapter 52 of Dragon Ball super opens up all kinds of new possibilities for the future.

This chapter focuses on the training of Goku and Vegeta after taking several losses/Ls to Moro.

These guys had to figure out how to win and they both go their separate paths to try to better themselves and figure out how to defeat Moro.

We’re going to open the manga chapter with Vegeta.

So, finally, after two chapters of this big tease, Vegeta landed on Planet Yardrats.

Vegeta On Planet Yardrats
Vegeta On Planet Yardrats

We see Vegeta comment that the Yardrats come in different forms.

This is basically an explanation because Toriyama’s design for the Yardrats that he submitted for Dragon Ball Z is different.

This one in the manga is different than what we saw in the Tv anime both in Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball Z with Goku flashback.

Those original designs were presumably got done by somebody in the Toyotaro staff.

However, the original designs were done by Toriyama, so Toyotaro chooses to use both of them the design.

The little round weird kinda looking one and the sort of alien pink ones that we’re all used to.

Now, the Yardrats know who Vegeta is because apparently, Goku told them about Vegeta. 

This was way back many years ago during the time Goku spent there in Dragon Ball Z.

However, one thing that came off a little bit odd.

Maybe its the translation issue is what’s being discussed with the Yardrats, They say that the Ginyu Force caused a stir on their side before Goku defeated them.

Then Vegeta replied saying ”he do remember hearing that the Ginyu Squad attack this place.”

Vegeta Vs. Ginyu Force On Planet Yardrats

Form what we remember in the original manga, the Ginyu Force never made it there because Frieza redirected them to Planet Namek.

They were on the way to planet Yardrat and they were sent from there to Planet Namek.

So this could end up being a thing where possible they were already on planet yardrats beginning to cause problems.

Then, they were called to Namek or they went to Namek before. So, I’m really not sure what the plot hole is for.

Maybe, it’s something that isn’t really told to us clearly and we have to figure it out.

Finally, after all these years, we finally meet the person, the actual individual who taught Goku instantaneous movement in the manga chapter.

Vegeta On Planet Yardrats
Vegeta On Planet Yardrats

They call it instant teleportation but Instant Transmission is the term used for who invented it.

In the English dub, it means mean instantaneous movement, but you can call it whatever you want.

However, to me, I called it teleportation, it’s the easiest and quickest way to explain what it is.

So this dude is going to teach Vegeta some new techniques and a better understanding of how to use his body.

 Something that’s called ”Spirit Control.” Now, in this manga chapter, the trainer says he calls it ”Spirit” while  Goku calls Chi. 

The Difference Between Chi and Ki Difference

Chi is the same thing is ki even though the translation that’s provided us a few days ago talked about how Spirit is different from Ki.

It appears like in the manga it’s the same thing, but with a different word. What’s really weird about this is they want to teach Vegeta this so-called Spirit/ki control.

However, Vegeta already knows how to control his ki.

So the only thing that makes any sense here is that this Spirit thing is not the same kind of thing that was discussed previously.

 There is some translation confusion here. Based on this Manga chapter, it looks like ki but it’s not? It’s a weird one.

Basically, from my understanding, the Yardrat know what their weird techniques.

They know how to tap into the spirit-power ki and harness unique abilities that may be foreign to Goku and Vegeta.

For example, the Instantaneous Movement being one.

However, they can also make themselves gigantic, they can make themselves clones and do all kinds of unusual things that Goku really hasn’t done.

That’s interesting in itself, so that’s going to be Vegeta sort of quest to get better with the spirit stuff.

Then we go over to Goku.

So a few days have passed since they land on planet Yardrat and now Goku’s traveling to another planet to train with Merus.

Goku is trying to figure out how to tap into Ultra instinct more time, but because Goku and Vegeta are both off trading trying to better themselves.

The galactic Patrol seems to be under staff plus Merus with Goku.

Piccolo Return To Dragon Ball Super Cast

So, the idea is they’re going to have to bring in some new recruits to help them out.

The Galactic King’s first memory of the universe 6 Universe 7 tournament was the Nameks.


He wants to bring the Namekicans and Piccolo on board.

So Piccolo returns to the story finally after a very long time. We find out that the telepathic link between Piccolo and the other  Nameks has been severed.


Well, because they’re all dead! to the shock of Dende and meanwhile the Invaders have arrived on Earth everything is happening at the same time.

So, Piccolo was the first guy to intercept these dudes and finally get some shine in the Dragon Ball Super manga.

They try to blast them with the weapons in the ship which does absolutely nothing.

Technology can’t work on these guys anymore, we should know that by now.

We also have an appearance by Bulma and Mr. Satan who arrived upon the Heavenly realm.

They’re looking out to find Piccolo to recruit him for the galactic Patrol, however, he’s busy.

Nonetheless, they tried to triple-team Piccolo but to no avail.

 It’s very refreshing to see Piccolo doing something.

Toyotarou using the other characters besides Goku and Vegeta for a purpose and it’s quite entertaining.


So because of this major crisis, Merris tells Jocko, Bulma, and Mr. Satan need to get more recruits to help out and tells Bulma to find Goku Son.

That would be Gohan, of course, and the Baldi’s has Jocko calls them.

Tien Shanhin and Krillin Returns To Dragon Ball Super 

We we found out that Tien Shinhan and Krillin both returned to dragon ball super cast as well.

 However, here in this translation, they refer to Krillin as quoted in which is the original name and that was kind of cool.

Anyway yeah, they are bringing the cast into the arc and I am happy about this.

I am very happy it’s not just a Goku and Vegeta show, there are more people getting involved.

So Piccolo captures these guys and actually let them go.

I’m thinking… wait a minute! is this a joke? 

Bulma, Satan, and Joko are racing to Piccolo, telling him please don’t let these dudes go.

Then Piccolo realizes that these guys are aligned with the problems going on in space with Moro. 

This is like a kind of a boneheaded move by Piccolo.

However, he does realize his mistake and does manage to stop them.

Then, they tell him the bad news that the convicts are on their way to Earth.

So, these prisoners that broke out are on their way to planet Earth. I’m expecting a huge battle very soon.

However, Moro being the strategist that he is sends a stronger scouting party to Earth before he actually sends himself to Earth.

So, they’re still going to be more goons coming from what we’re seeing here.

Goku Vs. Ultra Instinct Merus

The final part of the chapter is all about Goku Vs. Ultra Instinct Merus.

He’s training Goku. However,  the story is Goku is trying to empty his heart and his mind to do ultra Instinct. So, Merus is like no it’s not that simple!?

It’s so weird to me that this Galactic Patrol goofball is now one of Goku’s trainers as he teaches Goku about rage and grief?

This is along with those strong emotions that happened to Super Saiyan?

I’m just shocked that this guy is so knowledgeable.

So Merus confesses to Goku telling him that he knew about Ultra Instinct all along and now decides to really train Goku by taking him into this pyramid.


This pyramid is actually a portal into the room of ”Spirit and Time.”

The Hyperbolic Time Chamber in the English dub and yes Goku will be training in the Room of Spirit and Time one more time.

However, this room is different because Time Properties work differently than the one on earth.

So, every day that passes in the real world is 3 days in the room of spirit and time.

Merus talks about how he can finally unleash full power without anybody finding out.

That sounds really tantalizing and interesting for the next manga chapter.

Vegeta On Planet Yardrats Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 52 Review.

Written by Gregory Warmington

Hello, My name is Gregory and I love all types of anime and entertainment shows however dragon Ball Naturo, and One Punch man are some of my favorites. If you want to reach out, contact me via email. Cheer!

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